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The opposition leader yesterday said he was happy to face the trade unions royal commission over questions about deals cut with the Australian Workers Union while he was at the helm.

The commission has made the request in light of claims that a building company in Melbourne paid the AWU nearly $40,000 for 105 memberships.

Mr Shorten was the Victorian AWU secretary from 1998 to 2006 and national secretary from 2001 to 2007. He has previously defended the deal with the building company, saying it was properly registered and boosted wages.

“I welcome the opportunity to talk about my 21-year record standing up for workers,” he said in a statement late on Friday.

While the Prime Minister says Mr Shorten has some explaining to do, Mr Shorten in turn has accused Mr Abbott of wasting taxpayers’ money pursuing a political agenda.

“Tony Abbott has cut funding to programs for dementia sufferers, children and veterans’ dental services and hospitals – but he can find $80 million to smear his political opponents,” he said. “This says everything about the Abbott government’s priorities.”

He added: “I have an absolute zero tolerance for corruption or criminality in the workplace whether you are an employer, employee or union representative.”

Meanwhile, The Age newspaper in an editorial has denied it is involved in a “smear campaign” arguing “After all, Mr Shorten is presenting himself as someone of sufficient rectitude to be prime minister… At no stage have we suggested Mr Shorten broke the law. But we do assert that he has questions to answer.”

Those questions specifically are:

1. Were all Winslow workers in 2005 (when the company paid for their dues) aware that they were AWU members?

 2. What did Winslow get in return for paying the AWU?

3. Was it common practice for the AWU to have companies pay for the membership dues of workers when Mr Shorten was state secretary of the union?

 4. Does the federal Labor leader believe it is appropriate for companies to pay the dues of union members?


Another day another royal commission… tell us, do you think this is a waste of taxpayers’ money or is it a legitimate process in the pursuit of transparency? 


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  1. Politics aside, the Labour Party owe it to the people to present a creditable leader for PM. Have they not learnt anything from the Rudd, Gillard disaster?

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    • They were only a disaster in the small and narrow minds of idiot regressives.

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      • Yes of course the perfect record, the school halls rip offs, the pink bats disaster resulting in over 100 house fires and young men dead, 50,000 illegal boat arrivals containing unknown numbers of sleeper terrorist and a known numbers of unemployable welfare drainers. We are only now finding about the union frauds enabled by the past PM and and the now opposition leader ( the rapist), I can’t wait to get them back to reap more horror on the Australian people. If you don’t study and learn from history you are doomed to repeat it

    • Too late for me Josie.Neither party governs for the people. They not interested to stop systematic gouging and transfer of wealth from the people to greedy banks. Not interested to stop our country being sold off or protecting our manufacturing to create jobs and wealth for the people. Labor not interested in border protection and run by union organizers with no experience to run anything and are disastrous financial managers. Greens so far to the left, stand for nothing and have no idea, and represent a very small minority.– the country is in trouble!!

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      • Roger Carrigan don’t know why you think Labor are poor money managers. They saved us in the GFC and since the LNP have been in power they have doubled the deficit in 18 months unemployment is at its highest in 14years and raised taxes. They have done nothing to improve bracket creep and as usual lower income workers will bear the brunt of the majority of their policies. The problem with the LNP they were so used to saying No in opposition they weren’t prepared to govern when the time came. Sad really.

  2. Have gone off pollies in general in recent years – but have gone off Tony and his arrogant band most of all

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    • So your a labour voter. I see that you love criminals, that’s what labour is all about, steel, steel and steel some more.

  3. If Shorten’s got nothing to hide then answer the questions. Because he tries to dodge them it’s obvious there is something dodgy here.

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    • Ruth Hourigan – So your a labour voter. I see that you love criminals, that’s what labour is all about, steel, steel and steel some more.

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      • Joe I would not talk about criminals if I was you.
        The pm has now started floating ATM for People smugglers.
        You know the ones the criminals he wants to crush and put out of business.
        Now he has U turned again and is paying them not to come here.
        So you can bet your life the boats will call into the ATM get the cash and go back home.
        Perhaps seeking money for there first home should get boat and get the cash BONUS.

        1 REPLY
        • If that is true and I say if, it is a lot cheaper that landing hundreds in Australia and the millions of dollars checking them and then millions supporting them, myself I would do it cheaper with a couple of high explosive shells

    • Are you serious Joe Rudzyn ? Get your facts right before making stupid comments. Oh, by the way it’s spelt Labor. And, do you mean ‘steal’ or ‘steel’? You’re a joke.

    • And learn to smell Joe! Whoops – spell! Dammit what’s that putrid smell around your comments? Smells like corruption to me.

    • Joe, did you mean steal? It’s obvious you are a LNP supporter can’t spell, so you must be uneducated and therefore can’t see the forest for the trees.

    • So Mr. Abbott has nothing to hide? We have yet to see his papers giving up his British citizenship! He may not even be eligible to stand for Parliament!

