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We don’t often get excited about the attire of the American First Lady but this morning the world is abuzz about her dress and tousled do as she attended the state dinner with Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada and his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau. It was like Hollywood had come to Washington on Friday night as the ladies donned dresses fit for the red carpet runways of the Oscars. It was also the first state dinner that Obama’s daughters had attended of this kind.  A family moment in the spotlight is particularly precious when the first daughters have their first formal outing

Both first ladies were wearing “talk about me” dresses that are said to showcase some of the best design talent their countries have to offer, with Mrs Obama dressed by Jason Wu, and Mrs Gregoire-Trudeau dressed all in fuchsia by a Canadian designer Lucian Matis.

First daughters Sasha Obama, 14, and Malia Obama, 17 dressed to kill also, at their first black tie event like this in the Presidency, something Mr Trudeau celebrated in his speech, knowing the travails of being a child of a Prime Minister first hand as his own father was Prime Minister until he was 8 years old.

“The memories for me of being a kid and not being old enough to attend these kinds of events with my father almost makes me wish I had gone through my teenage years as the child of a world leader,” said Trudeau, 44. “Almost.”

Tell us what you think of the dresses today…

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  1. Lovely ladies, but I don’t like the strapless look on Michelle. Strapless is difficult for most women, in my opinion. The slightly more covered look is more flattering.

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    • I absolutely agree with you.Strapless does not thing for anyone.biggest fashion mistake though is a strapless wedding dress. Ive never seen one that looks good on anyone

    • I agree … no matter how slim you are … they’re either too tight and create a muffin puff or the ladies are always hitching them up.

    • I think Michelle pulls it off fabulously. There is nothing wrong with strapless if you have arms and shoulders like hers!

  2. They all look beautiful. Love the dresses.

  3. Absolutely stunning! They all look gorgeous.

  4. I disagree. Sophie looks frumpish and Michelle looks like a drag queen. The two daughters, however, (Malia and especially Sasha) look stunningly beautiful and glamorous.

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    • How rude can you be. They all are beatiful. mey be you would like to be called thumpy too!!

    • I agree Eunice. Sophie’s outfit was spoilt with the orange braid. Without that her outfit would have looked lovely and stylish. Michelle does look like a very unhappy drag queen and not at all beautiful or stylish. I don’t think either of the daughters look particularly stylish or glamorous, but they are lovely girls. Malia is particularly attractive.

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    • Drag queen? A drag queen wouldn’t be seen dead in something as elegant and stylish as Mrs Obamas gown, not enough BLING!BLING! or feathers. Mrs.Obama could wear a chaff bag and still look glamorous, she is a beautiful woman and ALWAYS looks ELEGANT no matter what she is wearing.

  5. They all look terrific. Michelle Obama always displays such class, the whole family do.

  6. They may look good, but at near $20,000 for each dress…. and the taxpayers paying for them does not sit right with me.

  7. Michelle looks like one stunning stylish woman. love the colour of her dress

  8. facebook_gailannette.siebuhrcollie

    Just beautiful wouldn’t it be lovely for some young American women from poor backgrounds get to attend something on a smaller scale with all the finishing touches added. Just fantastic but then Michelle always turns heads and it looks as though her daughters will follow her lead.

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