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On Sunday, we published a wall post that was allegedly written by Bob Katter. It has since been proven to have been not written by Bob, but nonetheless, it had you talking! Lyn wanted to share her views on the topic.

Oh Bob,

I don’t always have time to read every blog or all of the replies and how I wish that I hadn’t read the Bob Katter replies. I felt absolutely sick at heart.

It saddens me and I am surprised as all of my contacts and friends feel as I do and it is frightening to me that there are so many people who of course have the right to think differently. I wonder if these people saw the 7.30 report on the navy officers suffering post traumatic stress at the inhumane way the boats were turned back. I wonder if they know what atrocities these people are fleeing from and how impossible it is for them to have the luxury of time to go through the ‘proper’ channels. It is also a myth that they are doing something illegal. The UN Refugee Convention (to which Australia is a signatory) recognises that refugees have a right to enter a country for the purpose of seeking asylum, regardless of how they arrive or whether they hold valid travel or identity documents. The Convention stipulates that what would usually be considered as illegal actions (e.g. entering a country without a visa) should not be treated as illegal if a person is seeking asylum. This means that it is incorrect to refer to asylum seekers who arrive without authorisation as “illegal”, as they in fact have a right to enter Australia to seek asylum.

I wonder if they know how it feels to be marginalised. Bob Katter is of Lebanese descent and he and his family are now accepted as Australian. Somewhere along the line we were all newcomers to this beautiful country.

I think as a race of humans, we are sometimes afraid of change. We feel threatened by anything that may rattle the cage of our existence. I know that not all change is good and I abhor the senseless desecration of life by extremists. I abhor fundamentalism in any description as it divides and takes away the opportunity for us to unite with all our differences. But if we accept differences and try to work together, the good can overcome the bad. I do believe that when people do enter our country they need to make an attempt to ‘fit in’. That doesn’t mean that we strip them of all their customs and it means a great deal of tolerance and compromise is needed from all parties, but with such an overwhelming feelings of prejudice, it is often difficult for people to assimilate.

Now I know this all sounds fatuous! I know that there are many challenges in my approach and humans being humans, there will always be those who may not be genuine refugees and who will attempt to violate our systems. There certainly needs to be a better way of processing. Maybe some of the energy and capital put into fighting wars could be channelled into processes that could be developed into a more humane and efficient way of assisting people who could be an asset to our country. What a boring country we would be without the effort and colour people of different cultures have brought to our country.

There is a movie being made called “The Shift” which involves all sorts of wonderful people all over the world, including a more enlightened Russell Brand, talking about a shift in consciousness. I believe there is a shift happening but not everyone will want to be part of it. I think if we all believe that we could band together to make this world a better, more caring place, miracles can happen. I see it in small pockets from time to time so I know it is possible – and it feels so much better than hate and fear.

There, I have had my rant. I was quite disturbed the other night but realise that doesn’t help at all. I guess I can write stuff that may just touch a very few… And of course I have to accept it is just my point of view!

Do you agree with Lyn? What do you think about Bob Katter’s alleged statement and is it incorrect or correct in light of Lyn’s comments? Tell us below.

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  1. Anyone who travels and read the local newspapers will know many countries face the problem of asylum seekers approaching through people smuggler boats which are then deliberately scuttled. It’s not just Australia.

  2. no you didnt get the meaning of the so called rant ,it was about coming to this country and accepting the australian ways .we all realise that they are fleeing from terrible and cruel things .

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  3. Thank you for prodding consciences. It is all too easy to talk of “them” when referring to asylum seekers and to talk of queues and such. No one risks life and limb and gives up everything they know to undertake an uncertain voyage to the other side of the world lightly. You have asked for a shift in consciousness. It’s not much but that would be a breakthrough.

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    • William – You do obviously not know the thinking of MANY of these people why they pay a lot of money to come to Australia, no matter how treacherous the journey maybe. They are not always what you innocently want to believe. Why do you think they were not thankful arriving in Australia, waiting patiently in processing villages with free housing, free possibilities to learn the languageh or anything, and why would they not be happy to be free whilst waiting for their turn of processing. Why do you think they went on rioting and damaging or burning their accommodation, paid for by our Government, to get out? Earlier new settlers also went through the same process patiently and without showing this hostile attitude.

    • Many Australian men and women have left their country , travelled to foreign lands and risked their lives and limbs to keep Australia safe. Now people come from foreign lands to escape their countries and come to the Australia as we know it, and they come in any way they can. Why. because this country is great because of those men and women who bled and died to protect it. It is illegal to come to Australia the way the boat people do. The people who bring them in the boats are illegal. where do these refugees get the money for the fares. and why would you risk your child’s life in these rickety boats? It is awful how these people have such bad conditions in their countries of birth, but Australia must indeed protect itself from illegal entries. Our men and women died to protect Australia, this is the great place it is because they did it. A huge cost, but if we live in Australia and want it to remain a great place to live , we must protect it. if people want to come here, do it the right way, and when they do get here, from where ever, they need to become Australian. the alternative is to go back to where they come from. By the way anyone who does come should have to live here for 18 years before they get a vote-all Australians born here have to wait 18 years. that is my rant.

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      • The majority of these boat people are economic refugees. They leave their home country A and go to country B then fly from country B to country C then pay someone with a rusty fishing boat, anything up to $50,000 to take them to Australia where they cry poor. A genuine refugee seeks asylum in the first country they enter after leaving their home country, not travel half way across the world to country of choice.

