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Over the past three weeks of the battle between the Prime Minister and the ABC TV show Q&A, the front bench of the government had been ordered not to appear on the show. But one minister has ignored the instruction, and appear as a guest on next week’s show.

The ABC has sent out a press release for next week’s show, and have named Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull as a panel  member. This after declining to appear on the show two weeks ago to replace Alan Tudge, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister.

But Turnbull is on record as saying that there has been no boycott issued by the Prime Minister. Last week he told reporters that the show had not been officially banned, and that he was in “no doubt” that Coalition members would be Q&A panel members in the future.

‘This is not a question of a boycott,’ he said.

Prime Minister Abbott has previously stated that ‘”heads will roll” over the ABC’s decision to allow Zaky Mallah on the show, and instigated an official investigation into the Q&A program. Will Malcolm Turnbull’s head be the first to roll over the show?

Also appearing with Turnbull on Monday night will be war correspondent Michael Ware, Canadian Christian scholar John Stackhouse, Lowy Institute’s director of polling Alex Oliver, and Shadow Assistant Minister for Education Amanda Rishworth.

Of extreme interest now will be Tony Abbott’s reaction to this latest maverick action from Turnbull.

What do you think… is this common sense from Turnbull, or an act of sheer defiance? Is this a clear sign that Turnbull again wants the top job in the Coalition?

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  1. You might want the top job Malcolm but are you wanted to be in the top job…I say Liberal voters say NO to Malcolm Turnbull

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  2. I see Malcolm Turnbull as a much more intelligent and thoughtful voice than Tony Abbott. I know I would never vote Liberal while Tony Abbott is leader, if Malcolm Turnbull lead the party I would be more likely to give it consideration.

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    • I respect your opinion but I would not care who was leading them now, after all these months of uncertainty over the pensions , I would never vote for them and I honestly think if the get another term, they will claim a mandate and this pension issue will be back

    • Leanna I don’t like many of their policies and I do think if they get back in, particularly with Tony Abbott as leader, the growing fascism shown by the government will increase. They will have to show more sensible, and reasoned policy to win my vote.

    • it is not an Australia I now recognize Barbara, they seem to want to control every move we all make

    • Rubbish, they are all tarred with the same brush, looking after themselves comes first, the country comes a sad last

    • Barbara I know a lot of my friends would be relieved if Malcolm Turnbull was leader. I wouldn’t be – Abbott is Labor’s best asset.

    • Rick Taylor
      Don’t call comments made by others “rubbish.”
      Just say you don’t agree.
      After all, their comments are just as valid as yours are.

    • The leader doesn’t change the policies the party does.. I am not sure why you would want ‘ lily white ‘ Bill Shorten in charge, I don’t think that would help your pension much, may even end up like Greece..!

    • Turnball appears to be more urbsne and sensible but to daye he hsd supported all Abbotts madness so in the end it makes no difference to what the LNP are capable of. I don’t trust him any more 5han I trust the others.

    • They all seem ok till they get in …. Then their true colours shine through …. It’s really terrible when you don’t trust any of them anymore

  3. if turnbull gets top job will he stop the boats , I think not, he is labor in Libs clothing, and he wants the muslim vote,so as much as I dont like tony abbott, I would hate to see turnbull in top job, he is no better than shorten betraying rudd and gillard,I would like to see someone that will stand up for Australia and Australians , and stop this country being invaded by boat people and being sold off to anyone, but sadly I dont think we have that person to lead us, they are only out for themselves and the benefits they can accumulate , and this is my opinion only

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    • dont forget Sandra abbott stabed him in the back to like Gillard did to Rudd so there must be some sort of bitterness there.

    • Ah but rud was elected by the people Turnbull was only by his own party that’s the difference Ted . End of story

    • Abbott was elected by the people on his pre election campaign Then he stabbed the whole country in the back (except for the super rich)

    • Rudd was not elected by the people. He was voted as leader by the labor party. I never voted for Rudd, but i did vote for the labor party.
      In Australia we do not vote for the PM. We vote for a political party and the political party who wins decides who will be PM.

