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We’re just over a week away from the bi-annual pension indexation and it’s got us asking ourselves: will whatever amount the government increases the pension be enough?

Yesterday we reported that according to the Global AgeWatch Index 2015, compiled by HelpAge International, one in three older Australians are living below the poverty line. This signals that our pensioners are doing it tougher than even those living in third world countries – a shocking statistic.

Australia ranks 94th for the worst rate of old-age poverty, ahead of only South Korea and Venezuela, and as Ian Yates, chief executive of COTA said, “If you are trying to live just on the aged pension, then you will have difficulty making ends meet. It falls below an OECD standard of poverty”.

In March, the last time the pension was increased, it only rose by a very minimal amount per fortnight:

Single or separated by illness base: $782.20  (Previously: $776.70, extra $5.50 per fortnight)

Couple (each eligible member) base: $589.60 (Prev: $585.50, extra $4.10 pf)

Pension supplement basic for single or separated by illness: $22.30 (Prev: $22.10 extra, $0.20 pf)

Pension supplement basic for couple (each): $18.50 (Prev: $18.40, extra $0.10 pf)

Pension supplement minimum for single or separated by illness: $34.40 (Prev: $34.10, extra $0.30)

Pension supplement minimum for couple (each): $25.90 (Prev: $25.70, extra $0.20 pf)

And in September last year, singles on the age pension were $11.50 a fortnight better off while couples got an extra $17.40 a fortnight.

So as you can see, we’re heading for another extra couple of dollars added to the pension on the 20th. It doesn’t sound like much, but we want to know what you think.

Do you think the government should be giving a more substantial amount to pensioners? How much more? Or should pensioners be happy to receive a pension? Do you feel you live below the bread line?

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  1. When someone brings in 80000 black somalian muslims and settles them in very quietly there is not much left for the old australians that worked here all their life.

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    • If we taxed the tax avoiders we could look after everyone. 80,000? Where’s your resource that figure?

    • I was watching the lady in charge of health on tv. (So this could be wrong) She was saying that even thought they had a scare there was no ebola brought in from Africa. One of the reporters asked her ” Is that right you have brought in 80000 people from Somalia” she replied that is right they are here for a better life, maybe worth you checking up on it?

    • You could be right, let me say i dont care how many come in. As Marlene says we could let them all in if it was possible. I am just saying that it doesnt leave much to go around.

    • I’m sure that if 80,000 Somalians came in, we’d have heard more about it! And I don’t recall Somalia having the ebola scare.

    • Wrong country, Eddie!
      “… US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US …”

    • I have been trying to find the article about this, as i say i could be wrong but they stopped the questions pretty quick i remember that much.

  2. I am sorry to say this , but when you see what the Government gives to the people they bring into the country, they don’t seem to care about the Australian Pensioner who has worked to make this country what it is today, So how about helping your own Australian Pensioner too. take a look at Kevin Bloody Wilsons post and you will see the differance

    12 REPLY
    • I just wonder haw much would we get from there country if the situation would be revers The thing is one big O and the gov is telling us to be compassionate what a big joke

    • I do know for a fact the government place these people into aged care jobs, the government pay the employers $12,000 to employ them then the government pay half their wages.

    • but we can and should afford both!!!! Blame the government NOT the refugees! Politicians are parasites living off the fat of the land both before and after retirement! Do somehting about that and there will be heaps of money to help everyone!

    • Carol Anne Ffinch : does anyone really believe that the refugees WILL receive benefits when landing? rubbish! the refugees chosen to come here will have their own means of support OR THEY WILL NOT LAND! This kind of debate will encourage racism!

    • ACarol Anne Ffinch ..I agree….we can afford both…it is amazing how money is always found for emergency situations….anything that will put government in good light…..The government has and has always had money…..he who screams the loudest gets money……the fact that abbot has now agreed to take on refugees will allow the voices of the down trodden to stand up for their share……I know in coming months ,the Abbot is going to hear from pensioners,the mentally ill,victims of mdomestic abuse …..the government will finally be forced to listen….you can only keep things quiet with Abbots laws preventing people from speaking out,because Society explodes…..Abbot… can only suppress and control people for so long,TILL THE REAL TRUTH COMES OUT……YOUR TIME IS COMING!!!!…the only peole not wanting this are the rich!!!!

