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Today Bill Shorten will put forward his marriage equality bill to Parliament and this will trigger a variety of actions from all sorts of people. The Liberal Party is poised to reject Labor’s pleas to co-sponsor the bill however Queensland Liberal MP, Warren Entsch is likely to begin discussions with MPs across Australia to encourage a free vote on the issue.

While nothing has actually happened just yet and a vote is unlikely to happen until the spring Parliamentary sittings, with a date in November being mentioned by the Greens Party for a vote, this is a tremendous occasion that could mark one of the biggest changes in Australian history.

It’s interesting looking back at how public opinion and perception has changed over the last few decades. Same-sex couples were once almost taboo and rarely spoken about. So often they kept their sexual preference a secret because sadly, their friends and family turned on them when they learnt the truth.

This was because of fear – fear of what being “different” really meant. Fear of how other people would see them.

The thing is, it’s becoming normalised and at the end of the day, our sexual preference doesn’t impact our ability to be a good person. So why should they not have the same rights as every other person in this country?

If you had asked me a few years ago whether or not I support this, it’s likely I would have said no. Just because I felt it was too different – I wasn’t educated about it, I had that opinion for a multitude of reasons stemming to my family upbringing and religion. But over time, I have realised that there is almost no valid argument to stop this from being OK.

So today we want to know, have you changed your opinion on the issue as time has gone on? What influenced the change in your opinion? Or have you always felt this way?


Share your thoughts in the comments below… 

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  1. Yes I support it, I am heterosexual, I have no one in my family who is gay, but that does not stop me from wanting all Australians to be happy..equality for all

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  3. Marriage equality in Parliament I agree with. My objection is to what comes next. Some Clergyman, Priest, Pastor, Celebrant, is vilified and maybe sued for refusing to conduct a Christian marriage service for them. I do care if someone else has their rights to refuse removed.

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    • There are church officials who already refuse to officiate at weddings. If you are not a member of certain churchs they won’t marry you.
      They have no legal obligation to perform the service. It is by choice; not by law.
      You can’t sue someone for not doing something that there is no law requiring them to do.

    • I know that Ruth. The Anglican church I attended several times a week, taught Sunday School etc refused to marry me ( I was 26) because my husband was divorced. (His first marraige lasted 6 weeks. She couldn’t stand the shift work he did and went home to her Mum) I put the word “Vilified” in my post for a reason. I can see future Facebook pages with “this man/woman hates gays”

    • one step at a time Leone, we need to get marriage equality passed first, we can deal with any issues if the arise later

    • Exactly Noni. They say that priests ministers etc week not be obligated to carry out gay marriages. And cannot be persecuted for refusing. That is common knowledge if you listen to the news.

    • Noni, I don’t think the wording of the bill will protect anyone from vilification and bullying. Right here on Facebook is where most of it will happen.

    • Leone no church or religious person or celebrant will be required to marry same sex couples so no problems there.

  4. If the definition of marriage is changed then all the other words in every language have to have their definition changed outcome confusion . What type of communication will result ??? Babble Babble Babble …

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  5. Bull Shitten bad timing just a distraction should be ashamed of himself and yes all people should be allowed to wed but this is just a stunt

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    • well if it is a stunt, it has been effective if Abbott does not allow a free vote ..the biggest loser will be him

    • could you please stop the name calling, that is something children do and if you over 60 it is time you grew up Norm Draper

    • The LNP have had time to arrange to do this, but haven’t. Of all the requests made of a Fed Govt, this probably costs the least. So what is the holdup then Norm? If Tony won’t jump. Bill et al will have to push him.

    • Hi Janet farmer I’m well over sixty and call it as I see it I think the name fits him well by the way still working never been on centre link and a proud Australian want to see our country performing much better than it is and it’s going to take both sides of politics to work together to make that happen

    • Tony needs pushing to the cliff as always – at least it got his attention, along with the Irish vote. Whatever are you all afraid of – more content people??

    • We can all call names Norm Draper, you Liberals do not have the onus on that..such Rabbit and the Fiberal Party but most of us have the dignity NOT to name call..we leave that for the kids

    • Leanna is right and she is not calling anyone names, the minute you have to resort to childish name calling, you have lost the argument

    • Rudd Gilad had 6 years to d3 this an did nothing and now dilly boy won’t use too believe he really care. IT IS JUST A STUNT norm Draper l would also like this to happen to but ALP only wont every one too be on centre link they think that lt gives them control and votes. And have no idea how to pay for it

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      • Spell check would be a good idea! Seriously – the ALP want everyone to be on CentreLink? I’m certainly not, and would not think of following any other party – and everyone will be under Mr Abbott because he’s sending the jobs overseas as fast as he can (or importing workers). And yes! Bring on Same-sex marriage a.s.a.p.!

    • Can’t see where Leanne is name calling. Totally agree with her. Lyn where do you get your figures from? Majority of Australians want same sex marriages? Bill is trying to get himself back in favour. Not going to happen from where I see it! Still you can all live on hope!

  6. I absolutely support it and would like marriage equality for all. I’m just a little concerned that Mr Shorten might be rushing this through. It needs to be a considered and well worded Bill to get anywhere.

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    • What exactly does the term “marriage equality for all mean” ? This is just another beat-up. The word marriage will not convey any additional legal rights, they have already been granted. The next step after allowing same sex marriage will be a witch hunt on all religious groups that don’t permit such acts. Its almost the same as the crusades to allow women into mens clubs, a waste of time (now we have women only clubs but who cares).

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