    • Rudd was not elected by the people, he was elected by his electorate, the labor party elected him leader, and dumped for Julia, and dumped Julia for Rudd.

    • I agree with Ruth….we should vote for a party that we believe will govern for the best interests of Australia i.e. Economically and socially. History has shown us that and I think Australia has developed into a great country and we should not keep blaming prime ministers or governments but alternately think of the fortunate things we do have and not what we haven’t got !!

    • Australia’s political system DOES NOT election a PM it elects a party America elects a president amazing people still need this pointed out.

    • I agree with a number of the writers above. The public don’t elect a PM, the winning party does. Remember the changes in leadeship in the Libs after Rudd’s win with Labour. Abbott defeated Turnbull in a party room ballot by 1 vote!

    • Sorry to tell you Sandra your completely of the mark get some intelligence onboard before you make your statements

    • I used to think Trumbull would be a good PM , and wondered why no one else did . Well now I know !!
      I agree with with Sandra Smith I think he is a labor good ole boy , in Liberal clothing .
      He certainly has shown some worrying signs of being a labor Polly of late . And no ! I don’t think he would stop the boats . And I don’t like his complete support for the ABC , that is a worry since they are so adamantly against the liberals . It worries me why they are so in to him and he wants to go there , knowing they twist everything the LNP say to suit their agenda . And his lack of insight and concern of terrorism in this country also worries me , he takes it way to lightly . Also his argumentative attitude towards his PM , instead of working with him, his attitude shows he is a loner ! You cannot run a country on this attitude . He works for us and with his colleagues , loyalty does NOT seem to be his strong suit . always making a press statement acknowledging his personal opinion and NOT the party’s stand . It looks like RUDD all over again . It had taken me awhile , but I now see what others saw a long time ago . Malcolm , your not a man that shows concern for the majority of of Australians , like shorten I believe it is a personal conquest for you to be our leader. nothing to do with running a financially stable free world country .

    • We don’t vote a leader as such but I can tell you that who’s leader at the time does influence the vote. I would find it hard at the moment to vote for either of the big two. I think both parties have lost the plot. They need to think of Australia and its people not all the petty shouting back and forth.

    • Semantics… Play on words…. Of course people vote for the man! The speaker or spokesman! YES the leader is chosen by the party but I believe most vote for the face… If that’s not true why are people despising and slandering the leader and not the party?

      AND often people vote just against the things they don’t want in their country like last time when Australia didn’t want labor AND actually the vote prior to that as well when the minor parties lied oh I mean changed their mind of course…

      I will NEVER trust a minor party again

    • Dennis Hatzi , YOU are OFF THE MARK sunshine . Maybe you should look at your own intelligence . Sandra has a right to her opinion . What makes yours opinion better than hers ? Oh !! You know something the rest of country dosent ? Check your facts first before you make rude statements towards others . Spot on Sandra !

    • Can’t believe this conversation,having to tell Australians how our voting system works,but some people do vote for the person like,”oh I don’t like him I wouldn’t vote for him,”happens all the time but certainly is not the way to vote….

    • I agree Judy… One ought to be voting on policy… Personally I vote on principal… In short, I simply believe in individual freedoms and free enterprise… Is why I vote LNP because the National party’s with their focus on country areas and the Liberal party’s get along and agree on most things…

      My personal belief, Australia is better of with a LNP government any day of the week… I’m sure A labor govt have done well at times but equally sure it was because of a LNP opposition…

    • One surety is that the voters can boot any political party members out of office every 4 years, except for the senators, based on “lies” during election campaigns, notwithstanding their personal lives! It’s how & when they tackle the problems facing our country, when in office, that counts; no more “quangos” needed!

    • Boat people are the symptom. The real problem is overpopulation. That is the number 1 world human problem.

  4. I don’t see this as a betrayal of Liberal Policies or a shot at the top job, if he does appear on Q&A he is simply doing his job, he is the Communications Minister, we are paying him to Communicate 🙂

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