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Did you catch Bill Shorten’s close encounter with actual people yesterday? The Opposition leader was “out and about”, talking to real Australians and reminding them that Labor does not support an increase in the GST.

One of his encounters was caught on camera, with Sky News presenter described as “small talk your most awkward uncle would be proud of”. Mr Shorten, while following a family around and ostensibly helping them to buy their groceries asked the mother which was her favourite kind of lettuce. She told the Labor boss that she was an iceberg fan.

The line of enquiry continued with Mr Shorten asking the tweenager if she liked lettuce; he then later declare that custard was a staple food.


Mr Shorten jumped at the opportunity to hit social media with an anti-GST message in reply toABC journalist Alice Workman’s tweet:

  And this sparked a whole lot of silliness with the Greens party leader chiming in:

And even Christopher Pyne:

  While Ms Workman is still waiting on an answer from Malcolm Turnbull, people jumped at the opportunity to share their lettuce puns:  

As a consequence of this the hashtag #lettuce has been trending on Twitter all day today, and The Project has announced they will be interviewing the vegetable in question this evening.


What do you make of all this lettuce talk? Do you think there’s any place for vegetables in Australian politics?

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  1. Well wth the choice f lettuce today what yours I personally like mine raw I think Bill made a god show if it gunning against GST and whoever took this picture doesn’t know what lettuce is. They have in fact put a Chinese cabbage in the picture too. So who’s the dumb dumb now

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