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In the last five minutes we have just received the news that the leadership spill motion, put forward by MP Christopher Simpkins has gone to a secret ballot and the vote was 61 “no” to 39 “yes”. Tony Abbott will still remain as our Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister has been under significant scrutiny over his conduct and actions over the last few months with increasing negative media portrayal. Tony Abbott last week said to the media, “We are no Labor Party” making his position on a leadership spill very clear.

We want to know, do you think that the right decision was made for Australia? Is the Liberal party doing the correct thing by staying united and maintaining their integrity? Let’s get this discussion rolling today.


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  1. They made the right decision for the Labor party,this will hand them certain victory in the next election !

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    • Exactly. It is the worst possible result for the Liberal party, with a majority of backbenchers wanting a different leader.

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      • Susan you are a GOOSE .if the majority had wanted him out then he would be out .I dont particularly like the man but he is trying to do the right thing for Australia .he led the party to victory and I believe he will prove to be a great leader .

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        • If all the ministers voted against the spill as they are supposed to then over 60% of backbenchers voted in favour of it.

    • Great news and a great victory for Australia, Tony Abbott and the LNP, and a great defeat for the lamesteam media, Rupert Murdock and the ABC!!! HA! HA! HA!
      Thanks to Bill Shorten the most lethal weapon the LNP has against the ALP and the Greens.

    • Actually unless Abbott picks up his game, nothing has changed and Turnbull is waiting for the results lol

    • I agree with you Rodney Wilkinson only in this respect, it is a very good day for the ALP and I hope Abbott keeps his job right till the next election. 🙂 go check out the latest newspoll..then laugh

    • So he won the battle. But the enemy are in greater numbers and aren’t afraid of him. He will come the real test – the next election – lose the war.

    • Abbott won nothing the other contenders know this is not the time to take over wait until next year if they can keep propping up Abbott and then take the job because it’s pointless taking over a sinking ship and its best to let the captain take the blame than be in charge when it finally goes under ! Smart move by the contenders and now we will hear the Abbott spin how United they stand OMG what a joke ! It time to stand up AUSTRALIA and get some new political parties in power and stop this rot we have had the last 20 years !

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    • None of us really have a clue, we just go on because of what the media feed us, we all should start our comments with the word maybe!

    • Bindy Jones. I don’t think Newspoll, is all that accurate, always take it with a grain of salt! For example, has anyone on this sight been involved with the poll? Would be interesting

    • Molly Holland.. Galaxy poll came out yesterday with a similar result.. all the polls are the same figures..I don’t trust NewsPoll myself because it is a Murdoch poll and they favor the LNP

    • Oh Bindy many thanks for voting for those previous idiots..just confirms it..its just about Who You support..not about good government..You were turfed out last time…..

    • Wazza Harrison,there is no way I would ever support this Liberal Government and I have not made a secret of it..I don’t like their budget or policys

  2. According to the Political commentators that is a bad result for Abbott, no other contender put there hand up for the PM’s job. If he can’t turn things around and I don’t believe he will.. then I give him another 6 months and he will be gone

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    • Unfortunately Bindy, the spill motion didn’t even get up. Had the spill motion succeeded then Turnbull probably would have put his hand up.
      But I whole heartedly agree that this will happen again and Abbott is on death row.

    • The real outcome is over 30% of his party want him gone. Sorry they just said on TV is its 40%.

    • Well Bill Shorten got 40%of ALP membership and 63% Caucas guess that he is dead in the water too.

    • to Anne and Rodney.. don’t get me wrong I a m happy with the result, it is better for The ALP that he won

    • But Bill Shorten is not the man to lead Labor. Too much baggage. Should be an interesting election come the time, especially if Abbott and Shorten go head to head.

    • TA knew what he was doing by bringing the vote for a spill motion forward one day. Good tactic by him and it worked, even though one third of his cabinet are against him. A wind of change is now in the air otherwise he’s gone for good.

    • Fair go.. Give him a proper chance. .I think the whole thing is disgusting. . The media just want to crucify anyone they can gain sensationalism with. . Talk about tall poppy .. It’s shameful!

    • hey BB, like I asked you on Over 60’s, what has Tony Abbott done wrong, come on big mouth!!! you and other ‘wouldn’t know it if it hit them’ types, can’t answer my question!

    • who are you talking to Phillip Glanville in that rude manner? if it is me..then run away I have nothing to say to you nor do I owe you any explanation, you never asked me anything on over60’s

    • omg Philip Glanville you studied law and never checked your facts first? I have never commented on any political posts at over60’s , I feel sorry for you

  3. Not if ABC has anything to do with it. Trial by MEDIA

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    • Mark Riley will get rid of him, yet. He was so openly disappointed with this result it is digusting!
      The media need to back off & let them get on with bussiness.

    • Would love to have an apolitical media, so frustrating having to put up with some 30 something giving me their political views, but I have the best weapon, just turn them off, if more people did this the ratings would dive.

    • And we are all part of the media by commenting on social networking sites. So if you don’t like it, then don’t comment.

    • @Ruth…..at least there is discussion here. The media of newspaper, TV etc has been a problem for decades…….driven by corporations.

    • It’s wasn’t the ABC who tried to run the country by telling Abbott to sack his personal adviser!
      Hint – it was someone who is now an American citizen who tries to run the country to his own ideology via his newspapers.

    • I love people blaming the ABC when it is mostly Murdoch an extreme right winger who controls 70% of the media. I wonder how much some people understand media or the electoral system.

    • Now what will the media do to whip everyone into a frenzy – im sure they will find a way to flog this dead horse for another few months – yawn!

    • Ahh the ABC used to be the most unbiased reporting source in Australia after watching them on the night of the Qld election the way they behaved and acted toward Wayne Swann i had to revise my opinion of them obviously they are on the edge of loosing more funding so they are currying favour with the LNP from completely unbiased (which is what they are supposed to be ) to extremely one sided in one election was a shocking revelation.

  4. They made the decision, his party really know what he is like, better than we do or the media. Do we really want to go back to the Labour games? I for one dont! This seems to me to have been drummed up by the media (it must be a bit slow in the news lately) The media should go back to reporting the news NOT trying to make it!

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