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A new poll by the Lowy Institute has found 53 per cent of Australians approve of the slashing of $1 billion from foreign aid. Since coming to power, the Abbott government has cut foreign aid by $11.3 billion, but this represents the largest single-year cut in Australia’s history.

“This poll, combined with Lowy Institute polling earlier this year, suggests that few Australian adults see the government’s current aid budget as inadequate,” according to the Lowy Institute.

Speaking to the New Daily,spokesman for Campaign for Australian Aid, Adam Valvasori said the results were disappointing and showed Australians did not understand the lifesaving work we can offer developing nations. “It’s one of the best things Australia does on the world stage.”

Examples of aid cuts include reducing Africa’s aid budget by 70 per cent (a saving of $93 million); a cut of $238.9 million to Indonesia and $7.1 million to Nepal. Cuts will also apply to the Middle East, including Iraq and Afghanistan, plus Myanmar.

Australia continues to provide aid to the Pacific nations, although critics have accused the Government of favouring nations that process asylum seekers, such as Nuaru, Papua New Guinea and Cambodia.

Australia’s aid budget has now fallen to $4 billion, down from $5.6 billion in 2012-13. This puts Australia’s aid allocation to 0.22 percent of national income. According to the UN, this is well below a developed nation’s responsibility of 0.7 per cent.

Whatever other countries or the UN might say, this latest poll shows most Aussies believe we should be spending our money here at home. Only 35 per cent of people polled explicitly disagreed with the cuts to foreign aid.

Tell us: do you agree with the Government’s decision to cut foreign aid by $1 billion? What do you think the money should be spent on here at home? 



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  1. No, I do not agree with cutting foreign aid!

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    • Australia is such a selfish country!!! Like John Edwards I certainly do not agree with cutting foreign aid! We should be helping more!

  2. I would much rather money was spent on helping people than donated to the tax avoiding billionaires.

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    • I agree; we are really miserly and ridiculous with our cutting of foreign aid. Even from a selfish viewpoint foreign aid repays us with trade, goodwill etc.

  3. As The saying goes charity begins at home

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    • Shelley, what makes you think any of the countries we’ve given too much money to over the decades would lift a finger to help us? Most of them are dirt poor and muslim!

    • We are not generous to other countries on order to expect something in return. We are generous because they like us are humans in need. We have plenty and they need it in cases of disaster. Don’t forget that Australian companies benefit the most from foreign aid. It is not just a sum of money we give but the passing on of skills that Australians teach overseas and these companies get paid by the Australian taxpayers.

    • Yep that poor person in Australia is rich in world terms . But unfortunately he does not live in world terms . He lives here in Australia and is struggling to keep food on the table and a roof overs his or her head . So yes charity begins at home . Time to stop wasting money on foreign aid that really never reaches the poor but instead disappeares in the pockets of corrupt officials

  4. People would agree to anything because they don’t want this feral Government to enforce cuts on them

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    • I think they are a disgrace too and your just one person out of 23 million Nell Cross and others may think differently to you

    • we don’t think the same as you Ness Cross..that is why there is more than one Political your age you should be aware of that

    • I agree with Ness Cross cuts had to be made, I also am happy with the Government. We are aware that not everyone agrees with us and that there are other political parties regardless of our age but that is our prerogative to say. I agree that foreign aid needs to be rained in. I also agree that over spending on things here need raining in too.

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      • It is possible to balance the budget by raising taxes on the wealthy, cutting superannuation benefits to the richest, chasing up company tax etc. We don’t have to lessen spending on the least well off.

    • Judith Forbes this may shock you but Nell cross never started this post..I did and there more Australians in this country than you and Nell Cross 🙂

    • Leanne you always seem to be a very negative person, get out in the sunshine and get some happy in your life dear, and stop growling at other people who don’t have your attitude to things that are happening.

  5. It is hard. I think most of us dont understand why we give to other countries-how it works. I don’t. I believe there are countries who shouldnt receive our help. But would the government spend it wisely at home? I don’t think most of us believe they would spend it where we think they should.

  6. depends on who they are cutting, I agreed to the cuts to Indonesia, they said they did not need the money anyway, but did not agree to the cuts to Africa

  7. People are very sort sighted and do not resize we are not isolated in the world now and what happens to others effects us as well. If counties are not helped the illnesses and problems will spread everywhere we will all end up paying in the end maybe more then money.

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