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We know Tony Abbott can be a little unconventional at times and sometimes it’s a matter of thinking before speaking. However, on his latest media round, we have to wonder if he thought before he acted. This has to be one of the most unusual things we’ve ever seen… Ever!

We can’t work out whether to laugh, be horrified or perhaps even cry for him because this just seems so odd.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, while touring a produce farm in Tasmania, our Prime Minister picked up an onion – skin and all – and began munching away. Just like it was an apple.

Now there’s some veges you can do this with… Carrots or tomatoes make a bit of sense, but an onion? The SMH also reports that he allegedly then said, “Better than any other onions I’ve eaten in a long time.”

So today we want to know… What do you think of this? Is eating onions like apples something we just haven’t heard of yet? Perhaps Tony has a very mature pallet and we should actually be impressed!

Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. My mother did the same thing ate an onion like she was eating an apple.

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    • my mother was also someone who ate onions like apples – good for the immune system

  2. I think its gutsy, funny and shows he can be light-hearted. I’m sick of the way the media jumps on everything he does. He’s an intelligent, hard working individual who obviously has a loving family and is committed to his community by his involvement in a voluntary capacity in several areas. How about the media stops “picking on him” and let him get on with the job of trying to restore our beautiful country.

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    • I think you will find a lot of people agree with you. I do. We all need to take a chill pill and let him get on with his job.

    • And what job would that be! Been in Govt 18mths and then says ‘from today I will start governing’ and then slides into idiocy again. You two clearly have no expectation of life at all. But then conservatives are needy types, sad really.

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      • Robina, if conservatives are needy types then how come it is socialist governments that pour billions of extra dollars into welfare ?? I have a different idea of who is needy.

    • Tony Abbott, lives a very healthy lifestyle. My husband can eat onions like this also. Sick of the beat-ups by leftie media that cannot handle a PM that gets on with the job in spite of them all.

    • You all need to read what ABBOTT costs the tax payer. $7.500 every time a flight leaves Canberra to
      Fly him back to Sydney. All because he won’ts to live in Sydney. $13.000 for a rug. Our PM doesn’t know how to save tax payers money. It’s all about him and his life style. Millions spent on a fleet of BMW. Go do your homework. The man is an idiot, but he picks on the pensioners.

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      • In all fairness….. he is doing exactly what all the PM’s before him have done, live in Sydney and work in Canberra….. refurbish the PM’s residence in Sydney…. what is your beef girl!

      • Ohhh dear. You are so one eyed that you can’t see the woods for the trees.
        Mr Abbott is doing just as his predecessors have done… Liberal & Labour!!! The BMWs by they way were ordered by our previous PM….. he only took delivery of them!!!

    • Agree with you Anne Johnston and Maureen Rava. Tony only has to sneeze and media jumps up and reports that he sneezed the wrong way…… give us a break, sick of school ground journalism …..

    • and what about Rudds world travels when he was PM Robyn, oh maybe he paid for them himself – NOT

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      • Rudd travelled the world as PM just like TA has been doing and
        Rudd travelled the world as Foreign minister just like Julie Bishop is doing, amaze me how some people have short selective memory !

    • Robyn Payne, by name Payne by nature..Tony Abbott is our prime minister he doesn’t jet set around the world like Krudd did and I hope he continues to travel and talk to every day Australians all the time…what the hell is your problem because it sounds like sour grapes to me disenfranchised hard labour voter or ABC lefty, greeny either way your a waste of space…

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      • I thought we were supposed to be having a grown up conversation, you may not agree with Robyn Payne, which you are fully entitled to do, but there was no need to be rude and childish, because everybody is entitled to their own opinion. You are supposed to comment with respect for others which you did not do.

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        • Sorry, no sympathy for Ms Payne….she is no better, glance down he feed and you will note that she is not adverse to calling people MORON….!! Deserves what she gets!

    • Tony Abbott and the Libs did not, repeat did not buy the BMW’s Rudd ordered them because Holden and Ford could not deliver what the AFP said was necessary for the protection of dignitaries. Stop blaming the Libs for all the rubbish that was delivered under labor – enough is enough

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      • Some people unfortunately only see people who have told the world we have to budget after the catastrophe Labor left us to contend with, as political punching bags. I actually think we are heading in the right direction with the LNP. We have to tighten the reins but the Labor supporters only see it as robbing the pensioners or welfare recipients and after a while it grows stale like any argument.

    • Well Kevin Rudd liked to pick his nose and eat it, so I guess an onion has to be classier than that!!

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      • Must be a Labour habit…..Bill Shorten loves to eat nose dirt along with ear dirt….been seen on a plane spending the whole flight doing just that!

