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It’s strange to think that Malcolm Turnbull has been in charge of the country for barely a month. Sometimes it seems only yesterday he assumed office. Other times, the Abbott Coalition Government feels like a distant memory.

Now we’ve gotten used to the idea of him in charge, how is he really faring?

According to the latest Fairfax poll, Turnbull has every reason to expect a bright future ahead of him. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that he now has triple the popularity of Bill Shorten, with 67 per cent of those polled naming him their preferred Prime Minister.

This tops even the high ratings of Kevin Rudd at his prime in 2008.

This is devastating news for Shorten, who, mere weeks ago, seemed the country’s preferred alternative to Tony Abbott.

The poll also tested positive character attributes. Turnbull came out ahead in all 10, including competency, vision, strength and trust. According to the Financial Review, he even took away Shorten’s lead on social issues, which had been one of his strongest trump cards until now.

In the 20 years the poll has existed, Turnbull is the first Prime Minister to best his rival lead in all ten character traits.

The Coalition has been sagging in the polls since March 2014, when the Abbott-Hockey budget brought on a massive plunge in popularity. These new results, however, suggests they have successfully managed to bounce back, with the new version of a Coalition Government effectively distancing itself from the old.

The poll was taken during a period in which Shorten was attacking Turnbull over his use of a hedge fund in the Cayman Islands to manage his investments. Results reaffirm the belief of many political commentators that this move backfired badly on the opposition leader.

The Greens are sitting comfortably in their niche, with 14% approval – though even this has dipped a little since Turnbull took charge.

The poll also measured disapproval ratings. 17 per cent actively disapproved with Turnbull’s performance as PM so far.

Meanwhile, Shorten had a disastrous 56 per cent of respondents vote him down, leaving him with a net approval rating of minus 24 per cent.

How do you feel about this news? Will the good times last, or is this popularity just a temporary triumph?


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  1. I am an ALP voter and Turnbull for myself and many other Aussie’s is a relief from Abbott, but I won’t judge him on his personality or looks, like many others I will judge him on policy and so far he is singing off Abbott’s song sheet

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    • the ALP does not have to give their policies until there is an election..the Liberal are in Government now..sadly

    • Horrie Hockings
      The LNP didn’t give their policies until they were in election mode and then when elected they broke every one of their promised policies.
      Also, you should use the word “have”; not “had”, in that sentence.

    • I have had a reply from my Facebook I am curious My Grandmothers maiden name was Collins.her family came from Woy Woy N.S.W.her brother was George Collins I am wondering if somewhere we could be Nanas name was Josephine Elsie and lived at Gosford I thought I would just ask cheers Lynette Mitchell

    • I totally agree with you Libbi. This poll doesn’t surprise me, I would prefer Turnbull to Abbott, different leader same policies though ! I think Labor need to lift their game before next year, although I like Shorten, I’m not too sure if he is the person to take us to the next election 🙁

    • Horrie, we’ll hear Labors policies prior to the next election and their policies will be carried through should they win the election, not like the Liberals who lied their way into power.

    • People are too easily conned… same policies as with Abbott at the helm, now served with a sugar coated friendly smile and all goes ooh and ahh . Scott Morrison , Dutton , Brandis and not to forget Pyne and Bishop…. remember them and what they have been — and still do stand for ? Malcom is fine with all that – just like Abbott . Your pension is still very much in their sight – sugar coated or not … nothing has changed bar that

    • Guess which paper did the survey yes the one that hated Abbott. Don’t judge Turnbull on his looks or financial oh come on get real that’s what they did to T A big ears budgie smugglers etc maybe some of these people should take a look in the mirror.I like to judge on capability on if they are doing the right thing for Australia.

    • Heather Williams, Abbott was judged on his policy and it was found wanting by the majority of Australians, look how many got out on the streets and protested after he lied to get into Government. His budgie smugglers and lycra were in bad taste but it wasn’t that he was judged on and either will Turnbull be, he will judge on policy. It was not the ALP or any of us who ousted Abbott, it was The Liberal don’t tell us..tell them

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      • Since when did speedos for swimming ,and Lycra for cycling become bad taste.This will obviously surprise you ,but there are many fit people that wear these things .Non of which are in bad taste ,just trying to keep fit .

    • One of these Polls the Newspoll was done by Murdoch Heather Williams like Rosalind said tell the Liberal Party they kicked Abbott out not us

    • Well said Libbi .Who cares what they look like .Its about policies to to create jobs and govern for all Australians not just sellect few .Its the most important job has to prove he is up to it .Its not a popularity contest .

    • Brenda Gill get out of the past we have 3 PM’S since Gillard, …Rudd, Abbott the dud and now Turnbull.

    • Really Brenda she was voted in by the party just like Turnbull was . You can say what you want about her she was a very good at negotiating with the independants .Sadly was not her time .Abbott did the damage with his contiued put down of her .Yet people voted for him without any policies .

    • when people say they did not like his budgie smugglers and blue ties, who cares. he tried to keep this country safe. people did not know how many charities he supported. i do think he will be missed.. imagine mal going out to all these outback aborigines towns like he did to try to do good. do not like what turnbull and bishop has done to this party. will never vote for them next election

    • What on earth does Gillard have to do with this thread? If you’re looking for a lying politician look no further than Abbott. He was the biggest liar we’ve ever had the misfortune to have as a leader, that’s why he was booted out

    • Hang on Christine! Abbott went out to the aboriginal communities to see about shutting them down! Remember how he said the government couldn’t afford to keep funding people’s “lifestyle choices” . .? They’ve probably all pointed the bone at him by now. That man had no conscience or morals of any kind.

