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When baby Isabelle Kaplan was born, she had one special feature which set her aside. Apart from blue eyes, a healthy weight and strong lungs, Isabelle had something the others did not…

Isabelle was born with an entire head of hair! In fact, Isabelle’s luscious locks are so rare from birth, that her photographs are going viral online.

‘Izzie’ was born to Californian parents Dave and Mackenzie Kaplan. They say she came into the world with a full head of ‘anchorman’ style hair, which just keeps growing.

“Wherever we go, it’s the first thing people notice”, said proud father Dave. The 34-year-old was also born with a full head of hair. “They say, ‘Wow, would you look at that hair!'”

Dave exclusively told People magazine, “We were expecting to see a bald head or perhaps a little fluff. When she came out with a hair helmet, we couldn’t believe it”.

Isabelle’s parents wash her hair twice a week, with specialised baby shampoo. They let her hair air-dry, and would never use beauty products or heating tools to style Isabelle’s locks.

“You have to keep a sense of humour”, bemused mum Mackenzie told People magazine about Isabelle’s fifteen minutes of fame.

“The funnest thing about this has just been seeing everybody’s reaction. It’s nice to make everyone smile”, Mackenzie said, as Isabelle approaches two months of age.

It’s easy to see why gorgeous Isabelle is getting so much attention though. Honestly, somebody get that baby a shampoo campaign!

Isn’t Isabelle beautiful? Did you have lots of hair when you were born? Were your children or grandchildren gifted with luscious locks?

When Isabelle Kaplan was born, she had a full head of hair — really, really full.

Posted by ABC News on Friday, March 25, 2016

When Isabelle Kaplan was born, she had a full head of hair — really, really full.

Posted by WHAS11 News on Saturday, March 26, 2016

Little Isabelle Kaplan may be only two-and-half months old, but she already has a head of thick, luscious, locks, that rival most adults.

Posted by KSDK NewsChannel 5 on Saturday, March 26, 2016

How cute is the 2 month old, what a head of hair!Reddit user Mackenzie Kaplan, shared the following photo on Imgur of her two-week-old cousin, Isabelle Kaplan, rocking some seriously thick locks.

Posted by EAST COAST FM on Friday, March 25, 2016

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  1. Gorgeous Hair for a new born baby. God Bless her !

  2. She does have lovely hair, our second child had long black hair, his hair so long at 3 weeks I had to cut it, he lost his hair in his late twenties!

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