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They’ve waited a very, VERY long time for this day. But as they say, love conquers all. So it comes as no surprise that many of the first to line up to seal their nuptials in celebration of yesterday’s historic gay marriage laws in the US, were some of the county’s oldest gay couples.

One of the most touching stories is that of Jack Evans, 85, and George Harris, 82, who have been together for 54 years. Their tweet below sums up, in the simplest form, what it means to them. #lovewins.

Then there’s Bert Kubli and his 71-year-old partner Mark McElreath, who despite being married in Washington, sought the acknowledgement that their union meant the same as everyone elses. #lovewins

Beth Asaro, and Joanne Schailey became the first same-sex couple to exchange vows in New Jersey, after Governor Chris Christie dropped his battle against gay marriage, just days before the landmark Supreme court decision. Christie was quoted as saying ‘there’s no point fighting a losing battle’. #lovewins

There are stories after stories after stories.

But it’s not just about love. It’s about the simple practicalities of a relationship. Perhaps Time best summed up what it meant to people.

‘…for older members of the crowd, looking back on their own experiences, it was hard to believe how much had changed and how quickly. For the older generation, very real issues such as medical decisions and inheritance hinged on whether their relationship was codified as a marriage or not’.

So many of these couples simply never expected to be able to have their relationship, their marriage recognised in states such as Alabama, Mississippi or Virginia.

At the end of the day, irrespective of your view, the world is a happier place today…for young and old.

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  1. 20 years for us still waiting

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  2. Hope Abbott lets the nation have what the majority want and people like Jamie Kerr can have the same legal rights as all couples!

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    • I read much of the information against same sex marriage last night and have come to understand that the majority of Australians are not for SSM.
      I and many others do not accept SSMarriage. (as much as we do accept and understand the couplings and civil unions.)
      I agree that a national referendum is called for. It’s too serious an issue to be left to a vote in government. I’m sure polls done in inner Sydney or Melbourne are in favour…but come to the wider Australia and ask the people there.
      Just because America has gone this way, doesn’t mean Australia has to follow.

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      • I fully agree with you Meryl! I am not a supporter of this quest.

  3. The defacto relationship act has always given us legal rights…..
    But to be able to marry means so much to so many

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    • You are right, Neil. Regardless of religious beliefs, I believe the act of marriage is a couples way of having their commitment to each other acknowledged by the society in which they live.

    • Not true
      The defacto relatioships act covers ANY two living together

    • I never knew that Neil. Doesn’t seem that long ago that even if it was a man and a woman living together the woman had no rights. Thankfully we’ve moved on from that too lol

  4. No doubt many people have been able to enjoy their lives and not pursue a right that they feel they are entitled too.good luck to them but do wonder if a marriage is necessary.surely a legal civil is enough.a marriage is between a man and woman and is meant to create a union before children arrive.this cannot happen without medical intervention if both people are of the same gender i have a genetic illness which relies on genetic knowledge for research how does this work when biological parents are not known and if they are then that can create a nother problem!

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    • I say this as kindly as I can Deb, it is not about whether you think a civil union is enough, it is about those people in relationships who don’t think it is enough and dearly want the commitment of marriage. The point you raise about genetics is fair enough but there are many people in this world for whom this is not an issue. There are also many people in this world who choose not to have children, are they to be denied the opportunity to marry also? I wish you well with your own medical issues having medical issues myself, but please be generous towards the feelings and life decisions of others. They are as deserving as you in choosing how to live their lives. It is not anybody else’s business.

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      • Marian, I applaud you! I am heterosexual myself, but I couldn’t have put what you said any better. I have several gay friends, and I agree wholeheartedly with you. They are in love, so why should they be denied the right of others. Rainbows all the way!

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        • I too am heterosexual and have been happily married to the same man for almost 35 years. We have 3 adult sons and 6 grandchildren. I became pregnant with my eldest son when I was only 18 before I met my husband. My son’s biological father did not want any contact with us after that and his parents wanted me to give the child up for adoption. I did not want to do this and was fortunate to have my parents support, my father saying “you don’t give babies away.” This was in 1973. Some years later I met my husband and he happily accepted my son who he regards as his son. Many years later my son, in his thirties at the time said to me, that while he did not know his biological father, he knows who is mother is and that he has always been so glad that I did not give him up. I am sharing this because firstly we know nothing about the medical history on his father’s side and there is nothing we can do about that. That is just how life worked out for us. So I do empathise with Deb on the subject of genetics. Secondly I share this because in making the decision to keep my child contrary to the parents of his father, our lives went on and really did not affect anyone else’s outside of my family and friends. I say that again, my decision to make such a life changing decision that has brought so much love and happiness into our lives did not really affect anyone else who may have held a different opinion. This is how I see the issue of same sex marriage. People may have and are entitled to have different opinions on this but in reality for the most part people who would like to marry their same sex partner does not affect those who may have different opinions and I fail to see why someone with a different opinion in these very personal matters should be able to dictate to them. The very fact that some people here are saying “yawn! I am so over this subject” succinctly expresses how little what gay people choose to do really affects people with a different opinion. It does not affect you. You can have your opinions but what other people do really does not affect you and so you merely yawn. Yet you want your opinion to affect them. Can you not see the (missing) logic in this?

      • I do not support this quest & do not need to explain my reason. It is my opinion.

  5. Same sex couples share such a special beautiful love ..I hope they all find peace and happiness they so deserve

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