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There has been an awful lot of talk about the Adam Goodes saga over the past few weeks.

Talk about the booing being racist.  Talk about the booing not being racist.  Talk about banning booing at football games.  Talk about Goodes needing to harden up.  Talk about the treatment of Goodes being akin to national bullying.

People seem to have forgotten that Goodes is an Australian of the Year.  People seem to have forgotten that you don’t just wake up one morning and inherit one of our country’s highest honours.  People seem to be dismissive of a life spent working tirelessly for the rights of indigenous Australians and likewise other minority groups.

What seems to have been lost in all this is the Australian spirit that oozes through Goodes’ pores. You would have to travel a long way to find a person more proud of his people, place and country.

Does it not then seem ironic that an Australian of the Year, who has devoted so much time to ending racism, is the victim of possibly Australia’s worst racist episode?

Goodes’ own Australia Day speech, provides as much insight as one needs to understand what drives and motivates him.

“Life is about actions and interactions.

“I believe our choices and how we interact with each other creates our relationships and this in turn creates the environment we live in, which shapes our communities and the country in which we all live in.

“You can choose to get angry…or not.  You can choose to help others…or not.  You can choose to be offended…or not.  But you must take responsibility for your own actions.”

Goodes makes a good point and it’s not directed at any one part of the community.  It’s directed at all Australian’s, all people from this land.  Is it not time for Australia and Australians alike to behave as one people?

Watch Goodes’ Australia Day speech below and tell us what you think.  Is it time to for Australia to stop acting as if there’s Australians and then there’s indigenous Australians?  How can we move forward of this issue?

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  1. I know this sounds horrible, but I am over Adam Goodes. I don’t know if it is the media blowing it up but as the saying goes “build a bridge”

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    • OhOh well, the fact that you’re over it means that we should stop talking about it. Fair enough, obviously the whole world revolves around you.

  2. Racism has nothing to do with it. When a performer performs badly expect to be booed and when performs well expect cheering. This bloke is a professional performer and as such should know that if the paying audience is threatened, a negative response is natural.

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  3. I agree with Irene. The subject has been flogged to death. I think we do try to behave as one. You know, racism works both ways. I was walking to work one day many years ago, just minding my own business, and I was called a white c**t by an Aboriginal. I find that racist against me.

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    • Of course Racism is two ways. You abuse a people for 200 years & try fairly hard to wipe them out I would think that they would be quite likely to abuse all white people. But that isn’t what this is all about. This is about continuous racial abuse of a star & much-loved indigenous man, simply because he made a stand against racism.

  4. Goodsie is a show pony I hope he retires next year

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    • The one thing AG could not be accused of is being a show pony. Well not by anybody who knows anything about AFL. Just own up to being a racist.

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      • Larry the guy is a professional sportsman, playing a professional sport earning thousands of dollars a year. He should be able to get over paying spectators booing him. He should be able to rise above it and play and act in a more professional manner not have a week off. Get over the racism thing, white people get booed on the field too.

  5. I am willing to shift a bit if racism is put an even , equal playing field . When my 2 boys were in secondary school , they were subjected to several YEARS of racial abuse . Why? Because they were WHITE Australians ! Yes , and the reaction from the school was ———-SO WHAT ? But if one of the abusers was spoken to students were given detention ! Tell me , does racism only work ONE way ? Or are we all equal under race ? You wonder why young Aussie adults and their parents are a bit ho -hum about racism check how much they copped at high school ! And that is not once a week for a couple of hours , it is EVERY DAY 5 DAYS A WEEK FOR 5 yes ,5 YEARS ! Now tell me who is racially abused !?

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    • Yes. Born in Rhodesia we were meant to be the white racists. Now Zimbabwe under Magabe hates the whites racism in reverse. Still very intimidated around Aboriginals here.

    • We had them in my previous living area. They stole ornaments from my garden, and nighttime sit in the middle of the very busy street and scream call the cops they can’t touch us. At supermarkets ask people for money when customers replied politely no, customers are then called f@!king white trash. Respect is both ways.

    • No Rosemary it is not, the aboriginal people give it out regularly and we are not allowed to give it back.

    • Debbie, they used to and still grab full trollies of groceries in the shopping centre car parks and run with then chucking out what they don’t want and keeping what they do, nothing unusual up here. And yes they will abuse and yell abuse at anyone who won’t give them ciggys or money for grog. Have had it done on a regular bases at the shopping centres and the young ones think they are untouchable.

    • oh I agree Cheryl—sorry–I misread Susan’s meaning of “one way”!!! I agree!!!! Could give several examples, but might be classed “racist!!” haha

    • There are good and bad people in every race. I judge people as individuals, irrespective of colour or culture.

    • Yes Debbie, You hit the nail on the head. Not many of these city slickers really know what goes on in some of these places. . I don’t suppose many of them know that they also get paid $30,000 for Every baby born on Groote Eylandt. Not a bad little number that one.

    • That is what I’ve always said it has to be both ways but while we have sports people media politicians and the like calling white people with R word it will never stop. Everyone has to move forward we can’t change the past we can only make the present/future better. We must all be equal no favourites.

    • My grand-daughter went to Kalgoorlie and worked in a bottle shop,as well as stealing grog the locals called her “white trash” “white c**t”,”white whore” as well as threatening her with violence,thank goodness she left the area..my late Mum when in her late 70’s was constantly harassed by young indigenous kids riding their bikes past her door,I talked to these kids and the only way to stop them was to bring them bubble gum each week,it was bribery but my Mum was left alone..I worked at Wrigleys at the time so was able to buy plenty of gum..this was in Windale N.S.W.

    • Yes they still do steal, and getting worse…so are some of the white youngsters…so much for living in a small town. And yes we can still get accosted by them walking in the street to shop !

    • We say nothing and try not to look directly at them, but never a guarantee. We have met quite a few aboriginals in our community who are very polite and well spoken. But they stay within their own community.

    • Stereotyping gone bonkers in some of the posts above …… If your black you must be a bad, if your a WA Eagles supporter you must be a bogan….That is according to one commentator…. Now I’m sure they can’t all be bogans …. Lorraine stott

  6. It would be lovely if everyone was treated equal and be given the same handouts and benifits as everyone else than their would be no need to cry racist even if it isn’t racist.

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