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We pride ourselves on being a multicultural country but it seems that we are not so welcoming to those of a particular faith: Islam.

In a new survey, Singapore has been named as the top non-Islamic destination for Muslim tourists. At a time where many have heightened suspicions about Muslims, is this survey and its results a sad reflection on just how biased we have become?

Singapore took out the top spot in a survey that was designed to show Muslims where they would be accepted most – is this a sign of the times? The Asian country was a clear winner with the most points for family friendliness, safety and service, according the the Global Muslim Travel Index.

So where did we come on the list? Number 13, behind the UK, USA, France and Switzerland. Last year, 525,000 Muslim tourists came to Australia, but were they welcomed?

Despite our prejudices as a nation, we cannot deny that Muslim tourists are growing at a rapid pace and the benefit more travellers could have to our economy and travel industry. So why are we really turning them away if they’re only coming here on holiday?

Halal certification is growing and there’s no doubt it’s because of the amount of Muslim visitors we have. We need to offer a safe country where Islamic followers can be free to access mosques and go to restaurants with an Halal menu.

Top 10 non-Islamic countries: GMTI 2015 index

1. Singapore
2. Thailand
3. United Kingdom
4. South Africa
5. France
6. Belgium
7. Hong Kong
8. USA
9. Spain
10. Taiwan
11. Japan
12. Switzerland
13. Australia
14. India
15. Sri Lanka
16. Bosnia & Herzogovina
17. Russia
18. Germany
19. New Zealand
20. Netherlands

What do you think? Should we take this data and work with it to become more hospitable to our guests? Or is it OK to not be considered one of the most welcoming non-Islamic countries?

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  1. This should surprise no-one.
    There is too much press coverage of a narrow depiction of a diverse group of people.

  2. This may be true although I can’t see how it could be judged. At least we don’t enforce our beliefs by stoning women in the streets for not confirming to dress laws as happened to a friend of mine in a muslim country who’s sleeves were a little too short.

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    • Hi Ellie, I’d just like to point out there are many countries which treat women appallingly which are Christian and Hindu countries. India is one of the worst places to be a woman and that is a Hindu country, in Ethiopia more than 90% of women have their genitals mutilated and that is a Christian country. There are also Muslim countries which treat women better than their Christian counter parts, countries such as Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia (which is the most populous Muslim country in the entire world) are not stoned to death for wearing short sleeves and all religious head coverings are optional, I know that having lived in Malaysia. The majority of Muslim-majority countries in the Asia-Pacific women are 100% equal to men, in fact Indonesia elected a female head of state before we did and their current federal cabinet is 26% women. Turkey has elected more women into their goverments than the US. This is not to say that there are no Mulsim-majority countries out there that have horrible rights for women, i.e. Saudi Arabia – but to act as though Malaysia and Pakistan are the same in their treatment of women or Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are the same, is just not correct. To say that ‘they’ (i.e. Muslim nations) force ‘their’ beliefs on others, when you have the populous and tolerant Muslim nations in Asia who don’t force religious doctrine on their citizens doesn’t support your point of view. These totalitarian states exist in all regions of the world with all different types of religions, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu – it’s not the religion but the people who will use religion, no matter what it is, to justify their horrible actions and ideals.

  3. It is unfortunate that many cannot see beyond their own prejudice and fear the economic potential of trading with Muslim countries and welcoming tourists from Muslim countries. The anti Halal movement is an example. It is right to question where the money from Halal certification goes and what is the amount, but then not to heed the answers is fanatism. We need to be aware that there are a few radicalised Muslims out there intent on harm, but to date the worst murders and massacres have not been Muslim, so be alert but don’t take the threat out of proportion. The job market will continue to suffer if business is hobbled by the irrational bigoted view of many toward Muslims. We will slowly change attitudes I expect, there was some degree of racism and prejudice toward the Italian and Greek community when I was young. Today there is no evidence of this anymore and many aspects of their culture is embraced and incorporated into Australia

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    • You might need to study the news of late to see mass genocide in Syria, 203,000 people killed by muslims, 2000 nigerian christians murdered by boko haram and ot too mention what isis and isil have been doing of late !