    • Omg get a grip people!! He ate an onion…lol
      It has nothing to do with politics, all you people that run him down its getting boring listening to your pathetic rants.

    • Nothing wrong with eating onions like this. Some do, some do not, including me. I like mine fried.
      By the way ALL Leaders come under scrutiny and fire from the left and the right side of politics. This is the nature of the game. I was not too keen on the way Julia Gillard spoke, couldn’t have cared less what outfit she wore (she looked okay to me in most things) but the poor woman was crucified by TA and the press. Tony has to bear it now.

    • Durrrrrr Marilyn….the reason the press comment so much about what he does is
      1… Because he is the PRIME MINISTER
      2….because he ALWAYS has TV cameras following him ( at his request ) so he can show the public how nice he is)
      3… Because he is an IDIOT anyway

    • Frances Clark: and guess what your friend ABBOTT spent $68.000 on having an opinion on trees and paths at the government home in Sydney. That didn’t include work done. Hockey also isn’t bad at spending tax payer money also. $70.000 on pot plants,$150 on coffee tables $50.000 to fly a chef to New York to cook a meal and $70.000 on art work all for parliament. Grow up Frances and look at the figures. Moron

    • I love onion too but I think the point is who eats them with the skin on? It demonstrates he is out of touch with the real world and his behaviour is bizarre.

    • Starts at 60 will not tolerate any comments that personally attack another community member. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and we will remove any comments criticising or attacking others for their opinions. Please remember to be respectful at all times.

    • Tony is just reaping what he sewed. He crucified Julia Gillard from the moment she became PM. The Murdock press criticised Julia even when she sat at her kitchen table with an empty fruit bowl, saying she couldn’t cook or something stupid like that. Tony deserves all the negative press he gets, as he has not done one positive thing since he has been in Parliament.

    • Well it is ok to get stuck into the prime minister so what is so bad abought him how come we have no questions on our great Dan the Man stuck for words are you

    • Rosemary Maguire: I totally agree with you. At least Julia had more respect for Austrslians. Julia didn’t go running around wasting tax payer money. ABBOTT and hockey have wasted millions. Now the pensioners are going to pay for it. ABBOTT is not an intelligent man what so ever.

    • Mike here-not too keen on either of them Rosemary, but in his time in opposition as minister for no, he, not they, he did a hatchet job on Julia Gillard whenever the attack poodle Pyne wound him up.

    • You say he is smart and well educated so why is it that he comes across as an idiot. He gets asked questions and can’t even answer directly he comes across as an idiot and when he enters the room he walks like a monkey

    • So am I. I had a letter from him in response to one I had written and was so pleased also the address to the Press in Canberra. People constantly bash him, berate him and I am sick of seeing it. I think he does well.

    • Good Heavens – if that’s all the Sydney Morning Herald can find to write about then they should seriously look at the quality of their Journalists.

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      • I thought this page was for 60 year olds and over…. You are all behaving like a bunch of whinging 6 year olds…stop it and be respectful of others’ opinions; everyone is entitled to them….. Don’t make me come back there!

    • Yes I agree… leave him alone & let him get on with his job.
      The media have a lot to answer for the rubbish they come up with. They never let the truth get in the way of a good story. Anyway… if he likes eating onions like apples…. thats his business…. and they’re good for you!!!

  3. I did a TAFE class many years ago with a man who said he ate a raw onion every day to prevent catching colds and flu. He said it worked. He didn’t say if he ate it skin and all.

  4. He is and has lost the plot. He is embarrassing his party and the people of Australia. Who has the power to stop this kind of bizzare behaviour, his own party. Do it quickly before its too late.

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    • My father always ate onions that way. He claimed it was great for his health. Must have been true as he was active and healthy until very old. I would suggest people get off TA’s case. You are starting to look like nasty idiots.

    • I’m glad your father lived till a ripe old age. Tony Abbott is a public figure. I’ll jump on his back as much as I please. You obviously are a liberal you idiot.

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      • Does everything Tony Abbott says/does have to be a national catastrophe? According to literature I have read raw onions are one of the healthiest foods we can eat. Perhaps the ‘laugh’ is on the critics not on the PM.

  5. I have known people who did this it is nothing new. Why are people so obsessed with what Tony Abbott does. If he saved someone’s life or did something good there would be criticism from some people.

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    • He received an award for ten years service with the volunteer fire brigade last week. Never saw or heard a mention of it anywhere. Only reason I knew was I read it on FB.

    • He has saved lifes…. his a lifesaver…also some years ago stopped & helped in a person in a car accident till the ambulance got there.. there are a number of things that people do not know about this man & the good he bas done….

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