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This article has been updated as the story progresses.

Today, Jacqui Lambie has been demoted of her role as Deputy Senate Leader after failing to attend three party meetings this week according to the ABC. This comes after rumours in media circles that she would be resigning from her role today due to falling out with party leader, Clive Palmer.

The two politicians have had tension over Lambie’s bold remarks in recent months to the point that Palmer actually referred to her as a “drama queen” in the media.

According to Channel 9, Jacqui Lambie’s website no longer has the Palmer United Party branding or logo on her website and she has publicly declared that Palmer does not do enough to support the issues she holds dear.

The website also has the following authorisation, “Senator Jacqui Lambie – Advocate for Australian war veterans and injured soldiers. Looking after Tasmania’s unemployed.” Something that doesn’t mention the Palmer United Party unlike every other Palmer United Party senator’s website.

Two days ago the ABC reported that, Lambie had not spoken to any of her PUP colleagues since last month however Senator Lambie said she would not be seeking to leave the party.

“I just want to do something that is positive for Tasmania,” she said.

“If that means I need to go it alone to do that – well, that’s what needs to be done.”

Senator Lambie said relations had turned frosty within the party.

“I haven’t spoke to my colleagues since I left the Senate last time,” she said.


So tell us today, should Jacqui Lambie leave the Palmer United Party? Where would you prefer to see her stand? Would she be better off an an independent? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


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  1. Hopefully back in the army and give us all some peace…idiotic woman.

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    • I agree she is confronting, but her point about wages and the pay cut for our servicemen needs to have a shakeup. If nothing else hopefully she is giving it some visibility & needs to be addressed.

      I was in a group yesterday where they were a service family & I wasn’t aware of the cuts they have. So maybe Jacqui Lambie can get something happening before she leaves politics. Dont believe she has what is needed for politics.

    • Oh I’m not against the wage raise for our servicemen Kay,as as matter of fact I always complaining about it to my husband,it’s a disgrace! I do feel other than that,this woman is a terrible embarrassment to our country.

    • You Mary Comer have no idea what you are talking about. So anyone who says it as it is and does not have a degree is idiotic. No wonder this Country has been sold out with people like you voting.

    • She is an embarrassment! The sooner we modify Senate voting procedures so that people with such a small vote cannot become elected the better. As it is we are stuck with her for 6 years and she will collect a ridiculous amount of money.

  2. We should be so lucky she will get out of parliament and we won’t be bombarded with her stupid comments any more.

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    • She won’t quit Parliament, would you quit that high salary and lurks and perks? She will simply go it alone and block

    • True Leanna, but if she did leave she would still be on a HUGE undeserved pension for life.. She is a trouble maker for sure..

    • We NEED “trouble makers” in this current “government.” You think there is a shred of integrity in any of them? Good on her…… She as guts.

    • No, they need to be in parliament for three terms before the pension issue is paid for life

    • Oh that IS good news Rod. Bronwen, we have enough trouble makers in government as is it and this woman was out of line numerous times…

  3. She will simply become an independent. She has been voted in for a six year term and she will see her time out.

  4. I come in here and biggest knockers of PUP are the Liberal Party supporters, that makes me giggle. Without the support of PUP, Abbott will not get many of his measures passed in the senate. People are disillusioned with Clive, he made a lot of promises to block this budget and then has passed everything. That is why he has dropped in the polls. Lambie has a better chance of going it alone and sticking to her principles.

  5. A lot of what this woman says are said on the street and behind closed doors NOT by a member of parliament BUT I back her 100% when it comes to our service men and women! At least she has the “guts” to stand up and say enough is enough!!

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    • Unsure Libby as our VC winner, Ben(sorry can’t remember surname) agrees that the larger increase is unaffordable atm. This, coming from an esteemed military man.

    • Sorry Wendy we will just have to agree not to agree as I believe they are paid way to low especially when been used as pawns by successive governments and I believe 1.5% is a kick below the belt to these great young Aussies.

    • Christine
      The expected CPI increase will be around 3% each year. So that means that they will get a rise of 4.5% while everything else rises 9%. They are going backward.
      But it’s not just a lousy pay increase. They are also going to lose a lot of other benefits.

    • Wendy.
      Ben is currently earning well over $200,000 per year working for the government and doing inspirational speaking tours. He can afford to say that.

    • Ruth you are so generous with other peoples money, until it’s time for you to forgo a pension increase or you get a whiff of tax increases. lol what does a soldier earn, don’t forget to include all the tax free fringe benefits.

    • Soldiers 38,422 – 43, 224
      Service allowance 12,431
      Uniform allowance. 682
      If they get their way the allowance for when serving overseas will be null and void! I for one wouldn’t be putting my life on the line for that!!

    • She would get more respect if she thought before talking, research helps too, she failed to mention that for every day our soldiers are on mission, they get $150 a day tax free on top of their wages and allowances

  6. Good on Lambie , she is a Politician with morals, and that is a rare breed. I admire her stance on our servicemen and women. But she needs to ditch PUP, they have turned out to be real dogs

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    • Agreed Leanna PUP have been a real fizzer! He talks the talk in public but behind closed doors he does deals that benefit Clive!!
      At least Jackie stands behind what she says and stands her ground if she says something she tries her hardest to make it happen……….more than can be said for most politicians these days!

    • Libby PUP gave their preference to the LNP that is why they are in Government now but at the rate they are going they will have no preferences to give in the next election.. Clive is as big a liar as Abbott.

    • Palmer knows how to talk to the little people and tell them what they want to hear. But ultimately he entered parliament to feather his own next, not to stand up for the people.

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