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He was the man they left behind, and it looks like Adam Whittington won’t be forgetting that anytime soon.

Nearly four months after first being detained over 60 Minutes’ failed child recovery story, Whittington has left Lebanon with his freedom and a stern warning to Channel Nine.

Whittington was hired by Nine to orchestrate the recovery of the two children of Brisbane mother Sally Faulkner.

When the mission failed, Whittington, journalist Tara Brown, Ms Faulkner and the 60 Minutes crew were detained in a Lebanese prison and held there under the threat of long-term imprisonment.

However, Nine negotiated the release of Ms Faulkner and the 60 Minutes team after securing a deal with Ms Faulkner’s estranged husband Ali Elamine.

Whittington wasn’t so lucky and was left to sit in the cell on his own for the past few months.

Now, after finally being freed, he says he is relieved and not about to let Nine off the hook.

“I’m sitting at a gate right now ready to fly out of Lebanon finally, thank God.” he told Fairfax.

“I’m shocked really, we’ve come across so many hurdles to get out of here.

“I’m just walking on the plane now, I really can’t believe it, it’s been a tough four months,” he said.

In an ominous warning to Nine he said he would be telling his side of the story in full.

“Finally, finally the the truth is coming out, very soon, don’t worry about that.”

A lot of the story has been shrouded in secrecy and many parts of the recovery operation are still unclear.

It looks like Whittington is ready to set the record straight though, which could spell more bad news for 60 Minutes.

Do you think Nine should have made sure Adam Whittington was released with the others? Was 60 Minutes wrong to try to do the story in the first place?

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  1. Yes, very in humane to do that to him.

    And yes, what an absolute f@&$up, all in the name of the great god ‘RATINGS’.
    Whomsoever authorised it should be sacked, if not already.
    This programme should be xxld, if that’s the way they go about its’ content.
    Would be no loss.

    Disgusting, just plain disgusting, & low.

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    • Oh dry your eyes. He’s a big boy and knew what he was getting into. The courts in Lebanon wouldn’t grant him bail, that’s why he was left. He’s nothing more than a Mercenary and I have no sympathy for him.

    • This was very bad to leave this man behind,and they hired him disgraceful.

    • This was very bad to leave this man behind,and they hired him disgraceful.

    • Yes he should have been released like the rest of them, shame on you sixty minutes will be a long time before I watch your program again. This man deserves compensation from them, hope he exposes you for what you did leaving him behind! Tara Brown shame on you!

  2. He should be compensated by Channel 9 for all the heartache that he and his family endured. For them to negotiate for the release of the others and not include this man is shameful. I hope he makes millions out of his story. Tara Brown and her sensational journalism is the one who is to blame really. She always wants the impact which does not really add to the piece she is reporting, I do not know why she has to do it – it just looks contrived which is probably the case.

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    • Murray, get yourself informed on the story
      He was engaged by channel 9, they hounded him for months prior to him accepting.
      Tara Brown, begged him to make sure there was room on the boat for her, then when things went wrong, she saved her own arse by telling authorities she didn’t know him.
      Adam is an honourable man,, maybe you could take some lessons from him

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      • good on you Irene you tell them and i hope he does tell the whole story

  3. Yes. He should have been included in the negotiations for freedom. Very low act Channel 9. You wanted his help, but weren’t prepared to help him when he needed it. Poor effort. Hope he sues you.

    2 REPLY
  4. He should have been released with the others, I would sue Sixty minutes for their lack of compassion and only taking their team and not the one they hired. Think I will not watch Sixty Minutes again, you have lost any respect that you may have had.

    1 REPLY
    • I could not believe that channel 9 left Adam Whittington to rot in jail while they skipped out of Lebanon not giving him a thought. A dispicable act no matter how you look at it. I hope the 60 minute ratings go down and out the door. I hope Adam makes millions as well for all he has been through. I remember Tara Brown being released and then the reunion of her and her family and all I could think of is the man they left behind.

  5. I lost it with Channel 9 a long time ago the way they go about their stories and the same with A C A all stories concerning women and always putting down men theat because of the Host of the show.

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    • Lots of men get a very bad deal from some women, but we rarely hear about that

  6. Who leaves one of their team behind. The military sure as hell don’t. You employed his services 60 Minutes. You are royally screwed. Can’t wait to hear the real story by the one you left behind.

  7. Of course he should have been freed along with everyone else. After all this time we are still not hearing the full storey. What is chanel 9 and 60 minutes trying to hide?????

  8. I beleive channal 9 should of got them all out at the same time. I am curious to know ifthe driver that was hired by channal 9 to drive people around for a story is free yet. I read he was still in prision as well. He didnt know what was happening till they nabbed the children and put them in the car…..Channal 9 and 60 minitutes screwed up and they need to be held accountable for their actions.

  9. Of course he should have been freed along with everyone else. After all this time we are still not hearing the full storey. What is chanel 9 and 60 minutes trying to hide?????

  10. They should have got him out he was doing a good deed ch 9 was seeking a story

  11. They should have got him out he was doing a good deed ch 9 was seeking a story

  12. YES, bloody disgraceful of chanel 9. True, so much more to be told of this story. Hope Adam get compensated big time and tells all and everything he knows. I for one have not watched 60 Minutes since that episode and DEFINITELY will not watch Tarra Brown again. Smug b**ch. She could have done alot more and not hidden behind 9’s doors.

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    • They should’ve paid to get him out as well, they should be ashamed of themselves.

    • I agree with all of the above all of the above . I too have not watched 60 minutes, and never will again. Now angry that Channel shows are on Win.

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