    • You know what saddens me is the idea of war fighting. Nothing is ever achieved until people agree and compromise why can’t we have comprises before bombs.

    • Tom Tesoro and carol Anne finch , rubbish !! Of course they will get that money . They have already said what they will be given financially , our pensioners living under the poverty line would love to be given
      that money . And where do we get the money to give to EVERYONE ? We already pay the highest taxes of most countries . And yes ! I agree politicians should not be paid after retirement , only their super , which will be much better than ours , of course . But if you pay peanuts , you get monkeys ! We should be taking better care of our own before taking on extra’s . Racism becomes an issue when others are treated better and receive more than your own citizens .

    • Kevin bloody Wilson is a racist moron and generally speaks for other racist morons, newly settled refugees are going to have to start life all over again sheesh, they’re not going to get more than you! Grow up

    • Since when has The prime minister prevented people from speaking out Sharyn. That’s what the opposition is for Its called a democracy.

  3. you work all your life, bring up a family to be good citizens, pay your taxes provide education for your kids then what do you get a kick in the guts…BASTARDS

  4. The refugees and illegal’s get it

    5 REPLY
    • The only way the refugees are getting it is through the government spending billions hiding them. They never make it to Australia. The illegals, ie those who overstay their visa’s, don’t get it because they are hiding. They’re hardly likely to march in to Centrelink to claim benefits

    • Bet you can’t provide a resource for that Robyn. And just think, if we taxed the tax avoiders a we would have money to have a decent caring country.

    • One years tax from the big OS companies would wipe out our deficit Marlene. One year!! And here we are fighting to get a decent pension, and having the threat of an increase in the GST hanging over our heads.

    • Cant disagree with either of you regarding the tax issue that needs a huge shakeup as well, but until our country is in a position to look after it’s own people first they shouldn’t be giving so much aid too others

    • Cant disagree with either of you regarding the tax issue that needs a huge shakeup as well, but until our country is in a position to look after it’s own people first they shouldn’t be giving so much aid too others

  5. When i in 3 over 60’s Australian are living in poverty, why would the Abbott Government ant to the CPI rise for pensioners? They must be aware of this, they have all statistics and all the figures. The LNP Government can’t wait for baby boomers to die. We have passed our useby date and are now considered just a liability

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    • Rudd dished out money he didnt have & now we are paying for it this country is in so much debt

    • I agree that we can’t exist on the pension if we are renting. I’m a bit put out that ‘We have no money and so much in debt’ yet somehow, we suddenly have copious millions to give away. Pensioners need to find alternative solutions, as some of our young are doing. My daughter is sharing a 6 bedroom house, with 6 bathrooms, in WA and they all share the living room and kitchen. The
      pLace was built by someone specifically. Housing is already very hard to get, and with the intended new strata laws coming in, more old people will be homeless. I do believe the government expect us to die off sooner than we are doing at the moment.

      1 REPLY
    • Robyn Smith there is always the choice go into recession or go into deficient. We have now lived in the land of plenty for 24 years so now the young ones expect to start out with a five bedroom, 3 bathroom, 3 garage all with a pool home when they get married. Maybe we should have gone into recession in 07/08 I was retired then and on a part pension so very little would have changed.

    • Rose Bryan Runnymede Ragdolls Yep. threw it out in the streets like confetti. One of the reasons we’re in the place we are now.

    • John Green. Not true. It was what the Labor Government did during the GFC that saved us from going into resession. Kevin Rudd was congratulated for the steps he took…spending money to boost the economy. Wayne Swan was voted the worlds best treasurer. The only other Australian treasurer to receive this accolade was Paul Keating. And Labor left the country with a AAA rating. We were the envy of the world.
      Now we have this LNP fascist government destroying our beautiful country, selling off our assets (to their private supports), which would still be bring money into treasury. Howard & Costello sold off a stack of our assets, including our gold reserves ( to their rich supporters), just before the price of gold rose dramatically. John Hewson has been very critical of what they have been doing, & has also blamed Howard/Costello for the debt we are now in. You can find the article on the Internet if you care to look.
      When you get to vote next year/time, keep all this in mind.
      Malcolm Fraser warned us that Abbott is a dangerous man & how true this is turning out to be.