  4. What politics- there are no pollies they are all simpering idiots both parties what a total embarrassment to Australia and Australians- my husband also agrees!

    8 REPLY
    • I see that your a greens voter. You are an embarrassment to Australia or do you suck on welfare.

    • The only embarassment to Australia are this evil LNP and the stupid and ignorant extremists who support them. BOTR!!!

    • Joe Rudzyn
      Why would you need to resort to abuse.
      What did Elisabeth Brain say that could possibly justify your nasty response.
      I don’t necessarily agree with what she says, but I certainly can’t see anything in her comment that would make me think she is a greens voter or that she “suck on welfare”.
      Making such nasty assumptions is for children who haven’t yet learned how to communicate properly.
      If I was her I would be reporting your rude comment to FB in a view to having you banned.

    • I wonder if Joe is over 60?? I have been working in the health industry for over 40 years- maybe I would like to retire and enjoy this wonderful country without venomous ‘people’ such as yourself- thank you

  5. What these people don’t realise when they run for public office is they have to be squeaky clean because the higher they rise up the political ladder the more scrutiny they are placed under.

  6. I think some of you may have guessed that I vote ALP 🙂 I can’t speak for anyone else on this subject we all make our own minds up but I am going to wait and watch. It is far to easy to sit on your bums in your computer chairs at home and be the judge , jury and executioner, without having all the information. I prefer to get the information first..then form my opinion

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  7. It looks to me like a setup, they went after Gillard and Rudd and that failed , so now are going after Shorten, they know many will not forget the lies and bullying , especially to pensioners when they first got into office so they are going to besmirch. But I will wait and see the outcome, whatever it is I will never vote Liberal after the way we have been treated

    16 REPLY
    • I agree, I would rather put in a donkey vote , than ever vote Liberal, not after all these months of uncertainty and stress and mismanagement

    • Rodger Carrington, the lies to get into office, the name calling and months of stress worrying have most certainly disillusioned me with this Liberal Government and I will never regain the trust or confidence to vote for them again

    • Thats because they have to oppose every time – too bad what has to be done to make things right for the voters, both are as bad as each other – lets sack the whole lot of these over paid PMs and vote new people in ………

    • Are you serious Roger Carrigan? Have you been out of the country since the last federal election? Or do you just have your eyes wide shut?

    • Janet Farmer, I think you are very one-eyed. What about the lies from Julia Gillard to name just one from the other side…they are both as bad as each other. I was very disillusioned under Labor and I am starting to feel that the Libs are not doing as well as I had hoped they would to get us out of the mess. I do know that a character like Bill Shorten is NOT the answer.

    • I am sorry Chrissie Vick I don’t agree, I voted Liberal in the last election and was forced to regret that decision almost immediately when these unfair attacks on the poor started and names like Leaners were dribbling from Liberal Party lips, it is not a mistake I will ever make again.. my vote .. my choice

    • Good for you Janet Farmer. You just keep on doing whatever it is that your heart asks you to do. Stick with your empathy for others. It may not make you financially rich; it will make you some lifelong friends!

    • Janet Farmer one lie from J Gillard, against many from this lot and they are still lying and putting down the poor.

    • No Avis not at all, granted Abbott isn’t what was hoped for but no responsible Australian no matter how they vote could even pretend that the last two Rudd and Gillard were anything but a disgrace and they have left a legacy of financial destruction

    • Oh Roger! Guess it’s eyes wide shut then! Hope it’s not conjunctivitis causing that. Breast milk will cure conjunctivitis if you need help!

  8. NO way I am giving an opinion now I don’t trust anything this Abbott Government is involved with, ask me after the Royal Commission hearing is over

    1 REPLY
    • So your a labour voter. I see that you love criminals, that’s what labour is all about, steel, steel and steel some more.

  9. It’s interesting to read the so called “political experts” who write on theses pages, it would be great if they even know that the spelling of ” Labor” in the Australian Labor Party” is not spelt Labour.

    4 REPLY
    • that annoys me too, they are so informed they can’t even spell the name correctly of one of the 2 major parties, I certainly would not pay any credence to someone who is over 60 and can’t spell the name of the opposition. ALP manage to spell Liberal easily enough..are we better educated? would seem so

    • there is no “U” as in ” you” there because its all about “THEM” as in” labor leaders!!” but you labor followers cannot or willnot see the light !! as for bullshit bill , guilty as charged, but will more than likely get away with it as did jooooolula and the other slimy pcicks !!!

    • There is a theory that extreme right wing supporters have a considerably lower IQ than left wing supporters. Don’t know if it’s proven but makes for very interesting observation as I read the posts. Entertaining as well.

    • I see so many spelling it incorrectly, both parties, I don’t think IQ has anything to do with being A Liberal supporter, Many Libs are quite well educated, have held good jobs, NOT just worked for Labor party. I do note that Labor like to call people names if they don’t agree with ,

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