Liberal MP accidentally hands out flyers promoting Tony Abbott as PM 2



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He may have been ousted as prime minister, but according to one MP, Australians should still vote for Tony Abbott come election day.

Liberal MP Craig Kelly has been caught handing out flyers on the streets of Sydney telling voters to choose a Coalition government united by for former PM himself.

Mr Kelly is known to be one of Mr Abbott’s most enthusiastic backers, standing up for him both when he was the leader and when he was de-throned by his party.

“When talking to people across Hughes, it is clear they want a government that will reduce cost of living pressures, support local jobs and small businesses,” the flyer reads.

“I want to continue my fight to protect the way of life we have all worked hard to build and am looking forward to having the opportunity to contribute to a Coalition government under Tony Abbott.”

Craig Kelly was handing out these dated flyers. Photo: Fairfax.
Craig Kelly was handing out these dated flyers. Photo: Fairfax.

After realising what had happened, Mr Kelly was forced to admit to the mistake, telling Fairfax it was all a big stuff-up.

“It was an old brochure from last campaign that had somehow got in amongst the new boxes,” he said.

“We picked up the error and we have now pulped all of those boxes.”

Would you vote for Tony again?
Would you vote for Tony again?

He has apparently alerted his colleagues in the party to the mistake, who are no doubt in the process of getting Mr Kelly some up-to-date flyers instead.

The revelation has been met with laughter around the country with many people saying it’s just about the only entertaining thing that’s happened all election.

“Finally!” wrote one commenter, “I’ve been waiting for the political gaffes to start rolling in”.

“This is the one bright spark in an otherwise mind-numbingly dull election,” wrote another.

Do you think this election has been boring so far? Which party do you think has run the best campaign so far?

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  1. Oh Sure, “it was a ‘Mistake'” ……

  2. I wouldn’t know I’m not watching. One would be mad to believe anything they say. They couldn’t lie straight in bed. My vote will go to a minor party or Independent.

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