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According to the Government young people expect to walk straight into a great career. And if they can’t land their “dream job”, they go on the dole.

Well, it’s time for a reality check, says Scott Morrison.

After introducing draft laws to parliament that will require under-25s to wait four weeks before they can claim unemployment benefits, the Social Services Minister said young people should suck it up and accept any work that’s available.

“You don’t have the option of walking from the school gate to the front door of the Centrelink office,” said Mr Morrison.

There’s no doubting this new wave of workers comes with different expectations to previous generations. Social/professional network Linked In surveyed 6000 students and young workers and found they were twice as likely to expect a promotion in their first year of employment as their colleagues with 15 years’ work experience.

The survey also found they are more likely to “job hop”, with almost a quarter saying their would expect to move on after two years, although this could be attributed to the fact they are, in fact, working in less than ideal jobs: the Linked In study found only a quarter of Australian professionals with one to five years of experience landed a job within four weeks of leaving university.

By contrast, those looking for work 15 or more years ago said they found it easy to land a job, with more than half having found a job within a month of completing their studies.

Do you think young people have unrealistic expectations of the working world? And tell us, did you walk straight into a dream job or did you have to work your way up?

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  1. Of course it is unrealistic. I am 63 and still have not found my ideal job. Had to take whatever was available and young ones should do the same.

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    • Fine, work has to be available. Young ones should advance from a position of employment not benefits. Give all work!

    • If there are jobs to be had! Presently, i see older workers working in check-out counters in dep’t stores, as cleaners in schools & offices, as orderlies & gardeners in hospitals; these jobs used to be a starting point for the young wanting some “job experience” on their resume’!

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      • But for the average ‘young person’ nowadays, doing that kind of menial work is beneath them. No, they have diplomas and degrees, and they all want to be managers and have high salaries with a car.

  2. I think they do have unrealistic expectations but in part I think current trends are to blame, casualisation of the workforce, multi-tasking expectations, no long term employment guarantees – why wouldnt they expect a great deal more from employers. I cant see this generation ever “getting a gold watch” – nobody will ever employ them long enough for that.

  3. You have to love these Liberal wankers. Of course it is every job seekers second career choice. The dole. Of course it is the young jobseekers fault there are no jobs to take up. Of course it is easier to denigrate young people, the Liberal Party supporters like that, than produce employment. Of course it appeals to the top end of town, your mates, when you put the boot into the disadvantaged. Anyone who thinks young people find the dole more attractive than employment and a pay packet should not be allowed to walk around upright.

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    • at least the previous Government was not trying to delay them getting payment Helen Birt , we have the highest unemployment for years, this Government is taking us into recession

    • Agree Tim, this will just give all the oldies another reason to complain & bitch about the younger generation.

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    • Business creates employment , labour creates jobs in the public service paid by the taxpayer, too many public servants , with too many benefits , fringe benefits, salary sacrifice, double PPL, etc etc etc . So wonder SA is broke and Queensland and Victoria will soon be ! Labour communists, ok in theory , an ideal world, pity it doesn’t work in reality.

    • what a load of crap, the ALP are NOT Communist..like this Government you are stuck in the 1950’s..what next? reds under the beds

    • Dream on the previous government spent all the money and this government has to patch the piggy bank.

    • Joanne Barac you are talking out of your hat saying Labour are communists. Marx and Engels will be turning in their graves to hear you say this. Communism and socialism are not the same thing, even though many people think so.

    • Peter Hayward this government are actually spending more than Labour did, and they had to cope with a global financial crisis too. This is a FACT check. It is all just SPIN from the current government, who are still trying to blame Labour for everything. I just hope the hoi polloi don’t fall for it.

    • The previous government didn’t denigrate the unemployed and call them leaners, while having their snouts firmly in the trough.. What makes anyone think people find it preferable to have to grovel for $500 a fortnight and worry every time a bill comes in, as opposed to earning a decent wage? This mob of misfits in charge are constantly slamming the inemployed while creating an environment that is making it harder to find a job. Don’t get me started about the treatment of pensioners and the disabled !!

    • I say to ALL those who think that being in receipt of unemployment benefits is a “walk in the park”, hasn’t been thru it at all. Hubby lost his job back in 1983, the start of “downsizing” by companies then, wherein the rule of last man in, first to go, was the norm! Needless to say, it wasn’t a pleasant experience with reams upon reams of documents to fill in for eligibility! So, I don’t blame those on the “dole” to remain in that “status”, for if one looks @ “job vacancies”, they’re mainly targeting those qualified to hold an “office job”; & mainly as a part-timer or contract casual worker!

  4. Some should not go to uni as it is not for everyone. I got a teaching degree in the 90s & only relief work. So did work experience at a uni then got into the public service as a trainee &I worked way up. It is only a minority that think the dole is their career.

  5. I took whatever was available and would pay the bills when I first left home at 15. After I married I got a job with the Government. They were easily available back then. After my three children arrived I returned to night school and got my matriculation which allowed me to advance in my job. I was interested in the union and eventually became an officer of one of the largest unions in Australia. That gave me an interest in law and I went to Uni as an adult student and studied Law. Retired 9 years ago due to health issues.

  6. Started as a junior Bradma invoicing operator . At $17.50 nett per week! Worked my way out of that job and ended up the secretary to the accountant after going to TAFE to learn typing etc. 7 years later. Now we have our own business and our junior takes home $498 pls 9.50% super !

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  7. I think a lot of us started with whatever we could get, then over time worked our way up from there. Yes there are a lot who want work, but there are also quite a few who only want what they presume is theirs after there training. The you have the ones who really don’t want a job . But wnt yo play and be on the dole.

  8. Plenty of cleaning companies advertising . I cleaned for years, after I was made redundant at 53, healthy work, keeps you fit

  9. I got out the Convent on a Friday, rang about a secretarial job on the Saturday and started work on the Monday, I had all of my typing and short hand certificates so it was easy. BUT jobs were plentiful then, they are very few and far between now

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    • I left school in 1968 and decided which of the jobs on offer I wanted. It was a whole different ball game then, I wouldn’t like to be a kid now

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