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Following similar bans in other Australian states, NSW is finally doing the same – from tomorrow it will be illegal to smoke cigarettes outside within 4 metres of a pub, club, car or restaurants.

From Monday, inspectors will be enforcing the ban across the state with NSW Health informing proprietors and managers that they will be required to stop people from smoking in smoke-free areas.

Those smoking within the banned perimeters will be told they’re committing an offence and need to be asked to leave if they continue.

Cafe and restaurant owners are concerned that they will bear the brunt of the smokers, who may not like the new laws. Unfortunately that is just tough luck, as changes to the Smoke-free Environment Act 2000 are now going to be considered common knowledge.

If caught smoking, you could be given an on the spot fines of $300, with penalties of up to $5500 for businesses.

As it stands, all Australian states and territories have banned smoking in vehicles with children, in enclosed public places, particularly workplaces and restaurants.

Of course the new law changes in NSW has its detractors, but it’s one that has had much success in states such as Queensland, where outdoor smoking has been banned since 2006.


Tell us today, are you glad that smokers are becoming more and more on the outer? Is this progress towards a smoke-free society?

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  1. Pollies .Have the guts to ban them.Still getting big taxes from smokers !!!

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    • I am a non smoker but that is exactly why they won’t ban it.. because they are making huge amounts of money from smokers in taxes

    • INCORRECT, the Tax collected on tobacco products is less than the health care costs caused by tobacco related sickness

  2. This will probably affect the clubs, I have noticed at my local club and I don’t go there a lot, that the smoking areas are always full, while I don’t smoke I have gone out and sat with friends who do. My friends are not gamblers, but there seems to be many people out their who do gamble and smoke. It will probably spur them to online gambling and drinking at home.

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  3. Australia is the nanny state, they sell this legal product and then restrict where can people can use it

  4. I am not a smoker but find it rather hypocritical of the government to tell smokers that are using a legal substance where they can use it but allow illegal drug users to shoot up anywhere and even supply injecting rooms for them.

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    • not while your eating in any area..!! or walikng bejind it on the streets.. there is a place for everything..???

    • I don’t smoke either but to me this sounds like another revenue raiser, more money they can squeeze from smokers

    • Safe injecting rooms are critical to preventing life threatening disease. Smoking is cretinous, and costs the population untold millions in health care. To say nothing of the filth of cigarette butts polluting the waterways and streets. Smokers also choose to pay huge taxes which is not very bright!

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      • yes you know Cigarette companies had a fund known as the Rothmans fund that was donated to the governments of the different states to be used as revenue to assist in health care which was several million dollars a year .
        Smokers pay a lot of money now for cigarettes and pay a lot of tax for a still lawful product , if you had not forced smokers outside you would not have the problem with butts you have now .
        4 metres , who is the idiot that dreamt that one up are they going to move the roads out that distance because of exhaust gas which is far more harmful .
        If you think smoking is cretinous and not very bright then there must be a few of uneducated graduates at university and in hospitals.
        The last I looked it was not against the law and we still live in a democracy , oh by the way I am not a smoker .

    • The high taxes they pay help to keep other taxes from sky rocketing. Safe injeting rooms do not control disease they just allow the drug to be used more openly. The same people that use these rooms also shoot up at other venues including the street.

    • Kathy Green “allow illegal drug users to shoot up anywhere” wow I didnt know that. Do you mean in clubs pubs outside shopping centres outside schools alfresco resaurants?

    • Kathy Green. Graham has been a cleaner in a shopping plaza & worked in a number of shopping precincts. Yes druggies use any place they like . Disabled ppls toilets , baby change/ feed rooms . Shit n spew n leave their needles laying about . Seems they have more “rights” . If cigarette smoking is so bad , why are they still sold legally . $$$$$$$.

    • Government won’t ban something that’s a gravy train for them. If they didn’t make smoking such an evil thing in the eyes of the population then they would have to face the back lash of the real pollutants that affect our health and the climate.
      I am not a smoker either. I don’t believe smoking causes lung cancer but of course if you are sick then to smoke will naturally make it worse. People die of lung cancer who have never been around smoking at all, living in the country away from towns etc. I know because we have lost folk this way. Car emissions I think are far far worse but that’s another story…….

    • The point I was trying to make is they dont allow using drugs in public places. I know it must be frustrating for smokers and as many point out its not illegal to smoke.

    • Mosquito coils should be banned indoors especially around children. Mosquito nets give a good nights sleep free from annoying mosquitoes and midgees

    • Drug addicts dont follow the rules they will have their fix wherever they want jay francis and yes that includes outside schools and shopping centres if thats what they want to do. They also attack ambulance staff who attend to them when they are overdosing. Parks have had dirty needles thrown into sandpits where innocent little children play and could be jabbed with their dirty needles which can be contaminated with hep b and c or even the aids virus. The new drug ice sends them crazy and they dont care who they hurt. Just a few days ago a father was killed by his own son and police think he was on ice.

    • Robins burns doesnt drug use contribute to crime, mental health issues and family breakdown? I’m not a smoker but like qld states in Australia are slowly becoming nanny states.

    • My front foot path even at one time my roof all around the Neighbour hood. And that was in a quite respectable street. As far as I know still going on and nothing really being done about it. 8 plus homeowners forced to sell out and move away out concern for their family’s, myself included. All because we tried to get it dealt with. Drug use is everywhere and not harassed in same way as someone smoking.

    • Drug users do their thing wherever they like….. The nature of THAT particular addiction. Just leave it as it is…. Addiction is not just as simple as the anti-smoking zealots paint it & THEY need to get a life.

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      • But you don’t mind breathing in the car, truck & bus fumes do you which is much worse for your health than smokers smoke. you don’t see the government banning them from places where you eat or drink in the outdoor areas do you. Its the smokers that always get blamed for everything, plus if you sit next to a smoker you can always move no one is making you sit there.

    • Cannot agree with you. Yes it is legal to still smoke but someone’s smoking should not affect other people. It makes me sick to think I breathe in smoke that someone exhales from their mouth.

    • I love breathing smoke free air everywhere I go. I suggest smokers develop a special smoke bubble helmet and pop it on whenever they wish to smoke just as cyclists do whenever they cycle – problem solved.

    • A smoker will generally go away from others if they want to smoke so they dont offend anyone or push their stale smoke in their .faces. Unfortunately there is always going to be some that dont follow these behaviours . Why do a some non smokers think that a nicotine addiction is the only evil in the world. It does smell i grant you that but so do people with Body Odour that walk through all public places and have you ever smelt public toilets in some centres. Try following a truck along the street and see how much residue is on your screen. Don’t you think you are breathing that as well. These are all legal as well but nobody whinges about them.

    • I was a smoker and i quit 30 years ago and i can say i was appalled and how my smoking must have offended some people. I cannot stand the smell of cigarette smoke. When i have to go to my local hospital and park underground, when i exit the lift i usually have to walk past a bunch of patients and their visitors sitting smoking. When the lift door opens if anyone is there i take a deep breath and walk as fast as i can past. It is banned in hospital grounds but it still goes on.

    • You are soooo right!! I’m now a non smoker too, but this is very hypocritical and way too harsh!!

  5. Thankfully, this law was introduced in September 2001 in Tassie. It’s a shock when you go to Melbourne, for example, and have to inhale second hand smoke as you walk by footpath restaurants.

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