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        • If these refugees are truly fleeing from a dangerous homeland they should be thankful to escape into any country that is safe but no, they don’t want that they all want to come to Australia, the land of plenty, and why wouldn’t they want to come to the best place on earth/ but remember if we just let everyone in who wants to our standard of living and way of life will become a thing of the past. Charity begins at home Our own aboriginals live a life less than the rest of us white people ,we should sort out our own problems first. Most of the refugees are wealthy and have paid to come here they are not real refugees

  4. I sincerely feel sorry for the people on the boats and their situation is very difficult. The only problem I have with them is they do not accept our way of life when they get here. They flee from a cruel situation, caused by a bad government or blood thirsty rebels and want to perpetuate that way of life from the old country here. If they come to live in peace, welcome, but to come here and start rabble rousing here, they are not welcome. Most of this is religious based, so if they want to live in a country with their religion as the basis of government, Australia is not for them.

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    • In what way do they not accept our way of life Trish? How are they affecting your way of life each day? Have you actually reached out the hand of welcome and asked THEM about THEIR way of life? There are so many wonderful things to learn from people who have survived things we cannot even imagine.

    • Chris,
      I agree, but do they attempt to definitely has not worked where they come why not FULLY embrace what we offer..Peace and opportunity..

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly, if you want the laws that were in your old country, you should stay there, or go to a country that abides by those laws.
      You should make an effort to assimilate and become Australian, a complete new start in a new country.

    • I have many Muslim friends and my nephew is ,married to one. They are beautiful peaceful people and very generous hosts. We always have a wonderful time. They have come from shocking situations but here they are happy, grateful and hardworking.

    • i agree with Trish, since we started accepting them our country (not only here,but, world wide )is in turmoil,their religion has no place here,they do not assimilate,there are so many Christians being persecuted, in fact, all other religions…it begs the question…why are all these so called refugees MUSLIM?????

    • Because they stuffed up their own country now they wanna stuff ours up as well

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      • They spend a long time stuffing their countries until they move on to bring the next place to the same level. They want everything to be just like it was in their homelands, but with the welfare they get here.

    • But who has really started the turmoil? I believe politicians concerned about votes ‘spread the fear’. Look at history. War makes money and detracts from the real issues. All parties have been guilty of using ‘fear’ of one thing or another. Get rid of politics and the world would be a better place.

    • Sonja what a load of BS no muslime comes from shocking situations they come here for our welfare payments.. then they want to change OUR country to be like theirs.. well I for one DONT want them here.. send the bloody lot back to their old country…

    • I’ve never met a person from overseas who came to live in this country that I didn’t like. If you go to an Australian Naturalization Ceremony, you can see how proud and happy people are to become Australian.

    • Sadly Cheryl you are a victim of the shock jocks and politicians who want us to believe their poisonous rhetoric to Rutherford their own agendas

    • Whenever I hear “don’t assimilate” I cringe. Assimilate to what? We have religious diversity here. We have many cultures. This same reason to dislike was used against the Germans, the Italians, the Greeks, the Vietnamese. It is the diversity that makes us great.
      I am seventh generation Aussie of Irish descent.
      I don’t go to the football or cricket (even back yard cricket) I don’t go to church nor practice any particular religious faith tho do have faith in people, I go to bbqs but don’t eat meat. I didn’t club much when young no do I play bingo now. I work and have a small group of family and friends that I mingle with. People that have the same interests as me.
      Have I not assimilated. What do or don’t I do that most newcomers to this wonderful country do or don’t do? What do you do different to me or others?

    • Karen it appears to me that you have embraced the Aussie way of life but unfortunately there are some who try to change our free and easy life. Why can’t our kids sing Christmas carols and enjoy our Christmas without all this nonsense about other races being upset. Our government has a lot to answer for for letting some cultures try to change our way of life. Please do not disrespect our young women because they don’t cover their bodies from head to toe. We live in a great country and we are lucky to live here.

    • Dennis Hewitt, ‘pie in the sky hopes’ my friend, democracy to them is a dirty word, non-muslims deserve to die! There are three choices we will have if they do manage to ‘take over’ 1. embrace islam. 2. accept dhimmitude ( admit you are a lesser person, more like a dog or pig. your goods and property will be confiscated. 3. Lose your head. Not much to choose from is there? Some good reading material. “The Third Choice, islam, dhimitude & freedom” by Mark Durie. “The story of mohammed, islam unveiled” by Harry Richardson. “Sharia law for non-muslims” by Bill Warner. All available through After I read them, I purchased a few more to lend to friends and family to warn them of what was to come if we don’t stand up to them.

  5. The voice of reason! I too was distressed by not only the so-called Bob Katter blog post but some of the comments it produced. I agree with Lyn, there are problems in the world and for Australia that need to be addressed, but hopefully never at the cost of our basic humanity. A thoughtful, and balanced article.

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    • I try to keep out of this mainly because it upsets me to read so many derogatory posts but I agree with Lyn too

  6. Well written, I also,deplore the racist comments, I knew it wasn’t Bob Kater as I have seen this before with some else’s name attached.

  7. I have taken into my home asylum seekers.It is gut wrenching to listen to there horror stories.We made a point of chatting after dinner,each one explaining what life is like for them.

  8. Agree with Lyn. Am however very disappointed that Starts at 60 didn’t check the validity of the ‘so-called Bob Katter’ story even tho at least three people advised it was a hoax & had actually been circulating for some years.

  9. So Bob didn’t write that letter!!!! Well, whoever did, I agree with it anyway. I too feel for anyone who is an underdog, anyone who is having to run like asylum seekers do…I think we should help them, as long as we don’t have to change our rules to suit them and the our lifestyle to what they are fleeing from….which they shouldn’t be expecting anyway. I think most don’t come expecting that, but they get trapped by those who do.

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    • it was a hoax and written in the USA, they have their own problems with racial issues and I do not think they need to worry about us

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