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We’ve been treated to a Christmas rap song by two of the country’s political leaders! Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull share some words for the Australian public about how they really feel.

Except… it’s really how they feel, technically. They did say these things, but at different times! A videomaker has carefully compiled together snippets of multiple different interviews and press conferences to make a mashup video.

“When you vote for the blokes in the Liberal party, they don’t know, they don’t care and they raise the GST. I think there’s plenty of things we can do together. Liberal, Labor, Green; whoever”, Shorten raps one word at a time.

“Malcolm Turnbull is not the man everyone knows. Labor has the better plan”.

The PM takes over: “I’ve got a lot of money. You don’t have much – I think that’s funny. It is a very sad day when the less well off have a say.

“I don’t believe in the poor, they are always wanting more.

“Do you think I am kind? I am stunned you would be so blind. When I say innovation I really mean more taxation, less money for education and more coal mining donation.

“Use words like fair so you think I care. The prime minister chosen by the people of Australia has resulted in failure”, he spits out.

“When you vote for the blokes in the Liberal party, they don’t know, they don’t care and they raise the GST. That’s not a policy that’s an ad on Gumtree!”.

Christopher Pyne and Scott Morrison also chime in with their two cents (albeit staggered).

“This is a Liberal national government committed to big business. Mates, Malcolm Turnbull is after your job with the tax on Sunday rates. We don’t have any moral characteristics. Deport me at an election. I’ll be chosen by Australia. My confidence has no sense of rejection – you should be more negative and grumpy” the PM raps.

“We don’t care about you… the problem is we can’t. Sorry that’s the way we do it”, Turnbull finishes.

Take a look at the video below yourself and share your thoughts:

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  1. I love it and I think they have found a new profession they might be appreciated for. Very funny.😄😄😄😄

  2. Very good funny now another funny their name have changed, Malcolm is now Mr turnstile in and out and in again. Bill is now Mr Stort less, cause he has no ball’s

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