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Celebrity chef Pete Evans has appeared live on radio to defend his controversial comments about sunscreen after facing huge backlash around the country.

Pete first ran into trouble at the weekend during a ‘Question and Answer’ session on his Facebook page where he said sunscreen was full of “poisonous chemicals”

“The silly thing is people put on normal chemical sunscreen then lay out in the sun for hours on end and think that they are safe because they have covered themselves in poisonous chemicals which is a recipe for disaster as we are witnessing these days,” he wrote.

“We need to respect the sun but not hide from it either as it is so beneficial for us, but use common sense.

“The goal is always never to burn yourself.”

His views were slammed by the Cancer Council and millions of Australians who know first-hand just how dangerous the sun can be.

Now, Pete has appeared on Sydney radio station 2Day FM where he told hosts Rove McManus and Sam Frost that he was “taken out of context” and he is “just trying to share the truth”.

“I never said ‘don’t use it’, I just said ‘choose wisely’,” he argued.

“I definitely give advice that people should get out into the sun and get a daily dose of vitamin D without burning.

“Is it not also intelligent or smart to actually question what we are rubbing on our kids’ faces and bodies? What we are feeding them? How our food is grown?”

When pressed by the hosts, who suggested he should be careful about the advice he dolls out as an “influential person” in the media, things turned fiery.

“I thought I’m talking to intelligent people here,” Pete snapped back.

“You only have to look around at the current state of Australia’s health to realise that there is issues going on, major issues,” he said, suggesting that people need to get more vitamin D from the sun.

The Australian Medical Association has also slammed Pete’s comments and said he should know better.

Saxon Smith, a councillor for the AMA in New South Wales, told News Corp: “Australia still has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and for someone with such a high profile to be talking such rubbish is purely irresponsible.

“Pete Evans has no idea what he’s talking about when it comes to sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen every day is one of the best ways you can avoid skin cancer.”

What are your thoughts on this? Should Pete Evans rethink his stance on this? Or, do you agree with him?

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  1. Think I will take my cookery advice from Pete and medical advice from the AMA and anti cancer council.

  2. Think I will take my cookery advice from Pete and medical advice from the AMA and anti cancer council.

  3. An intelligent person would do some research into the sunscreen ingredients and then make an informed decision for themselves. If you don’t want to know what you are putting on your skin, then don’t get angry just because someone is suggesting you do. Why is everyone so sure that we should trust our health to someone else without asking, what is in that tube?

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    • A bit of reading by going to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

      This analysis does give some comfort that studies have been done that can suggest there is nothing to worry about. BUT… there is a statement ‘Although the current evidence in relation to potential genotoxicity of ZnO NP is not conclusive…’

      It seems that the manufacture, and use in the sun, can have a negative impact, but no study is completely sure how much. Once you read the study, make up your own mind. Reading this made me curious enough to find out more.

    • I totally agree with you Sandy. Peter is not saying go out in the sun without protection, just that we need to look at the ingredients in the sunscreen. More and more women are very careful about the makeup and skin care they use by checking the ingredients. Why would we not do the same with our sun care? After all, what we, adults, use as sun care is also what we use on our children. Is their sun care not as important as our makeup and skin care?

  4. Poor Pete. The guy is allowed his opinion on the matter surely? Our country is getting so closed minded. What happened to free speech?

  5. Poor Pete. The guy is allowed his opinion on the matter surely? Our country is getting so closed minded. What happened to free speech?

  6. Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth . A Einstein

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  7. Oh for goodness sakes relax everybody!

    You don’t have to be a scientist to work out what’s in the bottle,
    I have never used sunscreen, use hat when venturing outdoors in scorching heat
    Long sleeve thin cotton and always moving, never baked myself in sun “leave the baking in me oven”, silly people, read your labels like you do the foods and its packaging and stay out of the sun between something like 11 to 3pm relax everyone…..

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    • Absolutely! There are many chemicals in mainstream that I would definitely not put on my skin, there are however many
      ‘recipes’ that you can make a safe, cheap and effective sunscreen for yourself. If you are not inclined to do that then there are also natural sunscreens that may be purchased from producers that work very effectively as I use them because the ‘mainstream’ sunscreens burn my skin which is a fair indication that they are not as ‘nice’ as some would have us believe – and i have tried many!

  8. I wonder how many people slamming Pete’s comments have read what is in the sunscreens and then researched the toxicity of the ingredients. At least Pete has bothered to do this.
    Really people. We finally get some honesty in mainstream media and everyone has a tanti. This country needs to stop being so blindsided

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    • The drug companies have really succeeded haven’t they !!

      Pete’s statement makes so much sense. I have never used sunscreen, have lived and worked in the tropics and Centre of Australia for 36 years and have never had so much as a sun spot. And never had to use Vitamin D supplements either. After major surgery some years ago, my surgeon actually recommended exposing the wound to direct sunshine for at least 20 minutes a day as the best way to get a speedy healing process going.

      I don’t understand why the general populace place so much faith in chemical compounds rather than natural remedies.

      Or maybe I do !! No dollars in it for the drug companies if we all go back to natural remedies !! And that applies to organisations like the Cancer Council too.

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