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It was the talk of the town yesterday when Peter Dutton’s remark about water levels in the Pacific was revealed.

The badly-timed ‘joke’ has had some calling for his resignation or at least an apology from the PM. When asked about his comments yesterday, Mr Dutton had little to say except “I had a private conversation with the Prime Minister”, the ABC reports.

What Mr Dutton said was considered out of line as Tony Abbott had just come back from the Pacific Islands and discussions with leaders.

Mr Dutton made small talk with the PM about a meeting running late and quipped that it was running to “Cape York time”, to which Mr Abbott replied: “We had a bit of that up in Port Moresby.”

Mr Dutton then said, “Time doesn’t mean anything when you’re about to have water lapping at your door”.

They both laughed before Scott Morrison pointed out a microphone had recorded every word.

Since the incident, many have had a lot to say about the controversial Immigration Minister, including the president of Kiribati, an island in the Pacific. He said Peter Dutton was morally irresponsible for making a “vulgar” joke about rising sea levels in his region.

President Anote Tong said Mr Dutton has “got to search his own soul”, reports 9News.

“What kind of a person is he? As long as there is this kind of attitude, this kind of arrogance in any position of leadership, we will continue to have a lot of tension,” he said.

“It shows a sense of moral irresponsibility quite unbecoming of leadership in any capacity”.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten criticised both the PM and Mr Dutton over the poorly-timed joke.

“It was a bad joke by a minister who is a bad joke,” Mr Shorten said.

“But the fact that the Prime Minister is laughing along with it reminds me of what Barack Obama said: any leader who doesn’t take climate change seriously is not fit to lead”.

Greens senator Larissa Waters also offered her opinion, saying, “I think our regional neighbours are going to be utterly horrified at the disdain that our Prime Minister has shown them, and I would want to reassure them that Australians don’t have that same sentiment”.

And the voting public also shared their two cents, showing that no one was laughing with Mr Dutton, and referring to the gaffe as #boomgate:


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  1. Trial by media once again

    4 REPLY
    • What a daft response. Dutton made the faux pas and will have to live with the consequences. Don’t blame the media for this one.

      1 REPLY
      • Yes agree Robert Hind once again a senior minister has made a joke about our close neighbours. Definitely not trial by media, they only reported a stupid flippant remark about possible effects of climate change and to add salt to it our PM laughed. NOT GOOD enough they should be ashamed and hopefully apologise.

    • The media didn’t need to report it. Everyone, including you and I have the right to comment privately without causing scandal. For all intents , although in public, it was still a private conversation, if the official interview hadn’t begun or was over, why weren’t the microphones turned off.

    • Everyone, including you and I, have a right to know what our leaders thoughts are on all subjects. You give up your right to privacy when you enter public life.

    • A private conversation !!!! These men are leading our country Jean Phillips. What this moron said is inappropriate, if you can’t see that there is something wrong with you.

  2. No trial by media. It’s not hear say. We could actually hear him say it and we could see Abbott laughing at it, heartless uncaring idiots. Obviously neither of them care. Tony Abbott has proved time and again he doesn’t care about climate change.

    4 REPLY
  3. It was a stupid comment whether it needs to see him sacked is a different thing but TA will not punish him.

  4. What a storm in a tea cup.. Many more important things for the media to focus on.

    9 REPLY
    • This was a slap in the face for all our pacific neighbours. Shows how our “leaders” think about climate change and about those pacific neighbours.

    • A storm in a tea cup. More important things to worry about. Well I don’t suppose the islanders . Think losing there country. Is trivial. . Goodness me he’s a minister in a the government..

    • The appropriateness of comments from government ministers is worth focusing on. I expect idiotic comments from high school boys, not from leaders of a country

    • More important than our neighbours in danger of being flooded and losing their livelihood? What a selfish, inconsiderate person you are..

    • Wow Cathie ! What a nasty
      judgmental person you are.. I was actually making a brief comment about the media ..unlike you Cathie, I didn’t post many photos of refugee children who died tragically ( actually banned by FB ) without the permission of their parents or family for strangers to see .. I am a Paediatric RN & have seen many children die … Have Never seen anyone take or post photos .. Very macabre !

  5. Dutton is an idiot. How can anyone with such a lack of sensitivity be a minister in our government?

    8 REPLY
    • really? I think he is in good company

    • Why don’t you people get a life. So the man’s comment has hurt some people. I’m sure in your life you have said things that you have thought later you should not have said. And Josie I don’t think the younger generation give a dam what this man has said most of them only think about themselves.

    • Given that he wasn’t referring to the rising water, but to the officials from those islands being late to meetings, it’s just another case of Oz media doing whatever then can to have a shot at the incumbent government. Never mind that they were voted in democratically. Obviously we need to hand matters over to our more enlightened classes.

