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Starts at 60 readers were outraged at John Singleton yesterday for allegedly brandishing a broken wine glass in the face of his dining companion, Fairfax board member Jack Cowin. Our readers thought his behaviour was disgusting — if not exactly out of character.

“Why wasn’t he arrested?” you asked.

Well, today NSW Police announced Slingin’ Singo will be charged:

“Officers from Kings Cross Local Area Command have been investigating the incident which occurred on Monday 4 May at a restaurant in Woolloomooloo,” a NSW Police statement said.

“Police will serve a 73-year-old man with a Criminal Infringement Notice for offensive behaviour.”

Yesterday Singleton laughed off the incident saying it was all a big joke and said he was pretending to glass his mate in response to a chummy slur. “There was no bottle around, so I smashed a glass and simulated bloody glassing, and he got up and simulated choke-throat, and we all laughed and we sat down and we had another little drink,” Mr Singleton told the ABC.

Mr Cowin said, “There were a couple of old-time guys having lunch, old friends and this incident was a 100 per cent joke, spoof which lasted about 10 seconds.”

All jokes aside, the prank was caught on camera and now police are investigating the incident, including the possibility of licensing infringements. The manager of the restaurant has denied staff had to break the pair up, but told the Daily Telegraph the spat wasn’t a good look.

The penalty notice carries a fine of $550, won’t put much of a dent in the coffers of the millionaire, but it’s reassuring to know that yobbos – no matter how rich or famous – don’t get away with being drunk and disorderly in public.

Singo has since apologised to Mr Cowin for slashing at him with a broken glass. He also told News Limited he would be embarrassed if his grandkids saw him in the papers.

Do you welcome news that the police are investigating the drunken biff? Do you think the fine is adequate?

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  1. But he says it was all in fun and just a joke. Pull the other one.

    2 REPLY
    • Not many ppl found this “incident” funny & I always thouhgt a joke was meant to be funny!
      Doesn’t this show that he doesn’t kniw what he’s talking about?
      He may be a stellar businessman, but that doesn’t excuse this moronic behaviour & poking fun at the great disenabling behaviour about male violence against women is obscene. He shows no compassion or understanding of how traumatic that can be! That should have gained a seperate charge & fine. Maybe making him an unfit person to hold some business licenses!

    • He’s too thick to have any comprehension of domestic violence. It’s the most debilitating experience ever. A poor woman trying to protect herself and her children. Thank you for your reply Bev Davies. Xx

  2. For goodness sakes,he’s been a larykin most of his life. Doing what he does,we don’t have to like it. It wouldn’t be the first or the last time he carrys on like this,that’s who he is. No one was hurt nor would have been. I’ve seen him like this heaps, when I’ve worked with him.Leave the old fella alone! He probably donated the $500 anyway.

  3. obnoxious pisspot,not much chance of changing,$550 fine a joke,probably paid more for the boozy lunch

    1 REPLY
    • Yes I think it said on the TV and showed the bill $800 odd dollars and that included drinks must of been some lunch nothing but a D.H. Anyone else would of been fined more than him.

  4. He is a bogan and a boofhead who likes biff. If $550 is all the law can charge him, so be it, he should be charged.

  5. What a joke fine him and make him donate $10,000 to the homeless

    3 REPLY
    • That is a great solution Dianne, be a hefty fine of at least $10-15K to be donated to the needy & go & so some community service & help those in the Hunter at Dungog & clean out their houses and help reconstruct. MAY just MAY teach him some humility but I doubt it.

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