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This is a poem sent in today by Val about an over 60s take on the Intergenerational Report… 

My years are totting up
So quickly as the years roll around
But I’m glad I am the age I am
Or work for me would be found

I read that Bunnings employ
Staff if they’re  fifty plus
But Hockey’s raised the bar
And now seventy is a ‘must’
So will there be more like Bunnings
To show a welcome to the aged
As the Federal Government insists
Older ones can earn a wage
Who’ll cast aside their walking frames
And shine up their spectacles
And cancel their bingo membership
(Lots of things will be overhauled)
And practice smiling again
If that smile’s turned to a glower
And realise time’s meaningful
Now work ‘s part of those hours
But I need’nt worry
About that  missive in the mail
Telling me to rally
Causing me to quail
‘Cos yippee I’m well past that
And I can still draw that stipend
And know that I’ll receive it
Right up to the very end
Is this how you feel too? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

Val Monaghan

I was born on the 21st January 1938. I am retired and widowed with 3 adult children and 5 lovely grandchildren I have lived in the same address for 58 years. I have had a varied working life, including ticket and showcard writing until 1973 when I changed to commercial cooking. I last cooked on the Windeward Bound, a brigantine around 6 years ago. I write a lot of verse about all sorts of subjects. I enjoy gardening, reading and having good friends visiting.

  1. we may live longer but our bodies still age at the same rate they always have, we get chronic disease and things start wearing out, no I won’t be looking for work, it is hopeless we have many many unemployed and not enough jobs to go around. Hockey has lost the plot and I think Liberal voters should lead by example..they voted this Government in

  2. nice poem but if your waiting for your money in the mail..expect a longer wait , they have even tampered with the mail

  3. This report has nothing to do with the Government. It is independently made. Of course it shows that the Government are on the right track, therefore Labor, Greens etc. don,t like it! Well, they are projecting 40years into the future, I doubt any of us will be around….it really is aimed at the younger generations, because they are going to be affected.

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    • we can’t predict with accuracy what is going to happen next year ..let alone in 40 years..this is a political report..

    • What hogwash Joe Hockey has time and time again said we ALL need to get back to work especially the Baby Boomers. This Government has made so many Backdowns in their term oh Government do you really believe they can predict Forty Days Ahead let Alone 40 Years.

    • Lee You are the only one who has looked at this objectively & got it right.I agree with all you said.

    • Lee Hauser, in 40 years time everything will be so automated that there won’t be jobs for the young let alone the 70 year olds.

    • Thank God, at last someone who is commenting NOT from a personal, individualistic stance. This report, these issues, are being put forward and aimed at future generations. I doubt that anyone realistically expects people, like us, who are already retired, and probably almost unemployable (in today’s market) to suddenly find ourselves back in the workforce. This is a big picture issue. Long term. And if will affect our children and our grandchildren, and their offspring. Economics….pure and simple. An aging population who live longer, fewer taxes to support the huge number of people on benefit. Do the math.

  4. It is easy for politicians to find individual cases of workers over 65. But supply us with the Statistic of what percentage these are of all those over that age. At the same time give us a list of both Employers and available jobs for us to fill. These people live in a unreal world and have NO IDEA of what they are mouthing off. We have supported our own generation over the years to be ripped off in our twilight years let the future Generations earn their own place in this World and see if they do any better

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    • my husband is a boilermaker and has worked physically all his working life so by then he will have nothing left in the tank,i have a cronic illness, we pay for it all ouselves, we are not white collar workers who have not had it so hard, we have worked hard all our lives, not enough jobs now, and he wants to make us work longer, i always thought we retire and more jobs available for the young people???

  5. Who the hell can see that far into the future. Figures change. . And where are all these jobs to keep the aged in sense.

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    • There will only be work for all Australian if we get our industry back from all those other country’s but then big industry would lose the big Bosses income because the mum and dad share holders don’t get a big Dividend payed .

    • The thing is, the oldies have worked all our lives in any jobs available, the young ones only want the cushy jobs. Have to find a way to make them to take the jobs they are offered and not just keep paying them doll money.

  6. It’s like they knew decades ago that the population was ageing and no political party has done anything about it. Now they are carrying on as if it’s a surprise thing to have happened as if we caused it. They are the ones who have let all the jobs go overseas not us and not the younger generation who desire jobs.

  7. and yet these same politicians who want this law expect a pension immediately they leave politics at any age even when defeated at election – why should they not need to work until pension age like the rest of Australia who are their employers?

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    • They should pay into their own super like I had to. The only taxpayer part of their pension should be the 9% employer contribution. Should have to work until the age allowed, before accessing their super and if they still have a job, no super pension until retired.{ no perks and free stuff ] Same rules I have to abide by. Seems fair to me.

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