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Source: Malcolm Turnbull

If you happened to catch the swearing in of our new Prime Minister yesterday, you may have noticed something unusual.

Amid the clicks of cameras, the murmurs of journalists the words of the official proceedings, you may have noticed the distinct tones of a child.

That child was Malcolm Turnbull’s grandson Jack, and he is the Prime Minster’s first grandchild, son of his daughter, Daisy.

While his Granddad was swearing his allegiance to country, two-year-old Jack was signing the theme song from the kids’ TV show, Peg + Cat. 

After the ceremony, Jack ran into his grandfathers’ arms – possibly helping him notch up an incredible rate of approval in an overnight Roy Morgan poll. The survey showed Mr Turnbull is our preferred Prime Minister for 70 per cent of those polled, compared to 24 per cent for opposition leader Bill Shorten.

How do these images affect your opinion of Malcolm Turnbull? 

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  1. I sure would not vote for Liberal but Turnbull’s Grandson is just a little boy and he is cute, surely we are not going to pick on the children now !!

  2. Very sweet little boy, however I wish they would stop playing the baby/toddler card to win the public over.

  3. We Aussie voteres did NOT vote for turncoat and we sure as hell haven’t voted for malfunctions dam family.

    1 REPLY
    • Rosemary, it sounds very petty to change someone’s name into something derogatory. Let’s try to raise the tone of this site.

  4. No we didn’t vote for him, we didn’t vote for Abbott either and if you thought you did you need to go back to secondary education and learn your Australian Political History subject. I believe it’s even taught in some primary schools now.

  5. Really people, read the story. This is about a cute two year old child.
    For those making abusive comments I sincerely hope none of you are ever allowed near young children.

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