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Overnight tennis player Nick Kyrgios made the news for allegedly losing a game in his match at Wimbledon on purpose. Today the story has taken on a big new life, with a war of words between Kyrgios and Aussie swimming legend Dawn Fraser.

Interviewed this morning on Channel 9’s Today show, Fraser did not hold back in her opinion on the matter.

“I think it is absolutely disgusting,” said Fraser.

“I am so shocked to think that he went out there to play and he tanked… he did all that tanking, it’s terrible.

“He should be setting an example for the younger generation of this great country of ours”.

If that wasn’t harsh enough, Fraser went further. Quite a lot further.

If they don’t like it, go back to where their fathers or parents came from. We don’t need them in this country if they act like that.

Kyrgios was born in Australia, his father was born in Greece, and his mother in Malaysia. It’s also notable in the quote that Fraser moves away from talking about a particular person, to ‘them’.

He responded on social media, with the following words on his Facebook profile:

Blatant racist, Australian legend. #perspective

Not many words, but a powerful response to Fraser’d strong words.

Nill Kyrgios, Nick’s mother commented on the matter on social media, and also called Fraser out on racism:



After the game Kyrgios addressed the claims of tanking in his match.

“Of course I tried,” Kyrgios said.

“There was a lot of ups and downs. It was a tough, tough time, especially when he’s not missing any balls.

He lost the match 7-5 6-1 6-7 (7-9) 7-6 (8-6).

What do you think… did Dawn Fraser go too far? Do you think Kyrgios deserves the benefit of doubt in regards to how he played?


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  1. That wasn’t racist at all.

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    • Oh yes it was, I have just called a family member out for exactly that statement online, it comes directly from the pages of shock jocks and others of that ilk.

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      • We are Aussies..
        Racist or not.Do I carry on when someone makes a racist comment to me no

      • It was certainly racist. I don’t care who you are there is no need to speak like that. Nick is being naughty but I hope he can learn and grow out of the tantrums what excuse has Dawn got.

    • I get called “a bloody pom” all the time. Is this a racist remark? And I get my accent mimicked and ridiculed all the time even though I am a naturalised Aussie of over 27 years. I just laugh and mimic them back……i.e. Caaaaaaaampbelltown. Sounds like a lamb (laaaaaaamb) bleating I tell them! Lol.

    • ‘If they don’t like it, go back to where their fathers or parents came from. We don’t need them in this country if they act like that’. I think that’s racist

  2. Good on you Dawn, you were a champion and still are in my book.

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    • Quite right this kid needs to grow up. Childish tantrums whilst competing are just not on & and embarrassment to our country. Obviously a spoilt brat who can’t take the heat and we all know the rest of the saying!!!

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      • Good on you Dawn..
        You represented Australia & we are very proud of you.
        Go back where you come from could be is house…
        Spoilt bratt we don’t like or need him

    • I agree, Good on you Dawn. Where are his manners and respect. He was totally out of order . Sack him too from the Davis Cup

  3. Dawn Fraser always goes to far not a nice person in my opinion.

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    • Give us a break Rhonda. Dawn is a great Aussie and a great ambassador. She has done much for Australia and still does. She is passionate about her country.
      How many times have you met Dawn, Rhonda to make your comments. Graeme

    • And how many tournaments have these people won I wonder ??? What about Kathy Freeman running round with the Indigenous Flag? I didn’t have a problem with that either but I am sure some did.

  4. In think people have become overly sensitive…….and for what ever reason MAKE everything about Race……….ridiculous .

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    • “Go back to where their fathers or parents came from. We don’t need them in this country if they act like that.” How very stupid for anyone to
      even think Ms Fraser was being racist?

  5. well it did not look like he tried to me – i think that the spot light has gone to his head and he needs to be bought down a peg or too!

  6. Shame Dawn did not stop after saying he behaved badly, there was no need for anthing else to be said ,and Nick Kyrgios I really wanted you to do well, so stop behaving like a spoilt Bratt, you should look up to the Tennis greats like Pat Rafter

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    • I didnt say he did, I meant Nick should act like Pat Rafter a true professional and nice man, who Knew how to behave on court, if Nick wants to be in the League of greats start behaving like one and not a child

    • I am sure Nick is taking notice now of how people feel about his antics, it would be a shame if he didnt take notice as his an up and coming great player ..could be the best ever. I agree Dawn should not have said what she said as she got it all wrong, his an australian ..went to school with my granddaughter so i know and his family are lovely.

    • I really like this young Man Noelene and wanted him to do well and I think he will, so I hope he learns how to control his emotions, I bet everybody on here wishes him well and we all want to be behind him on his journey, we are just dissapointed we know he can do better, come on Nick make us proud mate

    • Christmas Caldecot, how could she possibly have been misinterpreted? If they don’t like it, they should go back to where their parents came from? Who is “they” for a start.? So many racists start out with a comment on an individual but can’t help generalising to whole groups of people they have a problem with. I bet if he was of English extraction she wouldn’t have made the same comment.

