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Is it just us or are things getting a little heated between rival television networks Seven and Nine?

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Channel 7 is suing the Nine Network over claims the Nine morning program The Today Show rated higher than its program, Sunrise recently.

The newspaper says a statement of claim was filed in the Federal Court on Wednesday, October 26 and is to be heard on Friday, October 28.

The move comes after Nine released a statement on October 22 saying Today had “triumphed in the 2016 ratings year to regain the crown as Australia’s favourite breakfast program”.

It says that over 40 weeks of ratings it had come out on top 21 times in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and had an average audience of 317,000 viewers each day, up 2 per cent on Sunrise.

However, Channel 7 believes the Sunrise ratings are much higher when regional centres are taken into consideration and has moved to have Nine’s promotions saying Today has the highest ratings removed from screens.

The move has stunned the Nine Network.

“Seven’s response can be equated to Donald Trump saying he will only accept the election result if he wins,” a Nine spokesperson says.

Coincidentally, Seven issued a similar release in November 2015 celebrating its domination of those same metropolitan metrics putting it as leader of the pack in the morning show rankings.

Do you think Channel 7 is being a sore loser? Do you watch morning programming? Which is you preferred program — Sunrise or Today?

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  1. Gave up watching all these self centered fools years ago. Prefer to watch the ABC and SBS news for information

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    • I so agree with you,who really cares what these channels do. Give me the ABC every time.

  2. Don’t watch either much unless I turn tell on and they’re talking about something I’m interested in . The males on both shows are just show offs . Abc news gives you just that and don’t go on about their private lives

  3. Both shows need a rethink and a new team. Not sure how well either would do without the prizes money incentives encourage people to watch. Karl and Kochi both past their use by dates

  4. Mel was the only bright light on Sunrise, have never watched it since they treated her so badly, Would never watch Karl, he is such a pain. Need to get new people.

    3 REPLY
    • Yep, once Mel left the sunrise show I lost interest..

    • I have to agree with Barbara, I haven’t watched Sunrise since they got rid of Mel and Karl is a pain to watch, he has tickets on himself

  5. cant stand Kochie and those other stuck up people on 7 much prefer channel 9 anyway grow up and stop acting like babies

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    • Totally agree with you Elizabeth. I don’t watch either now though as I don’t have the time.

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  6. could not bother watching sunrise during the olympics started watching today show now go between the two depending on what they are showing.

  7. I find this ‘sueing business’ just causes discontent and aggrevation amongst all who are included as well as the general public. Why can people not sort out issues without lawyers? It’s a great waste of money. If companies have this much money to ‘throw ‘ away put it to better use and donate to the millions of places that actually need money to help our people animals and the enviroment.

  8. Would rather watch Foxtel,and that’s bad enough with all the adds.

  9. Oh for goodness sake get over yourselves I stopped watching TV a couple of years ago for this reason they all are so up themselves they are there to give the news not to big note themselves or give unwarranted opinions just tell us whats happening in the world as unbiased as possible .You don’t impress anyone especially the men on these programs

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