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Starts at 60 community member, Val penned this about the wonderful cricketer, Richie Benaud, never touched by the slightest rumour as people in the public eye often are. RIP Richie Benaud 1930 – 2015.

It seems an very auspicious time
For Richie Benaud to go to sleep
The cricket season’s over
And there’s no wickets to keep

Until that season comes again
Pads, bats and boxes are packed away
The cricket pitch lies idle
Until the balmy Summer days

It seems that crashing his car
Brought about his swift decline
Perhaps his reflexes were failing
Though he had an astute mind

We see his statue cast in bronze
Gracing the Sydney Cricket Ground
That’s how he’ll be remembered
Lithe and lean ..and sound

Not encumbered by age and frailty
That comes as people grow old
But depicted at his sporting peak
Vale Richie Benaud

Val Monaghan

I was born on the 21st January 1938. I am retired and widowed with 3 adult children and 5 lovely grandchildren I have lived in the same address for 58 years. I have had a varied working life, including ticket and showcard writing until 1973 when I changed to commercial cooking. I last cooked on the Windeward Bound, a brigantine around 6 years ago. I write a lot of verse about all sorts of subjects. I enjoy gardening, reading and having good friends visiting.

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