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This week Bill Shorten released a video of him strolling in a green garden, and we have to say, it looked like he was transported into a Hillary Clinton campaign.

In the 1 minute clip, Mr Shorten says that he has and always will stand up against Tony Abbott’s attempts to drag us into the past.

He says, “All my working life, I have fought for fairer paying conditions, and I’m not about to stop now.

“A Shorten Labor government will be about fighting for a future that every child can look forward to.

He warned that if Abbott and Hockey’s Liberals win the next election, there’ll be nothing to stop what they’ve wanted to do since Budget. They will cut $80 billion for Medicare and hospitals, and introduce $100 university degrees, and make further cuts to pensions and family payments.

Shorten enthused that it is the “wrong choice for you and our country’s future” and he wanted to tell people that he’s more determined than ever to stand up for good schools, good jobs, good hospitals and make it accessible for all Australians.

“That’s a fight I will never back down from”, he said. Is this spiel believable? It is the “emotional” sort of video we’ve seen from Obama and also Hillary Clinton more recently.

Hillary used a very highly produced video to show marriage equality as one of her main policies, however now since the Supreme Court ruling, this has had to be changed. Nevertheless, the tactics she and other international politicians show in their videos has to be something ours lack.

Even Tony Abbott’s speech today about the tragedy of MH17 one year on was not one particularly filled with emotion.

So we want to know, are we ready for the heart-to-heart style of American politics? Or should Bill Shorten stick to the policies rather than appealing visuals? Do we need more emotional political leaders?

Bill Shorten MP and the Australian Labor Party will always stand up against Tony Abbott’s attempts to drag us into the past. SHARE and stand with us.

Posted by Australian Labor Party on Saturday, 11 July 2015

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  1. Good on Bill for speaking out, he is only saying what many of us already know, but let me add if the Liberals regain Government I fully expect this pension issue to be revisited..they will claim they have a mandate

  2. I don’t care if where he says he is saying I only care that he is telling the truth, God help us all if the Liberals are voted in again, they want to punish everyone from the cradle to the grave

    17 REPLY
    • The thing is if labor and the greens get in there go’s our borders. They to will sell us out.

    • vote for who you Like Libby English, I just don’t trust the Liberals at all, they have told to many lies

    • I see that you love criminals and liars. Labor and the Greens steel from the public to line their own pockets. You must be one of them.

    • Yeah Yeah Joe Rudzic you would know all about liars and criminals you voted Liberal hey mate..shame Bronwyn Bishop never gave you a ride in the helicopter she tried to rort taxpayers for

    • Instead of all this rubbish being said in many of the comments about Liberal and Labour STOP AND THINK (if you are capable) and realise how lucky you are to live in a country like Australia !!! I have raised a family and a severely physically disabled for over 50 years and have always appreciated the positives I have experienced in my life instead of dwelling on the negatives as many of the comments in social media do !! I have no sympathy for those that look through a small “window” instead of seeing the big picture.
      Maybe you need a wake up call to realise that life is not all about receiving and getting what only YOU want.

    • And David James you don’t happen to think Bill Shorten told some very serious untruths about his ethical behaviour to the royal commission last week?

    • Bill Shorten telling the truth???? Is this for real?? After living off the money of the hard working people unfortunately silly enough to pay union fees. Heaven help this country if labor get into govt again!!!

    • Hahaha Bill Shorten tells the truth !!! If labour gets in God help us all! We’ll all be over run by muslims and sharia law in no time.

    • I absolutely cannot believe that supposed adults can object to a politician outlining his policies for a better future, regardless of setting! If that satisfies your obvious bias then that would go some way to explaining how Mr Abbott & his ‘look over there! A terrorist’ policy has you duped!

    • Gary you don’t think the terrorist threat in Australia is real? And also we missed that bit of the royal commission where Bill Shorten outlined his policies for a better future — come on Garry take the old blinkers off, labor owes it to all Australians to put up a leader with some good ethical standards if not policies !!!

    • So all of a sudden LIb voters forget that they are paid bribes by the mining companies and big ones. This is more criminal as they are raping our country for very little taxes and no good comes from that and dont talk about the people employed as they now take their money and fly away home.

    • I didn’t mention bribes Barb But are you seriously saying that because you think Bill Shorten’s ‘thing’ wasn’t as bad as the Lib’s ‘thing’ it’s best to vote for Bill? — ‘because this is more criminal’!!!
      Do you really work out who you vote for like this?

  3. They could be sitting on the toilet for all I care so long as they are honest and do as they say when elected!

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    • that is exactly what The Liberal Government did Libby..lie and I don’t trust them not to lie again

    • Libbi Elliot you mean to say that the labor didn’t lie they just dont know how to tell the truth i was a labor supportor for 51 years

    • good on you Peter Spence, no matter what lies anyone tells ..no one has been so blatant as to lie about the pensions.. no changes to pension..I could not care who any of you vote for.. but I know who I am not voting for.. my vote my choice

  4. I doubt we will ever follow the American system, they can make their speeches from wherever they like, it will always be the content that matters. The things that frustrate me at the moment are the secrecy and lies. Is that American, I don’t know.

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