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Olympic gold medallist Nova Peris has reacted with grace and leadership in the face of a disgusting racist attack.
The Indigenous Northern Territory senator publicly shamed a man who posted this message on her Facebook wall this week:
nova perris racism
Mr Peris posted this screenshot of the comment and in response to Jeffrey Hepenstall wrote a simple, powerful message that was complimented beautifully by Facebook tagging her location at that moment in time:
Racism. #ItStopsWithMe — at Parliament House, Canberra.”
The post has attracted 1200 comments and been shared more than a thousand times. Without referencing the bigot, Ms Peris took to the floor of the Australian Senate on Monday night and gave a stirring speech against racism.

“If we see racism or discrimination, let us not ignore it – let us fight it head on by having an open and truthful discussion and debate about it,” she said, as reported by SBS.

“Let us educate ourselves about each other, about the deep hurt that people feel when they have been denigrated, vilified and made to feel less human by those who are weak of mind and mean spirited.

“We all bleed the one red blood. If we are to move forward as a nation and if we are going to close the gap on Aboriginal disadvantage, Aboriginal people must have a sense of pride in themselves and their culture. We cannot achieve anything without first believing in ourselves.”

The response to the posts has been outrage, with many people saying they are ashamed of their fellow citizen.

Jo Goodman wrote, “I can’t believe this person! What a racist creep! He no doubt has descended from some long ago blow in to this country. How dare he! May he get his just desserts.”

Tom Gardiner said, “I’m proud to stand here to this day and say I’m a proud young Aboriginal man and none can break my pride in that and to also say this racist guy is pathetic!”

Bernard Gregory added, “Whoever this person is, if he can call himself an Australian, should be bloody ashamed of himself, I’m proud to now be called an Australian even though I was born in England, and I’m proud of the Aboriginal peoples of Australia and to share this great country with them.”

Karen Douglas, wrote: “Good on you Senator Nova Peris for exposing this diatribe and standing strong for your people and the rest of us. #itstopswithme

What do you think of this man’s message to Nova Peris? Do you have a message you’d like to share with the Senator?

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  1. Who cares.

    3 REPLY
    • Obviously not you. Have met lots of Queenslanders with your attitude. They’re usually selfish and just plain ignorant.

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      • As a born and bred Queenslander I am shocked and appalled that anyone should be subjected to this kind of attack. Good on you Nova for your response. You’re right – we do need to call it out and keep calling it out.

    • I’ll bet Nova would never stand in front of a sign that said ‘ditch the witch’ or Bob Brown’s bitch like one of her Indigenious Parliamentarians did. As for Queenslanders still suffering from a bit of Joeism, some not all .

  2. The attacks against Aboriginal Australia are disgusting, Australia is sinking a mire of racism, I for for one don’t like seeing or reading the muck, it makes me ill

  3. This is just gutter talk and I feel offended that anyone in this country would even think like that, we are dumbing down in Australia and what a disgrace that is

  4. It is an awful post to put on anyone’s page but if she wasn’t a senator no one would know about this post. Who was the person who put it on. Is he a real person. You don’t know if some other person in government put it on. Until we know this is a genuine post it puts a lot of doubt in my mind

    3 REPLY
    • I know a lot of people who have made similar remarks. I wouldn’t doubt the authenticity of this comment at all, especially of late. It’s like the old White Australia Policy is coming back into vogue.

    • The white Australia Policy will never come back again, there are many white Australians like myself who will oppose it

    • Forget the White Australia Policy, it is a thing of the past, to many white Australians now have have multi cultural family members and who is going to vote to have their family member discriminated against? Your living in the past

  5. I would deport all racists, Australia is a multiltural country, there is no place for that here if we want to live in harmony

    4 REPLY
    • A lot of people who come to this country to live are racists. The Tongans and Somoans hate each other and bring grievances here. What about the fights which break out at football games. They are normally between two different races so you cannot say that we Australians who have come out with the first fleet are racists.

    • Wendy Biden, this goes beyond Aborigninal Australia , look at those reclaim marches, if your family have been in this country for generations , then you will be aware that the Muslims have been in Australia for over 100 years, no other generation before us lowered themselves to get on the street and march and wave that bigoted and racist banner. Racism and bigotry is filthy thing

    • Reclaim marches are made from a minority group in Australia. These people are following all the racist nonsense they see and hear about from overseas. Do not put me or my family in that category.

    • “Deport all racists”? Racist by whose definition – yours? Nowadays, the one-fits-all pejorative/accusation of the P.C. Totalitarians (read Leftists and Greenies) is “racist and/or racism. Race does not even have to come into the equation but the pejoratives are at the ready whenever someone dares to hold an opinion unapproved of by this lot of exalted, morally superior (NOT) tyrants.

      2 REPLY
      • I should have mentioned that my comment is aimed at David James!

      • Why should other countries have to import such racists because Australia doesn’t want. Deportation is not the answer what is needed is the fact that these people need to be told their views are unacceptable. The kind of views posted need to be challenged at all times.

  6. It’s hard to imagine anyone stupid enough to put something like this up. It shows his level of intelligence if anything – obviously a very low level.

  7. Racism is the refuge of the intellectually weak and the morally inferior on a futile search to find some sort of justification for their own pathetic arrogance.

    6 REPLY
  8. At times I feel ashamed to be an Aussie when I have to read such rubbish, and as for Jeffery what gives you the right to abuse someone in that manner and think you got away with it, well you’re a BLOODY DISGRACE AND NEED TO CRAWL BACK UNDER THE ROCK FROM WHERE YOU CAME.

  9. Why do people have to be identified in the media as “indigenous senator” or “indigenous sports person”?

    4 REPLY
    • I agree why point out someones ethnic background when they are Australian.Just makes for racist comments.

    • To continue the process of ‘othering’, you know, how to reinforce the differences! Not even the press understand what they are doing!

    • I agree with Rita Mary Smith, I live in Darwin and we constantly see the racist thrown at the whites because they won’t give money for whatever these people want, Evan tourists cop it and you wonder what they think of our country because of it. Also the abuse is very very nasty and fowl language.

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