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Graham Berndt might just be Australia’s oldest McDonalds employee.

The 79-year-old technically retired in 1991, he decided to reenter the workforce at the least likely of places: the Arana Hills McDonalds where his grandson and granddaughter work.

Rather than being a setback, his age is well and truly an asset. He spends his time tidying, sweeping and offering as a friendly face to customers. Graham takes special care to deliver food personally to elderly customers.

He told The Courier Mail that “never in his wildest dreams” did he imagine working at a fast food chain at this age.

“I enjoy coming into work. My wife drops me off and goes shopping and then she picks me up a couple of hours later,” he said.

“I’m a host,” he told The Today Show. “I try to help people like the pensioners that come into the store and are unable to take the trays to the table”.

“If the staff is busy, I take the table, I clean the tables, I put all the salt and pepper, the tissues, the straws out… I try to save them the time because it’s all go, go, go in the store.”

See an interview with Graham below, and tell us: could you imagine working at 79… or at McDonalds?

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  1. think it is fantstic and a delight for customers he serves with as you can see pride. Great idea

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