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If you’re a regular viewer of the Today show you would have noticed the absence of host Karl Stefanovic on Tuesday, September 20.

With rumours rife he and his wife, Cassandra Thorburn, have split and Karl allegedly living at his good friend’s James Packer’s Bondi apartment co-host Lisa Wilkinson informed everyone that he was off on assignment for 60 Minutes.

Yet Karl has returned to the Today desk and he put on a buoyant performance… Until he was challenged on a subject that might be a little to close to home.

During the show’s Mixed Grill segment, where panellists often get a bit hot under the collar debating topics of controversy, Karl brought up the topic of the divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

“You can obviously argue it is no one’s business what is going on inside there, but they are high profile, it is a tough one,” Karl said.

He was talking about the celebrity couple’s right to privacy with Nine’s finance editor Ross Greenwood and News Corp’s Sarrah Le Marquand.

“You can’t expect anything other than for it to fold out before the media… I definitely feel for them, but like I say, of course it is going to play out before the world,” Le Marquand says.

Karl was forthright in his concern for Brad and Angelina’s children if the split plays out int he public eye.

“That fishbowl, I would imagine, would be very difficult if you are living inside of it. Trying to repair or trying to look after your kids as well,” he says.

Karl has been hounded by the media since reports of a split surfaced. He was allegedly followed by paparazzi from his work to somewhere near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. However, neither Karl nor Cassandra have made any public comment on their marriage.

Do you agree with Karl when he says separation and divorce are ‘no one’s business’? Have you ever been hurt by gossip about a private matter?

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  1. Yes it’s no ones business other the the people involved, the Media should back off and let them sort things out, which ever the outcome maybe it will all work out, better to be happy parents separated and unhappy parents living together for the sake of the children. The children will cope.

    1 REPLY
    • I agree that children will be happier living with separated parents and there is no yelling and fighting.

  2. Definately no ones business but the people involved.

  3. I think it has got nothing to do with anyone ,
    And we should not read or speak about it ,
    As it goes on all the time in life .

  4. I think it has got nothing to do with anyone ,
    And we should not read or speak about it ,
    As it goes on all the time in life .

  5. It is their private business, but sometimes a partner can tell awful lies to cover up what they are doing, they are safe slandering their partner, they can get away with it, until it becomes public knowledge, and then truth comes out from often unknown sources. The kids always suffer, but then they were probably not being properly cared for while the parents were together.

  6. Why does the media believe they have the right to interfere with people in the public eye’s business. Many of the paparazzi will do anything to get a pic or information on celebrities lives because of the quick buck.
    Everyone has a right to some personal privacy with domestic matters, no matter who says what the reason for the break up.
    That’s the problem with today’s world, media, paparazzi etc want to build an audience for them to be able to ply their trade. Well the more the public shows them we are not interested in others private life, and stop purchasing magazines, papers, that target the celebrities PRIVATE lives, the better we all will be.
    All this public scrutiny is eroding the integrity of modern media to the extent that it has become a world of Gossipers of fabrication, lies, and untruths.
    Back off and allow truthful reporting to be the norm again.

  7. I think Karl and Wayne Bennett should live together and then they may find out what loyalty is all about
    I dont know Karls situation but I am disgusted with Wayne Bennett he should try parenting alonew without ant support. Hes lost me unless he can show otherwise.

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