    • I just read something on a Labor party post where they refer to the government as the Abbott-Turnbull government. Brilliant! Look for this nomenclature on all my political posts forthwith.

  2. The Labor Party know backstabbing Billy has to go, its going to be interesting to see just how they’re going to do it.

  3. He’s kept his promises so far. He promised nothing, he’s delivered nothing..

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  4. Well so far I like him and Lucy she always seems to be there wherever he is great couple

    8 REPLY
    • it doesn’t matter if Lucy is there or not she won’t be sitting for Parliament, Turnbull will be judged on his actions not his wife’s

    • Yes shes there for the limelight she doesn’t care about the poor and needy have you seen her out doing charity work

    • I can’t believe I am defending Liberals but Lynette Miles, Lucy T gives hundreds of thousands of her own dollars to charity every year. She sits on various boards and assists with the running of several NFP organisations. She is a very accomplished business woman. It’s more than I do and I suspect more than you do. The Turnbulls are, as a couple, super wealthy. As a couple they donate a solid amount of their personal wealth to charity. That’s the sort of thing you can do when you have money.

    • Lucy’s running the show, that’s why she is always there. Sometimes Malcolm looks a bit vague.

    • Lucy’s running the show, that’s why she is always there. Sometimes Malcolm looks a bit vague.

    • Julie, this isn’t the set of Neighbours. It’s the real world where pretty people often don’t have a clue. Turnbull has done nothing since taking power from Abbott. No decisions, no policy changes. Do you wonder why? Or are you too busy admiring how well dressed he and the missus always are? Read this and understand: Abbott was always going to be a stop-gap PM. It was his job to bring in unpopular legislation because everyone already hated his guts. Once all the powerful big businesses had been looked after with secret deals and trade agreements, it was time for Abbott to vacate the seat he’d kept warm for Turnbull who was always going to be the LNP’s preferred long-term leader. Now the media are backing him all the way with phony popularity polls so we’ll all love him (at least those that can’t think for themselves will love him) You’ve all been conned, everyone who thinks Turnbull is good for Australia.

  5. I agree with Libbi Elliot Turnbull has shown nothing that is going to get us out of this mess they have got us into. They keep blaming the previous govt for this mess, but we are sining lower and lower and what ‘s more they are doing nothing toget us out of it. Unemployment in SA is growing by the day here and all they can do is shut down our manufacturing and aren’t doing anything to help get htis state back on its feet. No Mr Turnbull needs to show he is not there for the role of Prime Minister for his ego but to genuinely put this country back to where it was years ago before they stuffed it up with their party politics and only interested in getting back at the next election.

    25 REPLY
    • People are easily lead they think his got a pretty face i say they have no taste can’t stand the smirk

    • Things have definately deteriorated under this Liberal Government Wayne Ferne, we have the highest unemployment in 20 years, the economy has stalled and where are the million jobs Abbott promised to create? Instead they are wanting to cut penions , so they can pay all the people all the people that have put in the dole line

    • No company should expect the government to prop them up. Loans,yes,but free money to prop up jobs,no.

      Johnson was right,South Australian Ship builders couldn’t build a Canoe but expect to be propped up.

    • yes and S.A listened when they said that Horrie Hockings and they were NOT impressed, it was a swipe at Australian workers, thank you for reminding us all

    • You obviously know nothing horrie. Australia is more than capable of building anything ships included. Stop putting this country and its people down .

    • So you think all that happened since 2013 David James? Nothing, zilch, zero of that could have been caused by the previous government?? No wonder you hide your face.

    • yes and you have a dogs face Wayne Fern says it all and you voted for a dog of a Government and yes it has all happened since Abbott was elected, the country has been on a downhill slide

    • Yes they blame the previous government but that’s 2 years ago Forget about it what have liberals done just talk They have changed leadership no different to labour

    • in your 60’s Larry and can’t spell the name of one of the two major Political parties in this country..go back to school

    • I don’t know about the LNP but Turnbull has made a lot of Labor supporters switch sides, Has the Muslim vote. and has the Liberal voters who want a PM with the looks. Not much has come out of his mouth so far that he hasn’t sat on the fence about.

    • What mess did this government get us into ? Tha ALP created the MESS , this government has been struggling to get us out of it , with the ALP shutting them down in every way possible .
      No way are the public stupid enough to let that crook shorten in to create more havoc .

    • I would take your pic down Wayne Ferne I don’t find you attractive at all either inside or out, so I not be worried about others pics if I was you..sorry

    • Problem is ALP got us into the debt in the first place. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution. If some of the budget legislation was passed spending would be reduced further. Oh, and it isn’t just a revenue problem.

    • Before the Libs/Country party came into power, we had negligible unemployment, a high Australian Dollar, lowest mortgage rates in 30’years, way smaller deficit.. But…now??? Hmmmmm..let’s see, it’s all about terrorist & Islamphobia & punishing refugees..

    • Blaming the previous government 2 plus years on is like blaming the football coach who departed 2 plus years ago for your current low form. Not.sure Wayne Bennett would agree,

    • The trouble is interest repayment that keeps mounting up. unlike football players who receive money all ready available from their club .

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