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While we in no way condone Bronwyn Bishop’s recent action or past digressions, we feel compelled to rise to her defence in response to Clive Palmer’s comments on ABC’s Lateline last night.

Mr Palmer, at a time where Australian over 60s are being told they need to work for longer, yet face incredible levels of discrimination in the workplace, it’s just not on saying that anyone should resign because of their age. Especially when Mrs Bishop is only 72 and clearly has no desire to give up work.

The leader of the Palmer United Party told the ABC last night he thought she should resign.

“She’s been there a long time, over 20 years, and she’s now 72 years of age,” said Mr Palmer. “It’s time to roll over and give a younger person a go, I think”.

At least Mr Palmer seems aware of the debate about attracting more women to parliament, as he put forward independent MP Cathy McGowan as a potential candidate for Mrs Bishop’s job.

Mr Palmer’s statements come the day after he confounded the internet with a bizarre, smudgy-lensed “bye bye Bronwyn” video, which you can watch below. In the clip he giggles and waves at the camera. Mr Palmer reenacted the video on Lateline last night.

“She’s demonstrated over a long period of time that she’s very biased in the role of Speaker,” said Mr Palmer. “Bronwyn should know that if she resigns from Parliament she’ll still get the same entitlements. She doesn’t need to put us through torture for a year-and-a-half to get her own personal entitlement”.

He also suggested an independent speaker would make parliament more fair, although Mr Palmer says he doesn’t have the “right temperament” for the job.

That said, the mining magnate says wouldn’t have his snout in the trough.

“Can you imagine the headline ‘Clive Palmer catches chopper at taxpayers expense’? I’ve got my own chopper,” he quipped.

The original, bizarre video…


Do you think Clive Palmer’s comments about Bronwyn Bishop’s age are out of order?


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  1. As a BOF of 68, a firm yes. Try ageism Clive and you’ll get reminded of your own imperfections.

  2. Clive is a comical trainwreck.Fat and foolish. A blight on our political arena.The Donald Trump for President lookalike.

  3. Get rid of her because she’s incompetent.biased. and so out makes me cringe

    1 REPLY
    • Have you ever met this lady Terry ?? Or sat and had a conversation with her ??
      I have, and she is a very intelligent and articulate woman. She is very able to do her job.
      Clive on the other hand is an opinionated boofhead. He is a brilliant businessman but a sad politician.

  4. This men is an embarrassment to Australia

    9 REPLY
    • Good on you Bryan Thomas – There is always some smart arse with no sensible comment who will put other people down for a minor error. Rosemary Norton – take no notice him.

    • A typo’ comes when a finger misses it’s target and gets the next letter, this is a case of either speaks pigeon English. or too lazy to use a brain and use it THIS MEN = THIS MAN . same as lazy halfwitted people that can’t be bothered to use the correct words for they, their there they’re.All having different meanings. Robert Hind, I guess you teach pigeon English at your lectures in PNG. Yeah get stuck into me any time professor (twat).

    • for heavens sake Bryan Thomas stop being a bully and leave Rosemary alone, if she says it is a typo..then mate its a typo, personally I think Bishop should be sacked, this has dragged on to long, but Rosemary has a right to her opinion

    • And you sound like the substance that comes out of that arsehole Rosemary, She can have her fucking opinion in any language she wants but if she wants it in English then Fucking learn it . Ignorant shit.

  5. Yes, he is none too bright. He would have had more clout by pointing out that the thing about her is, she is completely out of touch with the expectations of most of the countries inhabitants. So she just reflects the myth that the conservatives are untouchable. And that may well play out in August. Tony has heard her confession and she has said her three Hail Marys . He is mightily impressed with her level of contrition apparently.

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