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There’s been some competition lately, but Australian political life, and debate, hit a new low via the Queensland senator, Glen Lazarus.

The former rugby league player was talking at an anti-Coal Seam Gas rally in Sydney, a serious issue, and one on which he has pursued seriously. But seriousness was dropped as he used rugby league terms as to how far he was prepared to go.

“I have threatened Tony Abbott to shirtfront him about this issue,” he said

“I’m prepared to go and squirrel grip, squirrel grip, the Prime Minister,” Senator Lazarus said.

A squirrel grip is, to put it politely, an unwanted grab in a private area of an opposing rugby league player.

“If that doesn’t work, I’ve got other things up my sleeve, like the grapple tackle, the chicken wing and even the crusher tackle.”

“If that doesn’t work, I’m prepared to use the Hopoate tactics,” Senator Lazarus said.

What he is referring to here is an on-field incident in 2001, in which Hopoate inserted his finger into a delicate area of an opposition player.



This was intended as a joke, but really, in trying to rally support this is an unwanted distraction on an important issue of public health.

In an era of politics when we are sometimes excluded from facts, and in which an entire Liberal front bench has been banned from appearing Q&A, a show in which the public have a rare chance to question politicians one-on-one, we need all the real debate, the opportunities to talk and question, that we can get.

What do you think? Do we deserve better than this from our elected public officials? Or can this be laughed off and thought of as relating to his audience?

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  1. Hopoate tactics are to put your digit in someones behind 🙂 it is not something I personally would do

  2. Political parties need to be very careful in who they select to become politicians. This was a bad example of a wrong choice of person for the senate. Marellen

  3. The office of the prime minister should always be respected we don’t need this kind of language

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    • You seem to suffer from SMS Shory Memory Syndrome. Obviously you dont Remember all your heroes with ditch the witch and bob browns bitch and her father died of shame and Kevin Rudds name being reduced to Krudd. Hypocrites you LNP mob you can give it but cant take it.

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      • you do realise I hope that none of those signs were on display when he took to the stage , they went up behind his back and it came to find out one was being carried by a AWU member .
        Nice try to ridicule some one ,.

    • I’m afraid that “respect” flew out the window years ago. Look at how our last PM was treated. Especially by the current PM and his cronies.

  4. I think Glen has been hit around the head to often.
    What an absolute goose.
    And to think the taxpayers will be funding his retirement.

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