    • Well last time I looked the Italian and Greek communities didn’t expect Australia to change to suit them either.

    • I’m happy to respect anyone else’s beliefs and customs (even if I don’t wish to partake of them)..and it’s not too much to ask for the same respect in return. That includes not having to pay a fee on my food that lines the pockets of a few greedy men and sends millions overseas to who knows where, and happens to go against everything I believe in. Or am I not allowed to have my own beliefs any more? Isn’t that being slightly bigotted towards ME?

    • Lady just what pkanet do you live on tge worst murders and massacres are not MUSLIM ..well what about the Sudan where non muslim citizens are being slaughtered in their thousands by…..THE MUSLIMS what about a shopping mall in Kenya what about the mass murders and kidnappings in nigeria what about tge murders of the native peoples of West New Guinea and of course tge murders of tge people in the twin towers in new york the people who peacefully worked in a newspaper in Paris..and then the murders in Irag Syria Libia Egypt. And so the list goes on and all of tgese attacks were oerpetrated by one group of people….THE MUSLIMS.

    • In Australia I was talking about and a huge number of the deaths and attacks are one Muslim sect of another. A lot of the worst mass killings were nothing to do with Muslims. Get a grip Joan your prejudice is overwhelming.

    • Whst a crock!
      Italians, Greeks embraced our culture as we embraced theirs. Grew up with Italians and never felt anything but welcomed.

    • I remember the anti sentiment. Australian unionists had fought long and hard for the 8 hour day and other work conditions. Italians and Greeks were disliked intently in some areas because they worked all hours. Not all embraced our culture, many still could not speak English after being here many years. You have only got to look about at the wonderful Italian and Greek restaurants, the market gardens(now run locally by Vietnamese) the change in our diet from meat and veg to see how much they changed our culture. Not all Muslims in Australia wish to change our culture, but like all with a non Christian background they want to worship their way. It is the radical behaviour of the few Muslims who are making it hard on them all.

    • The Greeks and Italians were poorly treated but do you know what? They showed us all through their work ethics, not the dole honey. Yes, not all are on the dole but look up the figures, a high % are on the dole!!

    • No few of them needed hand outs, but they became mini communities for a while. It was a different society then Australia had no unemployment. Their work ethic was fantastic and it was that work ethic that sometimes caused problems. The anti Muslim feeling is running so high I think few employers would take on an identifiable Muslim so I can’t see it being all their fault they need the dole. Most would work given the opportunity.

  4. The muslims are welcome in australia ……however they must or need to realise that AUSTRALIA is NOT a muslim country. We have our own laws. The halal cert and killing in this modern day is not neccessary. NOT needed or required in AUSTRALIA . To ‘make’ anything , shape or form , muslims just have to say bizmullah the prophet be praised. And its ok for them to use. Certificate NOT NEEDED, …IT is noted that this country is a new home away from all the fighting … thank all australians …past, present future that this is so….welcome and become NEW AUSTRALIAN CITIZENS and thankfully leave all the reasons you left your homeland behind and embrace your new ways.:-)

  5. Why do we have to cater for Muslims. If they wanted to experience the true Australia then we can cater for that no matter what the race. I wouldn’t like to go overseas to only see Australian stuff. Let them stay home if they only want to experience their own culture

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    • I totally agree with u . I’m fed up with all these do gooders telling us how to behave. How come we have to change all the time

    • The people came here to escape the regime in the Middle East, supposedly for a better life, we have a better life. We don’t change, they will have to.

    • Totally agree – what’s with the title Muslim guests – what guests – they don’t visit – they live here!

  6. Not at all interested in the subject and not at all surprised!

  7. With all the bombings and killings that Muslims are perpetrating in the western world and their own world. U don’t have to be Einstein to work that out. They only want their way of life and not of any other.

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