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Oops! Julie Bishop caught in an embarassing moment when she could not answer a question which she described as "not my portfolio". Photo credit: YouTube (3AWRadio).

How embarrassing! When asked about the government’s Transition To Retirement scheme on live radio, Julie Bishop didn’t answer the question.

Instead, she said, “It’s not my portfolio,” after describing the interview as a “gotcha moment”.

3AW documented the interview:

Neil Mitchell: “Are you aware of the transition to retirement scheme?”

Julie Bishop: “I’m certainly aware that we have one, yes.”

Neil Mitchell: “How does it work?”

Julie Bishop: “Well, Neil, this is obviously a ‘gotcha’ moment. It’s not my portfolio.”

Neil Mitchell: “This is the point. Neither you or Josh Frydenberg understand Transition To Retirement and this is where you’re hitting average people, not the fat cats, the average people.”

Julie Bishop: “I don’t accept that’s the case.”

Ms Bishop also said she thought the Coalition was unbeatable at the upcoming election.

Despite recent polls suggesting Malcolm Turnbull is in trouble, the foreign minister said she didn’t think the Coalition could lose government.

“No, I don’t,” she said on 3AW Mornings.

“I’m not being overly confident, of course it is hard work.

“But the feedback I’m getting across the country is that people want us to succeed and they want to hear about our economic plan for the future and they believe we are the best option.”

Watch the interview here…

3AW reports, it is not the first time that a senior government minister has struggled with the Coalition’s Transition To Retirement scheme while being interviewed by Neil Mitchell.

Apparently, Neil had a frustrating exchange with Josh Frydenberg on the same topic. Are you surprised?

Is it fair to expect the minister to know every detail or is it their duty to know everything? How does this make you feel?

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  1. The fat cat pollies will know all about retirement IF they ever need to survive on the pension.
    They retire on more than most earn per year in their working life

  2. Politicians don’t know and don’t care about transitioning to retirement because they put their hands out for their big fat pensions when they leave the Parliament, regardless of their age or future employment.

  3. I read the other day that pollies are wanting a higher pension now bet that wont get rejected by the senate

    1 REPLY
    • It’s going to theHigh Court, not the Senate .

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