    • OMG you Lib voters just think that what ever these fools do is ok and it’s the media for reporting the truth. I bet you only listen to the Murdoch media. If you only knew what Murdoch and his mates are doing to you.

    • Wendy Perrins, the same applies to you ‘Why don’t you get a life! Stereotyping at its best! Apparently you don’t mix much with the younger generation! As for Dutton and the PM there is a time and place for their little banter! Also they represent this Country and know quite well they are subject to criticism! I’m entitled to my opinion! Freedom of Speech is what I call it!

    • Wendy Perrins here is a small hint for you, that fact the people are here and typing now means they have a life and in fact, they are alive !!This comment has offended many and his apology was for being caught, not for the actual rude comment he made

  6. Personally I think his remark was funny and I think that it is being taken too seriously. When we are all so tight assed and politically correct politics becomes a bore and a little levity is in order. So the Pacific is rising and water is lapping at the door, it is something they will have to deal with and sometimes laughter is the only answer. PS global warming will eventually lead to global cooling as the ocean currents will cease to circulate and the polar regions will cool and the ice will start to form again. Guess we will all be moving towards the equator when that happens. Look out central America and equatorial Africa.

    23 REPLY
    • Well,when our own beach side suburbs start going under, and the falling away of cliff sides and houses has already started on the Central Coast,then would he have made a flippant and callous remark like that. I’m sure the people who will have to leave their island homes find nothing funny to laugh at,and I assure you Sharon,you’d better hope we don’t have to all move up to the Equator,as I can promise you one thing,we will not be welcome!

    • Sharon Anderson you must be obtuse or insensitive, you choose which one fits you best.

    • Funny? Strange sense of humour. But here in Australia, you have the right to free speech. Too bad some people like Dutton think that means they can say something so crass.

    • I am with you Sharon. What happened to freedom of speech, an opinion and expression. Sigh we have become so precious and thin skinned. Climate change is not going to wipe out civilisation, humans will do it long before that happens with Nuclear Warfare.

      1 REPLY
      • Noreen you have me at a loss for words with your statement regarding free speech. Be good to ask members of the liberal party if they are allowed free speech or to follow their beliefs. Be good to ask the people who work with the boat people and have been gagged regarding their work place. Be good to ask the people who want to get married and have had no action from this government because it goes against certain people’s religious beliefs. Need we need to go on!

    • You wouldn’t think it was funny if it was your country disappearing beneath the waves. Guess you’re a liberal…

    • When the waves are lashing at your door and your family is in danger of being killed it’s hilarious Sharon. These islands are regularly lashed by typhoons. FFS…

    • Ignorant, arrogant and very degrading to our Pacific neighbours. And If you don’t believe in climate change I suggest you pull your head out of a certain part of your anatomy.

    • Doom and gloom. I wonder what will actually wipe us all out. I think Nuclear Warfare. I am with you Bruce re- rising sea levels. I wonder if we will cook to death or freeze or die gasping from Nuclear Gas. Sorry am I being flippant or realistic.

    • For a politician to make such a crass comment really shows their behind the scenes feelings.
      It is not funny at all for any reason. Yes it may happen but what’s funny about your whole life being drowned?
      Australians laugh about lots of serious things but it doesn’t make it right. Not at all. Especially from the mouth of a well paid government politician.

    • If it’s true or not that sea levels are rising these people believe that it is , this EX COPPA PRICK should pull his head in and so should the parasite beside him

    • Sharon Anderson – “Something they will have to deal with and sometimes laughter is the only answer”. I had to read your comment a couple of times to figure out if you were being sarcastic or just an idiot. An uncompassionate idiot. Have you ever visited any of those countries under threat? I have – and it’s no laughing matter. People’s livlihood is at risk, sometimes their very lives, their villages and subsistance plantations are in danger of being wiped out. I guess you find that funny.

    • Noreen these comments are not funny get off your arse and go and have o look before u open up with your harsh views , and are u a citizen here to be even commenting

    • Wether you believe in climate change or not these guys are completely ignoring the messages coming from agricultural interests about the danger to our underground water resources.
      It is very sad that liberal has come to mean freedom to exploit anything or anyone in order to make money for selfish interests!
      If so it has no future in Australia!

    • It was not funny and yet we saw with our eyes and ears how little these politician’s see our island neighbours and it also tell us what they think of us. Not much that’s for sure. Sharon, you blow my mind that you think this was ok.

    • Sharon you are a member of a very exclusive group with diminishing membership ,good luck with your survival amongst what will be predominantly Conservative denialists

    • I will say it again – these people live on “atolls” which have been “sinking” for years – nothing to do with climate change which is a scam anyway.

  7. These are supposed to be the leaders of our country…they look like 3 Private school boys caught making fun of the poor…

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