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If you’re like me, you love chocolate. There’s no discrimination – milk, dark, white, 80% cocoa, hazelnut, mint, caramel and the list goes on. All flavours are beautiful (except the most recent experiment with Vegemite) and there’s nothing better than that first bite. However, the most recent changes in the cocoa industry are very, very bad news.


Scientists have suggested that a powerful El Nino event later this year could adversely affect the climate in cocoa-producing regions, disrupting supplies and causing prices of cocoa — and other vulnerable commodities, such as coffee and rice – to rise still further.

Over the last 15 years, cocoa has more than doubled in price, hence the reason chocolates have gotten more expensive, smaller, less value and are filled with more extras and contain less cocoa.

The most recent company to feel the pressure is Australian operated Cadbury. With the classic 220g blocks being downsized to 200g – the third downsize in five years.


“Confectionery companies around the world are feeling the squeeze of increasing costs. At Cadbury, we’re feeling it too,” the chocolate manufacturer said in a statement.

“We’ve reached a point where we can no longer absorb these increasing costs into the price of our chocolate blocks.”

To combat increasing cocoa costs, the company has chosen to decrease the size of its chocolate blocks rather than boost the recommended retail price to “keep Cadbury chocolates affordable”.

“We wanted to make sure that families would still be able to enjoy a Cadbury treat without affecting the household shopping budget.”

But is chocolate really still affordable? Or will we soon have to place it in the “luxury item” basket along with truffles and anything associated with the term ‘super food’?

Tell us today, do you still buy chocolate? Is it a splurge for you? If it keeps getting more expensive and less value for money will you stop buying it? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. It has happened before,it will happen again. Coffee was a lot more expensive maybe 20 years ago now, due to a shortage. This story may have been started by Cadbury, who have their backs against the wall since being revealed as Halal certified. Smaller blocks and higher prices have nothing to do with shortages and everything to do with company greed. My choice is now Lindt or Aldi – European chocolate yes – but Cadbury is not owned by us any more so we are not jumping ship.

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    • That’s a load of crap.
      All chocolate is Halal certified in Australia.
      It contains sugar and the supplies of sugar in Australia are Halal certified. Both Lindt and Aldi chocolate are made with Halal certified ingredients. Just because the main brand is not Halal certified, doesn’t mean that the ingredients used are not.
      You should check your facts.
      I have……

    • So glad you checked your facts but rudeness was very unnecessary to get your point across. I did NOT say that Lindt or Aldi are not certified – this is about cost and shortage. It is also true that it was not generally known that Cadbury products were Halal and they have lost market share since that fact came out . They do not label their chocolate with the Halal certification – and yes, I checked a dozen or so bars a few weeks ago.Had not even thought about it until then.However – Lindt is not Halal – they do not refuse – they just don’t do it . The Brits blamed the Martin Place siege on that fact but it had nothing to do with it. It is also more worrying that companies are spending a lot of money on the certification and a lot of products which do not need it anyway e.g. cat food ! Wonder if the cats worry about it ! We are told that Muslims are putting pressure on companies to pay big bucks for the “certification” – more to the point is – where is the money going and we are the ones paying for it.

    • To Julie Claire de Somer. Depends where you get your information from. What I saw was very worrying! These Muslim extremist groups are literally trying to change the world so that Sharia Law prevales everywhere. Like Hitler, they want to take over countries and enforce their law on everyone, killing any opponents. Look how many Muslims are in western countries now. The US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, all thru Europe. If Hitler had as many supporters in this many countries, he would have ruled his Reich and things would have been very different. Most Governments are taking a soft approach to these people and I hope sanity prevails before it is too late. In the meantime….Be afraid, be very afraid!

    • Julie Claire de Somer…… Good luck with living under sharia. It is NOT misinformation!! I cannot believe how wilfully misinformed ppl are!
      Halal is an extortion racket pure & simple.

  2. I’m with Barbara, more concerned about coffee, but all fresh produce will be affected if like forecasted it affects Australia.

  3. This fortnight my shopping will consist of $150 worth of chocolate and some cheap noodles. Gotta stock up on the necessities.

  4. Can’t do without the coffee or the chocolate, just figuring out what else to cut from the shopping list

  5. My choice of chocolate is Lindt. It’s more creamy then cadbury and tastes a lot better. I only went over to Lindts because cadbury is halal certified. So I got cadbury to thank for helping me fine a better chocolate. Besides cadbury not Australian own .

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    • 80 people have lost their jobs in Cadbury Tasmania, Tasmania has high unemployment those people and that State cannot afford to lose jobs

    • We I will not buy things that I don’t belive in . If the government’s stop giveing billion away. Our country would be a lot better of. I don’t like seeing people with out jobs. But that was cadbury choice. It’s about greed and how much money thet can make. While the working class go without. . They don’t care about us. As long as they can make a few dollars more. The working class are starting to stand up to them and they don’t like it.

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