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In his first major policy announcement Australia’s new Prime Minister has lashed out at an attitude that he says is fundamentally “un-Australian”.

Malcolm Turnbull this morning stood alongside Australian of the Year Rosie Batty and the new Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash as they launched a $100 million program to combat violence against women.

He vowed to change the national culture so that disrespecting women becomes unacceptable.

“We as leaders, as a government must makes it – and we will make it – a clear national objective of our to ensure that Australia is more respecting of women.

“Disrespecting women is unacceptable. It is unacceptable at every level – at home, at the workplace, wherever.”

The Prime Minster has already demonstrated he is willing to hold women in greater esteem by appointing five to his cabinet and appointing a Minister for Women.

He called on parents to ensure their sons respected their sisters and mothers as a starting point for the great “cultural shift” that is required.

“The vast majority of men do respect women, but many do not. We have to make it as though it was un-Australian to disrespect women – we must become a country that is known for being proud of its women, and respecting women”.

The Prime Minister believes this is the key to overcoming Australia’s domestic violence issue.

“Let me say this to you: disrespecting women does not always result in violence against women. But all violence against women begins with disrespecting women,” Mr Turnbull said.

The Minister for Women added, “I believe this sends a very clear message to the Australian people that this government places respect for women, gender equality and domestic violence absolutely at the forefront of its agenda”.

Among the raft of measures announced today are dedicated training for police and nurses, free mobile phones for vulnerable women and an expansion of the safer schools program that educates children on domestic violence.

Do you think women are disrespected in this country? What do you think of Malcolm Turnbull’s position on this issue? Will it change anything?

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  1. Migrants from the Middle East claim opposition to them in Germany has become so extreme they want to go home as a growing anti-Muslim movement sees soaring attacks on foreigners. The nation has been gripped by a spate of anti-foreigners rallies, violence and arson attacks against refugee homes or would-be shelters as hundreds of thousands seek refuge in the country. This year has already seen about 200 arson and other attacks against refugee housing while support for anti-Muslim movement, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA), has been growing. The growing tensions between citizens and refugees mean some asylum seekers are so scared of attacks they are considering going home. Germany is currently struggling to cope with a record influx of foreigners with 500,000 expected this year, coming from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, African nations and Balkan countries. Germany is on the brink of upheaval.

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  2. He did not consider any Australians when he turned traitor.

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    • Actually, he considered all Australians. I would never vote LNP but he certainly did the country a service by getting rid of Abbott. And he showed all of Australia that the LNP are no better than any other group when it comes to stabbing each other in the back.

    • what has this got to do with women being abused and murdered? with men like you showing so little respect no wonder this country is in a mess

  3. Hope it makes a difference, such tragedies in NSW this week and all the other women that have been killed due to domestic violence I don’t how to fixed it unless we have to teach boys and girls in primary school about domestic violence and parents need to teach their children respect for other people. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS NOT OKAY

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    • The do gooders in the 70’s who allowed rampant freedom of expression of children no discipline no teaching respect just plain selfish people,have a lot to answer for today look at the age of the people causing this violence

    • not true Tony Shepherd ..i am 71 and was aware of this most of my childhood and was always appalled that nobody would do anything about it ,,

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      • It may have gone on, I personally never heard of a single case, only in papers, BUT if it did it was knocking the women around NOW it is murder of women & children , BY “”Partners “

    • Tony,this has been going on well before the 70’s…in my mother’s day.and my grandmothers day…..but was always swept under carpet….children had no power..they sho

    • Children should be seen and not heard was a regular quote,children were belted with belts,so much violence……no surprise we have the epidemic of today……women hqave been screaming for years,and noone would listen…..this is a huge gender problem that has allowed to get out of balance…..women need to be respected and seen as equals to men….It is about changing a culture who have for far too long,been able to disrespect women…..Equality needed….

    • I know a man who was abusing his wife back in the 60’s. He sexually abused me in front of her and she was too scared to say or do anything. This is not new

  4. However money alone won’t solve the problem. I recall the successful campaign against littering, the slogan was: Don’t do the dirty on Australia.
    Of course there could be more aggressive measures as well, hardly legal here, that were used in China The name and shame tactics to achieve some less noble objectives

  5. I wonder how many of the murders are “ice” related? I think maybe, there is a connection? ?

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    • Statistics show that DV is around the same today as it was 40 years ago. The difference is we hear more about it now. Also 40 years ago the 30% of 12 million people was 3.6 million cases of DV. Today we have 23 million peopke so 30% equates to nearly 7 million cases per annum.

  6. Not much don’t have much time for slimy back stabbing Bastards. !! First thing He should do is look after Australian’s first. Stop sending the billions of Our dollars overseas, for any reason !!!

  7. A fabulous start – We should all respect each other, there are women who perpetrate abuse against males too, let’s not forget that – the best thing about this initiative, for the future, is that school programs dealing with respect, hopefully for all children, may help exponentially if they are run alongside other initiatives for adults. There also needs to be a push to help some folk understand that what a child hears in his/her home will profoundly affect his/her beliefs as they grow.

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    • Hear hear Sue. Statistically proven that most perpetrators of domestic terrorism saw that modelled for them in their home.

    • When was the last time you heard about a man dying at the hands of a woman Sue? Domestic violence is about the SHOCKING abuse women and children suffer at the hands of violent brutal men. Unless we have walked that road none of us could understand. So please don’t wave the ‘victim flag’ on behalf of men, on this very significant day.

    • I, like you, abhor the ‘victim’ flag and men rarely die violently at the hands of women, I agree but the psychological abuse men put up with can and does lead to suicide on occasions. I agree that the plight of females is by far the greater but all I asked was that we don’t forget those males unfortunate enough to suffer real abuse.

    • I agree – I see those children who have been to schools that stress cooperation, tolerance and getting along with others different from themselves, seem to grow up into good, respecting, non violent adults.

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