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We’re feeling a little affronted on your behalf today having read a column in News Limited’s Rendezview that is all too critical of the Baby Boomer, and clearly looking for rebuttal. Entitled “Can I say it? I’ll just say it. Baby Boomers suck”, it is a tirade by 20 or 30-something journalist, Victoria Hannaford about how baby boomers are selfish. A letter was sent in to the columnist, telling Ms Hannaford how infuriated they were by parents who are “spending the kids inheritance”.

“I need your help before I divorce my parents. Every time they return from an overseas holiday or buy a new car they joke about “spending the kids’ inheritance”.

“I gave up on getting an inheritance years ago, but their selfish, self-obsessed attitude makes me want to scream…”, the letter reads.

They go on to say “Please believe me, it is not about the money, I just want parents who stop to consider that complaining about Caribbean cruises while I grind out a living is wearing thin….” 

Ha! The delightful soul never considered the fact that their parents made that living they are now spending by working through their kids’ childhoods, battling against 17 per cent interest rates and juggling old and young family members for decades.

In response to the letter, Ms Hannaford goes on and on in an animated and offensive way that is frankly downright demonstrative of the common attitude of the media towards the Baby Boomer today – the media person who is highly self-oriented is calling the Baby Boomer self-oriented. Laughable, isn’t it?

While I don’t even want to grace the article with your eyes, I can’t help but criticise some of its worst statements towards Boomers.

“…they’ve turned into the whingiest, most entitled, condescending and argumentative generation to have ever ruined a planet. And that’s just when they’re asking for directions and then disputing your advice (yes, this actually happened to me a few weeks ago)”

Umm, I’m out of words – did the author care to read her own condescension again?

“It’s not enough for them to have enjoyed free tertiary education, affordable housing and unparalleled acquisition of wealth. They want you to feel inferior while they swan about between their three properties, and pay attention as they deliver imperious lectures about fiscal responsibility and the younger generation’s obsession with flat-screen TVs”

Dare we ask how many flat screen TVs the journalist owns while complaining about not being able to spend her parents’ money?

I’m obligated to give you a link to the article to reference it as a source today, but don’t encourage you to give them the clicks. Instead let’s talk about the choice this journalist had when addressing this opinion of theirs, and the choice the News Limited editors made when pressing publish on their website on this antagonistic misrepresentation of a core reader base of their publication.

Do you feel this is a standard demonstration of the disrespect of baby boomers in the media today or a tongue in cheek kick up of stones?  How does it make you feel to read a major media outlet doing this to Boomers? 

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. She’ll be one, one day!!!

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    • Didn’t find it in the least offensive. I just wonder why her parents feel they have to apologise to her when enjoying their golden years, comments like ” spending the kids inheritance” when they return from a trip. Makes me think they feel guilty for making the most of their final years together and spending their hard earned savings. I would get peed off as well if my parents kept lecturing me about money or what to spend it on. I’m all for leaving something when I pass on…if there’s anything to leave but I’m sure as hell not going to refer to anything we’ve worked, saved and planned for as ” the kids inheritance”. Sometimes I think us baby boomers are our own worst enemies, look for fights where there are none, lambast the younger generation as lazy, and self centred when in fact it doesn’t seem so long ago we were the younger generation, we were the generation who were written off as long haired hippies, protesting about this or listening to gawd awful music. Give the kids a chance I say, I’m almost sure we would all have agreed with The Who when they sang “MY GENERATION” especially the line that went….hope I die before I get old. We all promised when we grew up there would be no generation gap and look at where we are today…complaining about the younger generation.

  2. Prick!! we are the ones that the work force like BECAUSE WE CAN BE RELIED ON funny that. What does that say for I WANT IT AND I WANT IT NOW spoilt …….s. Wake up and smell the flowers darling and YES one day you will be one and GOD HELP US. Baby Boomer days were the best. We used our brains, not machines to work things out for us.

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    • Amen girlfriend, my sentiments exactly. I’m currently in Europe enjoying the rewards of MY hard work, when my husband and I go, there will be no money for them, but they will have the house and all our assets to sell divide and share between them. Thankfully for us our kids are happy for what we do and spend and ARE STILL STANDING VERTICAL……NOT for what they can get when we are 6 foot under!

    • Thanks Glenys, back to aussieland next week and surprise surprise, back to work, and yes I’m 66 years.

    • without baby boomers, this young woman would not be alive.. she had 2 baby boomer parents !!!

    • Our days are still good. I love spending MY money. I will always be self funded SO I save for things/holidays/activities from an allocated pension that I work dam hard for. Such fun!

    • Has it occurred to us that she is deliberately provoking us to react in this way,but why?

    • ^^ provoking because it’s the Murdoch Way, Lamestream media deliberately dividing the electorate & shutting down debate on issues that affect us,our children,our planet & the future .Said female is not a journalist but a hack & corporate shill.Wake up people our civil rights are being eroded & Our Sovereign rights as a nation are being sold out to the TPP

    • In general I don’t think some of our children treat us with the respect we gave to our parents and Grandparents. My mother looked after her Dad, I didn’t have a chance to look after my parents because they died at an early age. I think today’s children think only of themselves. They work hard need everything and as long as we are not a burden and are there when required all is good. Expect to live in an Old age home.

  3. I’m supposed to be a baby boomer. I Have to work ’till I’m 65 , to support my disabled husband and 84 yr. Old mother. Me back hurts , me legs hurt , I’m 63/3/4 . Can’t wait to spend My kids inheritance. On the Bills. …

  4. Life’s too short to dignify this with a response…besides I’m too busy enjoying retirement after years of slaving in a hot classroom! Cheers, folks 🙂

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  5. How dare she. Firstly, we did not name ourselves baby boomers. Secondly, it was our generation who wanted our children to have more than we did. Why, because we got nothing! We didn’t get big baby bonuses, we didn’t get maternity leave and if the boss didn’t like you, he sacked you. I never got cheap housing and first home owners grant came in after most of the so called baby boomers I know had their houses. And why do these people think they are entitled to our money? Are they going to give us some of theirs? Are they going to work over forty or fifty hours a week to earn it? We brought these kids into the world because we wanted children. Not because we wanted to work the rest of our lives so they could live it up. Of course we want our kids to have it all, but we have spoilt them so much that they don’t want us to have anything. It’s not your birthright young lady. It’s out of the goodness of your parents hearts.

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  6. We have set up & paid for all the development in Australia over the years that she is enjoying now. Curious what her parents think?
    A typical Murdoch media trash columnist.

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