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It’s an entertaining contradiction in the fact that Rio Tinto’s head of tax who has been hauled this year in from the Senate Tax Enquiry about tax avoidance will now be advising the Government on how to fix the tax system says a report in the Financial Review today.  Ann-Maree Wolff has been appointed as an adviser for the next three years about how to reform Australia’s levels of public disclosure on tax affairs.

And who better to have advising them.  Rio Tinto allegedly made $4.7 billion in their Singapore company last year and paid 5% tax to the Singaporean Government while Australia went without.  And they never even started the engine on a truck in the country.

To the average Australian, while this might be perfectly legal by international tax laws, seems absurb to us taxpayers who are paying some of the world’s highest income tax rates and know our country, being so large with such a relatively small population has such a massive infrastructure cost to manage.

It’s time for some talkback today!  Is this a smart move by Hockey to align himself with people who know what the schemes are and what is really happening out there?

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. Great. He’ll be advising Hockey on how to squeeze more tax from the poorest people, and line the wealthy people’s pockets even more. Great move to turn us into a 3rd world country.

  2. Is over 60 an ALP front organisation?

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    • your wrong..at first I thought they were Liberal, then I realize the comments were not biased either way..they just tell it as it is..we deserve the right to know

    • Well tell me what Newspaper or Radio station or talk back hosts or presenters are 100% unbiased e.g. Alan Jones – Liberal? Laurie Oakes – Liberal? Ray Hadley – Liberal? Rupert Murdoch – Liberal? Gina Rinehart – Liberal? It’s a tough call as this site seems to be pretty much unbiassed and allows all to have a say and agree to disagree. Called freedom of thought speech and democratic!!!

    • We take interesting perspectives and open them up for your opinions – ours are irrelevant! 😉

    • Laurier Oakes -liberal? Murdoch backed Rudd, Alan Jones? Gina owns Channel 10 socialist left but you’re right with Hadley he’s a conservative. The rest are left leaning and self centred socialists. It would be a breath of fresh to have a media that told the facts instead of creating falsehoods just to make money.

    • BTW whining is not my style , we get what we vote for , and thank goodness Abbott governs for all! There I’ve stated my leaning and proud of it. Can’t please everyone all the time. If you have a problem , voice it but don’t slander and name call.

    • We did not get what we voted for. We got cuts to everything Tony”no cuts: Abbott said wouldn’t cut. How can you possibly say we got what we voted for? What we got is a Liberal government – e.g. of the rich by the rich for the rich – and back to the same old Liberal war again. More billions down the drain and I’m worse off being working class. None of the rich are worse off.

    • I think for one Paul must be a Lib and 2 does he not notice that its us that respond are labor orientated because of the shit this govt is dishing up. Keep up the good starts at 60

    • Joanne we did not get what we voted for. Secrecy and lies were what we actually got, which they thought they could get away with, assuming the “hoi polloi” are stupid. Now they realise we’re not all stupid so have had to have second thoughts on their policies (as it was not only the other politicians that disagreed with them….even diehard Liberals disagreed). Let’s have the facts here, not fiction.

  3. We have now the highest unemployment figures in the world, on per capita & Hockey is taking advice from these thieving corporate scum that have rorted raped & pillaged our resources for well over two decades without paying little or no tax. Have a look at the likes of Norway who had these people paying up to 75 to 80% tax. That is why they have the best economy & infrastructure on the planet. There is billions every year that these multinational corporates move to off shore accounts, & consecutive governments here have FAILED us badly

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    • unemployment is very bad at the moment , my town got the dubious honor of have the highest unemployment in the State. I come Regional Australia and it is a working town..there is no work

    • I am getting very worried were all this is leading up to. If you put to much in a pot it will run over and you got a mess???.

  4. Isn’t Hockey supposed to be the treasurer? Yet he needs advice on how to tax already overtaxed poor Australian people even more just so this inept gov can line a few more of their “buddies” pockets with our hard earned cash. Way to go Hockey! How about as a new tax, you start by taxing all politicians on their grossly overpaid salaries and their perks! Starting with you who is paid over $200 a night for staying in your own home! Way to earn respect and confidence Hockey! And before any trolls comment on my bias… No I’m not a leftist or a freebie, I’m just an angry Aussie voter who is well and truly insulted by this gov’s willingness to extremes against their own people who are trying to live reasonably comfortably into retirement! Not like the rich who live extremely well and are given more tax cuts to help them live better!

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    • As long as the same applies to whom ever is in Government at any given time, it would be a good idea. Pensioners and up to middle income earners can’t make ends meet now

    • Why the current situation is like this is due to our incompetent consecutive governments over the years, that have allowed the multinational corporates & this includes our own, to move billions annually to off shore accounts as a massive tax dodge.

    • Labor may not have done as much as some people would like for pensioners, but they have not taken away either. Without the senate, even though pensioners have been put behind with the withdrawal of benefits like subsidised car rego, we would be much worse off under this lnp govt.

    • How angry were you when the red head altered our contributions to our super ? Did that tick you off ? Or is it just that you are a ALP floor man

  5. Well well.I’m sure they will find a way to lift the poor peoples tax give big business more tax breaks. Flipping joke hockey

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  7. This could be fun except that pensioners and up to middle income earners will feel the pinch even more

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