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It seems the burning of Jeff the Dinosaur at the Palmer Coolum Resort last week was the smaller of Clive Palmer’s problems, with Palmer United Party Senate Leader Glenn Lazarus announcing overnight on Facebook that he has quit the party. No media conference, no brou-ha-ha… (yet!), just Facebook! And that folks, is the end of the Palmer United Party’s ability to block legislation in the Senate on its own as it only has one Senator left. In fact, it lost this power when Jacqui Lambie stepped aside. Now it is just a one-man band. I’m not sure how Australians even know the name of the remaining Senator, Dio Wang.

Senator Lazarus will now serve as an Independent in the Senate.

The statement released on his Facebook page overnight leaves the door open for all of us to interpret just what went wrong, and we’ll leave that open to your imagination. The announcement says…

Senator for Queensland, Glenn Lazarus, today resigned from the Palmer United Party.

“I have today resigned from the Palmer United Party,” Senator Glenn Lazarus said.

“This was a difficult decision.

“I have a different view of team work. Given this, I felt it best that I resign from the party and pursue my Senate role as an independent Senator.

“I am deeply grateful to Clive Palmer for the opportunity to be involved in the party.

“I sincerely wish Clive and his family all the very best for the future.

“I will miss working with my esteemed colleague Senator Dio Wang.

“I am determined to do my best in representing, and being a voice for, the people of Queensland in the Australian Senate.”


His social media profiles were changed and now show no mention of the Palmer United Party. It is the second big hit for the Palmer United Party, with Senator Jacqui Lambie quitting late last year. It effectively finishes Mr Palmer’s party balance of power.

It also further weakens the Palmer United Party’s voting power, which prior to Ms Lambie’s resignation had the power to block legislation on its own.

What do you think Mr Lazarus means by “I have a different view of team work”?

Rebecca Wilson

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  1. Palmer put him there and now he stabs him in the back.., another untrustworthy “politician” if I can use that term…

  2. I always wondered why a decent man like Glen Lazarus would be involved with an arrogant selfish man like Palmer. Thankfully he has woken up. Good luck Glen.

  3. Look’s like Clive’s days of power are gone, I hope this does not bode badly for pensioners

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    • Clive was never really interested in pensioners or people Leanna. He voted with ABBOTT to freeze superannuation increases, now he’s saying if people want to go to university they have parents, let the parents pay. He, he claims had nothing and he is a self made man.

      Clive went into politics to protect his business interests and for no other reason.

  4. These people should resign the senate if they resign the party. Lambie only received 1500 personal votes. I don’t know what this man received, but both of them only got into the senate due to deals done with minor parties and not on their own popularity. I think Palmer will gradually withdraw fro politics now that he has achieved what he wanted, ousting Campbell Newman from Queensland.

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    • They have been elected in and you can’t force them to resign, he may be a good Independent..we just have to wait and see

  5. From what I have read and seen on tv..Clive is a difficult man to get along with..I am surprised it has taken Glen Lazarus this long to go it alone

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