    • I am with you Maggie,I like this young man ,fame has come to him at a very young age and he has a lot to learn , it takes many years for boys to mature and he has a lot to learn . I say keep your opinion to yourself because you are no saint either .

    • Yes Micheale after bringing up two grandsons i know young men can be cocky, he just needs to know he is representing his home Australia, Nick you can do it

    • I agree. There was no need for Dawn to bring anything else into this conversation. His background ( he is Australian Dawn) doesn’t have anything to do with his tennis. We all agree that he didn’t play well and looked like he threw it in, but only Nick can answer this.

    • I think Dawn Fraser is way out of line with her comments. It’s time she bibbed out, after all she was no shining light or a good example to younger swimmers in her day. That’s my opinion, so I know I will be castigated for it.

    • Good on you Dawn, turns people off watching some of these cocky tennis players and their child like tantrums. Grow up and play the game that people enjoy watching.

    • I cant stand watching him when he plays cos of his behaviour. Ppl say its because he is still young!! Wtf!! Look at Thanasi Kokkinakis, hes younger BUT he plays well and acts very sensibly. No excuses for Nick. Hes an ignorant, spoilt brat!!!

    • yes he’s being a bit of a princess…. i agree with Maggie all the way … too al those doing anything for and under the / our flag .. come on Aussie come on come on ..oh AND like your mother taught you behave yourself ..

    • Everyone has a right to their opinion Dawn will be Dawn and there is no need to be badly behaved on the Tennis Court or off they are no better than anyone else, have some manners players please.

    • Well said, as soon as they are called out on something that is justified they yell RACIST, grow up .

    • then it should only be about his playing ,not where his parents came from what has that to do with anything he was born here and representing australia thats the only issue that should be adressed

    • I am not impressed by Nick’s on court antics either but the comments by Dawn Fraser (who was no saint herself during her sporting prowess years) is way out of line in this present climate of racial comments, about sending people back to other places. I believe Dawn needs to think hard before she speaks about Nick’s parents’ homelands & him going there. He is after all an Australian born champion too. I am a Fraser and I am not proud of what has been reported that Dawn has said is true. How would she have reacted if she had been told to go back to Scotland, her parents’ homeland by someone in the years when she did a lot of very stupid things too? All round this is not good.

    • Say it like you want Dawn… This is a country of free speech, go girlfriend!
      Maybe Nick will respect the game when he loses sponsorship deals?
      It’s one thing to win but you gotta learn to take the losses on the chin. That’s the tough bit.
      You’re in the “big kids school” now, dude.

    • its time our sport stars realise they are always in the public eye and should behave accordingly..this goes for all sport not just tennis…our Aussie sports people are becoming very un.Australian and think they can behave as they want. Where has our sportmanship gone???..Good on you Dawn… I for one have lost all interest in our sport.

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    • He is a spoilt brat, actually he is worst of the lot of them.{ I do mean the brat pack] Thats why I dont watch tennis nowy

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    • It is comments like Dawn’s that make others around believe al Australians are racists. She says she didn’t mean it and she is not a racist but what else can you take from what she said. She should have kept the comment of sending Kyrgios born in Australia and an Australian citizen to his parents country to herself. If she did nobody would have called her racist. Dawn was a politician and should have known better. However she has had the grace to unreservedly apologise to Nick, his family and all Australians. There the matter should rest as everything else she not only had the right to say but also was right on the button. Dawn Fraser has at least done what many politicians including our PM will not and that is admit when they go too far. Well done Dawn I was surprised at your comment but not about the fact you have apologised

    • Give me a break.. give Dawn a break, she may well have a sentence to many but really this guy is a surly upstart can act like a spoilt brat and get away with it….Why should he get away with that behaviour and Dawn gets slaughtered for speaking her mind…

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        • I totally agree Wayne, and get fed up with the way ‘sports’ celebrities act, just because the have been blessed with some talent it doesn’t make them God. I was disappointed with Dawn Fraser speaking as she did and the comments made “this is Dawn being Dawn” is also wrong, does that mean that because of who she is she can say what ever she wants to say. Just grow up the pair of you and act with dignity and pride for this wonderful country of ours.

  7. She is right & his behaviour was condoned by his Parents? That says it all. She is a great Australian & perhaps he would do well to learn from her. She did us proud.

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    • I wouldn’t like him to learn much from Dawn, she was not a goody-goody like a lot of people think.

  8. Its a shame when people can act like spoilt brats but you are not able to comment and if you do its racist, about time we changed back to not watching everything we say.

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  9. He is making a joke of Australia he needs to grow up dawn was right what she said such a talented young man and he makes a fool of himself

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