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You can almost hear the collective groan from over here in Australia – our Kiwi neighbours just want the flag debate to be over and done with.

The expensive New Zealand government that sort of feels like they’re just double checking to see if yes, everyone likes the flag, has gone to another complicated level.

After four designs were chosen from a short list, and a long list, it seems New Zealanders just cannot decide which one they like. The solution? Throw another one in the mix!

In a surprise twist, the new ‘Red Peak’ design has become a popular choice after the public didn’t really feel anything for the other four options.

50,000 people signed a petition calling for Red Peak’s inclusion in a ballot for a new flag.

“On a matter like this, you would expect New Zealanders to become a little bit passionate, so we have given them another option,” cabinet minister Gerry Brownlee told parliament, reports ABC.

According to Red Peak’s designer Aaron Dustin, it symbolises New Zealand’s mountainous terrain and indigenous Maori culture.

PM John Key has been pushing for a new flag and wants something that “screams New Zealand”.

Kiwis will pick their favourite among the now five options in a referendum to be held between November 20 and December 11.

Then it’s on to a second vote in March for the winning design to go against the existing flag.

With this much support for Red Peak, it seems there is a fair chance Kiwis could be swayed! Take a look at the designs below and tell us, what do you think? 

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  1. From my perspective I would like to see us become a Republic, then the flag could be debated after that

  2. I just wish Australia would change theirs. I like the first one on the second row with the fern, Southern Cross black and blue background

  3. I hope the Kiwis change their flag. It is going to makes us look pretty stupid and backward thinking when we still carry on waving our old colonial piece of rag.

  4. 70% of the country do not want a change to the flag but once more politicians doing their own thing. $26 million plus it costs- could be spent on the elderly, hospitals or education- just foolish.

  5. I don’t think the red peak will mean a thing to other nations. The silver fern is well recognised as a Kiwi symb

  6. Why should their flag or ours (Aussie) be changed, why is it that our heritage and past no longer mean anything any more. I am proud of where I came from and how my country was formed and I do not think that should be taken away. When my Grandkids start asking questions I want to tell them the truth not some made up stuff to suit today’s society.

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