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You might remembering seeing the cute photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte playing at a children’s party during their trip to Canada?

Well, Prince William and Duchess Catherine have released a video of the day – and it has the Internet talking.

“We have created such happy memories for our children during this visit,” the couple said.

But, fans of the Royal Family have described the video as “eerie” and “creepy”.

So, what’s the fuss about?

Well the video was edited to be in slow-motion, overlayed with what some are describing as “eerie” music.

Despite the fact it was a clear sunny day, the video appears to be edited to make it darker and dimly lit.

Fans and royal watchers have taken to social media, with some describing the video as “morose” and comparing it to the trailer of a horror movie.

“This was like an in memoriam video. How weird.” one Twitter user wrote.

“Whose idea was it to use creepy music and dark slow-mo pictures? Very weird,” another wrote.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte stole the show during their tour of Canada, with many heart-warming photos and moments captured of the family.

What do you think of the video? Is it creepy or are people just over-reacting?

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  1. Over-reacting, nonsensical. You can barely hear the music anyway…it just sounds like something quiet and calm. Towards the end of the (extremely brief clip) there was a muted drum beat which reminded me, William and Kate have just visited Canadian Indigenous people and their home towns. That may well be your clue to the clip theme music…it could be a peaceful instrumental piece of Indian music…calmed down music to suit the slow play clip. Quite a clever thing to do really: because it is so short, the slow play gives you a bit more time to see the children romping about.

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    • I agree absolutely. What a lot of crap people come up with!

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