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Julie Bishop caused a stir last year when when she said that she didn’t feel the need to declare herself as a feminist. Has she changed her mind? Not really, according to an upcoming interview. But how important is it that our most senior female politician stand up for women, or is the fight for equality everywhere for everyone the biggest issue?

In an interview to be published in the August edition of Vogue magazine, Bishop says this regarding feminism:

“As I often say, I’ve never been a man in this position, how do I compare? I see myself as a parliamentarian and a minister, I have a job to do and I put all that I have into doing it, so being a woman doesn’t a play a role in that,” she said when pressed about life as a female politician.

“I’m proud of the fact that I’m the first female Foreign Minister”.

This doesn’t seem at all removed from what she said about feminism last year in her ‘controversial’ speech to the National Press Club last year.

“It’s not because I have some sort of pathological dislike of the term. I just don’t use it … It’s not part of my lexicon”.

“The challenge I have set for myself is to do the very best I can to make it easier for those who will follow me,” she said. “I feel that responsibility every day”.

Back then Bishop was criticised for having taken all the benefits of those that fought on the side of feminism, but refused to embrace the term.

It’s clearly a linguistic and ideological fight she hasn’t conceded ground on.

What do you think? Is the history of the term feminism, and the battles behind it so important that Julie Bishop (or any woman for that matter) has to identify as a feminist? Or is equality in all sorts of areas the important thing to achieve, with or without a label?

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  1. You ask” Is equality in all sorts of areas the important thing to achieve,with or without a label?” Yes of course equality for all is what we should work for, however as long as WOMEN are paid considerably LESS for the same work,then I am proud to call myself a feminist who fought and continues to fight for equity for Women. Sorry, Julie I’m quite sure you’ll win big votes for your chic dress sense,but your views are a cop out, and you do us women, no favour by not standing up for our plight in this and in domestic violence as well.

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    • Rubbish I consider myself & my family a success, without all this feminism . Never heard of the word till Gillard made it popular. I have never seen so many men haters in my life. I dread what future generations will be like, Putting people in little boxes . By the way Gillard had MILLIONS to spend on clothes ,why pick out Bishop. !

    • Without “all this feminism” Dawn – you wouldn’t be able to vote. If you vote – you owe those feminists big time! They went to jail to enable you to vote. and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You own property and have your own bank account? You owe feminism big time. etc etc etc.

    • Dawn obviously has no idea what a feminist is & has no idea what she is talking about, what on earth has hating men got to do with being a feminist?…perhaps she does not understand the concept of equality.

    • Dawn Bruce, I’m extremely offended by your comments. Where have you been all of your life? Do you not relalise that women fought for the vote, had to give up work when they married, getting pregnant whilst in the work force was frowned upon. I could go on and on Dawn. As a female you really surprise me and I hope that you never had any daughters, OR sons come to think of it !!!

  2. Julie Bishop may be female but she will never have my support, no she is not a feminist she is in it for herself and the advancement of her own career

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    • Why would you expect her to be a politician for any other reason than her career? The same goes for any other career that she might have. Only people with huge amounts of money can afford to be in any career for anything other than themselves and advancement. I very rarely agree with Libs but on this occasion I do agree with her. If she doesn’t use the term “feminist” that’s her choice.

    • There are many younger women out there who could use the guidance and encouragement for this older Liberal woman.. but what is should going to guide them with? how to dress flashy or how to belittle asbestos suffers? She is a very bad role model

    • If she cared about women she would try to get her leader to put money into (instead of taking it out of) providing safe refuge for those women escaping domestic violence

  3. Julia Bishop is in a position where she could have done a lot for women,but she has done nothing, her spare time is occupied with giving herself the status of an aging Movie Star or Model.I guess she is leaving the hard stuff for The Minister for Women and we all know he only thinks women are good for giving birth and ironing 🙂

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  4. She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she has no concept of ordinary women who are trying to raise children, she is a show pony

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    • it is not the same Dawn Bruce as rearing you own children, nephews and nieces are reared by their parents ..not their aunt

    • I think she is fabulous, as a foreign minister she is doing a great job, very strong no nonsense woman!

    • Many women in Parliament HAVE children & spend years letting others raise them. Children should be raised by both family members NOT one, Why bother having them IF your job away from home is more important.

    • Dawn Bruce how can she relate to women who work hard and look after their children and husbands, they don’t have the time or the money to look like old super models. She is not a good role model, she is to worried about how she looks and stop trolling me, your a pest

  5. It is appropriate to reflect on the importance feminism has made to improve the lives of women. By the way why is it OK for her to appear in Vogue when Julia was chastised in appearing in another magazine.

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  6. No matter how she portrays her self she is never going to please every one labor woman voters are not going to like her or change their political party either way I am glad she is a woman and that it is important she try’s to be good as a politician and she is strong enough to get to where she is in a male dominated position and a male dominated world only when she

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