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The Federal Government has ordered a review of Australia’s multi-million dollar organ donation system concerned that Australian transplant rates are not rising fast enough. And it has Channel Seven’s Kochie riled. It takes us back to our article yesterday about the seemingly never-ending pursuit of reviews and investigations without goals in our country.  s this another investigation wasting our resources? Why not spend the money on the service itself! 

Health Minister Fiona Nash says a major investment of $250 million in the scheme has not led to an intended increase in transplant numbers yet organ donation numbers have risen from 12.1 million in 2008 to 16.1 million in 2014.

Kochie was furious today on air, SBS reports.

‘Get a backbone. You didn’t even ring me as chairman of the Advisory Council to get my view or even tell me it’s coming,’ he said on Channel Seven’s Sunrise.

He alleges the investigation has been pushed by a rich lobby group, ShareLife.

‘This leaves me no choice but to resign from the position and actively counter the tripe dished up by rich lobbyists’.

In 2008 the number of people whose organs were donated after their deaths was 12.1 per million.

Despite a government campaign, that number had only risen to 16.1 people per million last year, the ABC reports.

The Rudd government set a goal for Australia to become a world leader in the field in 2008. At that time the number of people whose organs were donated when they died was 12.1 per million people in 2008.

According to the Government, that figure only rose to 16.1 per million last year.

“Both Coalition and Labor federal governments have made a significant investment in improving Australia’s organ transplant rate,” the Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash told the ABC.

“However, organ transplant rates have not increased as quickly as intended.

“We’re seeing relatively slow progress over the last six years. I have had some concerns and thought we needed to have a look at this”.

Last year more than 1,100 people received an organ nationally, far fewer than the number of Australians needing a transplant.

Ernst and Young will conduct the review of the donation and transplant program and focus on the Organ and Tissue Authority, commencing next month.

According to the ABC, the power families have to veto their dead relative’s wishes will also come under scrutiny.

The Government said most Australians register to donate their organs, but this wish was overturned on 37 per cent of occasions.

“I’m concerned that when people have made the decision to donate, families make the decision that is against the wishes of the person that has decided to donate,” Senator Nash said, acknowledging the question comes at a difficult time for families.

“We need to look at that circumstance, look at why that’s occurring, and that will be part of the review”.


How do you feel about the review of Australia’s organ donation system?

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  1. I have nominated to donate my organs, if my body parts after I am dead can help someone else then I am all for it. I do not think funding for this vital life giving service should be cut

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    • Me too Leanna.
      And it’s important that your family knows and will abide by your wishes. Under current legislation they can actually refuse to allow your organs to be used and therefore go against your wishes.

    • Yep same here , I have already made it very clear to my son, but he will be fine, he is going to donate his organs too

  2. Senate estimates heard that $70.7 million will have been spent over six years from 2013 to the financial year of 2018-2019, across television, radio, press, print, online, social media, billboards, transit advertising, leaflets, stickers, community workshops and street theatre in 18 different languages. Try cutting that first, what a waste of taxpayers money

  3. I feel family have no right to change your decsions after you die if you state you wish to donate what right do they have have to change your wishes and beliefs after you die. Funding should stay and if people state and do all the things to make themselves a donar stop family from changing it after death.

  4. The patient’s wishes should be upheld. Understandably a difficult time for the family but one they may well regret at a later time.

  5. My brother died and donated three organs I attend the ceremony for Donate Life every year to cellebrate all recipients and donors. What a wonderful service this is. The government just wants to keep the money for surplus. To prove Abbott government can do it. When you hear donors speak about how much their lives have changed. It’s very emotional. For the government to cut this is absolute disgrace. People donate more organs. My brother wrote a poem the gift of life in memory I’d my

  6. I have just watched David Koch on Sunrise explaining the organ donor report from last night. I was in tears . Love him or hate him, he does some very good work for this. He has resigned his position as he does not agree with what was told on channel 7 last night. He has explained costs versus expenses and done it very well. He has explained the 41% increase in organ donors in this country in recent years and vows to keep fighting. It was heartwarming and heartbreaking. Kochie, I was a fan, but now I also admire you for your tireless work, your honesty and your courage in speaking up. Support Organ Donation!!!

  7. You’ll always be invited and remember your loved ones every year. Even if you don’t know who you helped. It’s a great ceremony coming up on 14 June at City Hall of you live in Brisbane.

  8. Another Abbott blunder. How many more Australian’s have to suffer or die under this monstrosity called the government! They are more than a joke, they are dangerous. This latest initiative is just the tip of a very deep iceberg.

  9. Organ donation is also based on time of death and where etc so numbers I think be a bit skewed. I’d like to see opt out system. It’s automatically ok unless you specify NO. and families can’t overturn persons wishes.

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