  6. If only they could be made live on our pension for 6 months – then they could see what we are saying. However, I think their minds would soon go back to only thinking about their own retirement!

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  7. Obviously going to Oxford does not teach you the management of old people and the care they need for the future. thats why we Australians have suffered for so long.
    It’s the same scenario look at me and see i am a humanitarian good guy i look after the migrants coming in.

  8. It’s a shame, the last gov gave us a good rise, this one has cut it. Federal MPs living like kings on tax payers money. They are out of touch with people.

    7 REPLY
    • The last government put us in debt for 150 Billion dollars! This government has NOT cut the aged pension! in fact whilst small increases yet increased the aged pension non the less…

    • ALL parties are the same……really only interested in lining their own pockets. Make THEM exist on an aged pension for a proscribed amount of time during each term of office. MAYBE we’d see some change then. Maybe.

    • I’m sure they do care but you can’t pluck money out of no where, and unfortunately so many others are needy as well. At least they have not reduced the pension but I admit it is not increasing as much as people would like but at least it is increasing

  9. Of course age pensioners should get more money to live on , I challenge Abbott and hockey to live on what we pensioners have to for 3 months , fat hockey won’t cos he won’t be able to afford to chew on his cigars, Abbott won’t cos he is so dumb he would think he gets the pension as well as his illigally earned pay, they all should be jailed for taking on work That they cannot carry out, they should get the minamin wage only for their attempt.

    2 REPLY
    • The table could be turned there Marg Foyster, I would perhaps like to see you in there shoes for 3 months doing their jobs – I’m sure it would enlighten you to the difficulties of running the whole country on a budget when everyone wants more / not an easy job – yes I agree pensions should be higher but at least they are increasing not decreasing no matter how small it is.

    • Well who makes the decision to give away millions to other countries and who offered to pay for the majority of the cost to find the Malaysian plane carrying Chinese and Malaysian passengers and a handful of Aussies , need I remind you ? bigmouth Abbott said we will foot the bill. I am so sorry to hear another plane went down, shouldn’t happen in this day & age , that’s why they have maintenance crews, is everyone doing their job? I think it’s only fair china & malaysia should foot the majority of the Bill . And how many fighter planes did Abbott order? 5 would have been enough at the moment, sending troops over to take part in these air strikes? If the government drew 1/3 of what they get then if they NEED to go on the age pension when they retire, let it be the same as we get , as it is they get all the quarks and perks and entitlements plus being over paid and able to get another full time job and still receive the highest pension in Aust, Come on now. We all know where the cuts have to start from and it’s not the pensioners, if someone could be TRUSTED to run this country PROPERLY, we would be out of dept and most people that want to work would have work, our elderly would live the life they deserve.

  10. No other Government has targeted the over 60’s like this Abbott Government has done, the worst result for us was when they got elected and I hope it is not repeated again

    13 REPLY
    • Your correct. We need proper increases, not indexation of “piddling” amounts. I’m terrified how we are going to get by when either partner passes away.

    • Its very hard on your own, as you still have to pay all the bills that you paid for on a pension for two for on a single pension

    • They won’t be in power come election time it’s disgraceful our seniors are not being looked after with respect

    • I think some of you people are forgetting the debt the Labor party has put us in if this had not happened maybe they would have more money to give us pentioners

    • Have you forgotten the debt the Labor party left us with. That is the reason we are not getting a better increase.

    • Stats released the other day said we were 15 billion more in the red….can’t blame labor for that! Probs because of all the rorts liberal politicians are committing , hello Bronwyn bishop I like your new chopper, gold plated suits you!!

    • Wendy Perrins get yourself educated, the Liberal Party have doubled the debt and we have nothing to show for it

    • U won’t get more under labor
      U will be kidding yourself if u think u will
      How much did u get when they were in for 7 years

    • Joan Martin I wasn’t on the pension during the Rudd / Gillard goverment, however, aged pensioners get a huge increase under that Government, more than $100 per fortnight …… seems you have a short memory !!! Due to the Abbott Government, pensions are now going backwards …… they are now indexed. So get your facts right.

    • Wendy Perrins it seems the deficit has more than doubled under this government ……. the voters won’t be forgetting that next year. Oh and I nearly forgot …. the Abbott government are cutting funds here, there and every where and we have nothing to show for it.

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