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Lisa Wilkinson and Shane Warne on the Today show this morning. Source: The Today show/Twitter

Remember when Shane Warne was threatening to sue Channel Nine over those famous ‘creepy uncle’ comments on the Today show?

Well, two months later he’s appeared on the show to show off his latest project a set of personalised Shane Warne emojis.

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If you’re not sure what an emoji is, it’s one of those little cartoon faces you use on your phone and computer to display an emotion.

But the conversation soon took a turn away from the emojis after Lisa Wilkinson pointed out one of the emojis which displays a cartoon Shane Warne in his jocks.

Wilkinson asked Warney if he was in charge of the drawings.

“I can’t help noticing you may have pumped up the size of your calves. Look at them!” she said.

Warney responded by boasting about the biceps on the emoji.

“I’m ripped, aren’t I? Absolutely shredded and ripped,” he said.

“I could probably get my gear off for you but it might not be the place to do it, Lisa, right now.”

The comments lift Lisa giggling and blushing, make jokes about having “a hot flush”.

Karl Stefanovic made light of the situation, fanning her down with one of the emojis on a paddle.


Warney is known for his larrikin behaviour, often making fun of himself.

“In life we take ourselves way too seriously… my life is about fun,” he told the Today show hosts.
“And sure there’s a serious side but this is about fun.”

What do you think about Warney’s emojis? Do you think they’re funny?

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  1. When is he going to realize that he is a sad old man and a has been!

    1 REPLY
    • Probably at the party you hold on renouncing your sarcasm!

  2. Shane is not sad or an old man! he would be much younger than you Marlee! At least he has a sense of humour.

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