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For years McDonald’s customers have been begging the fast food chain to roll out breakfast all day, and for years, they’ve said no. It simply wasn’t possible for them to cook eggs and meat on the same grills after 10.30am, and customers conceded defeat.

Until now – McDonald’s Australia is now trialling all day breakfast in selected restaurants, but it begs the question: is the customer always right when it comes to their health?

It’s no secret that Maccas’ food is not great for you, and one of the downfalls in the last few years is that the Golden Arches haven’t succeeded in being anything but the greasy burger joint. It’s clear customers don’t want a salad when they do through the drive-thru… they want a burger or a hash brown. And now they can have both.

“Macca’s restaurants across Wollongong and the Illawarra (including food court kiosks) will be serving breakfast favourites including the Bacon and Egg and Sausage and Egg McMuffins, Hashbrowns and Hotcakes 24 hours, seven days a week,” the company revealed in a press release.

The menu will be available right across Australia in coming months.

McDonald’s Australia chief marketing officer Mark Lollback said “we are always listening and taking on feedback from our customers and all-day breakfast was one that people are always asking of us. We are excited to let our customers know that we have heard them and to announce that our Wollongong patrons will have the opportunity to be among the first in Australia to enjoy all-day breakfast”.


We want to know today, would this make you go to McDonald’s when you otherwise wouldn’t? Is it a bad idea or good?

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  1. At least the blood is not running out of the meat like the cooking shows. Good on you Macs

  2. Their breakfast is the only thing I like but rarely have it. Probably feel like it around 12 so all day breakfast would be good.

  3. I never understood why they are all kids working there??!!!! From the managers down !!! Kids managing kids , do u think they put food safety food into practice ??!!! Duh!

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    • Yes they do. They have a better reputation for food safety and cleanliness than most if the big name expensive restruants and hotels.

    • My daughter worked at Maccas. Their food safety traing is second to none. She has never been unemployed since as she had that early training from Maccas!in

    • My kids didn’t work at Maccas but I know lots that did and I applaud them for giving those kids who want to get off their but a good start to employment. ps. my kids worked at the supermarkets

    • Love Bacon and egg mcmuffin. Don’t much like the burgers but the wraps are pretty good. Really only buy maccas on a road trip but would definitely buy egg mcmuffin as a treat for lunch.

  4. I refuse to eat it. I see head scratching, nose wiping dirty haired children. It makes my skin crawl watching my husband have one of those sugar burgers. You sit at a filthy table it disgusting. Kids are kids. I’ll bet before working there, their parents did everything for them. Once I sat at a table and sneered at the drying gooey mess. One of the kids noticed and immediately came and started spraying the table. Blistered my arms and hands and set off an asthma attack. I could go on but why bother. People love the stuff. Anything I might say will just be an old bag whinging.

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