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David Letterman has been photographed in the Caribbean, but the veteran television host is almost unrecognisable since his days on The Late Show.

The 68-year-old is now sporting a white beard and some extra kilograms, less than one year after his retirement from showbiz.

In December last year, David Letterman declared that he didn’t care what people thought about his appearance anymore. “You know what? I used to say, every day, ‘I am so sick and tired of shaving’”.

“I just thought, the first thing I will do when I am not on TV is stop shaving. And everybody hates (my beard now). My wife hates it. My son hates it”.

“I’ve kind of developed a real creepy look with it that I’m sort of enjoying. And I can tell that people are off-put by it. And the more people implore me to shave, the stronger my resolve is to not shave”.

Do you think David Letterman is entitled to “let go” a little? Or are you concerned about these latest photographs?

RETIREMENT looks so different on David Letterman!

Posted by TMZ on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Retirement has certainly changed David Letterman!

Posted by Daily Mail on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

David Letterman looks like a completely different man.

Posted by Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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  1. He looks like a really old man I’m 63 and don’t look anything like that but I’m female so no beard or mo. I think once you retire you sort of let go but I agree looks nothing like the man we used to see on The Late Show.
    I’m not a fan on facial hair on men either I always say they are hiding something with beards etc, I do prefer close shaved men they look so much cleaner.

  2. Body shaming, particularly of (young?) women has been recognised as an unacceptable social/cultural practice. I hope we’re not now going to embark on the same process with old(er) men!

  3. Good on him. Grow your beard to your waist dave. Enjoy your retirement.

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