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Alan Jones has bullied the Prime Minister controversially yesterday, saying that “common sense is all you need to run the government”.  And he has followed it up by saying that the Prime Minister should consider dropping taxes for people over 65 to 15 percent to encourage them to stay in the workforce longer and contribute to our nation’s economy.

Mr Jones, who had the Prime Minister on air during the show yesterday morning said, “If I was working for the PM I’d say you only need one report and it would be a short one: a report on common sense.”

“The Prime Minister has got reports, white papers, green papers, pink papers, yellow papers coming out of his ears.”

He also laid clear attack on Joe Hockey… and his use of the words”have a conversation” on tax reform.

“I hate this word ‘conversation’” preferring to use its formal name – a discussion paper,” said Jones.

Mr Jones laid into Mr Abbott on air about the darkest days of sport for Australia and how ASADA handled the AFL and NRL sports doping sagas

He also suggested we should consider a “drought tax” for the farmers stricken by drought in central Australia and  that we should, as a nation, consider dropping taxes for everyone over 65 to 15% to encourage them to stay in the workforce longer.

And finally, he went hard at the form Labor Prime Ministers, Gillard and Rudd, who he says should be stripped of their benefits as the “wrecked the economy”.

Mr Abbott could barely get a word in edgewise during the tirade.

Mr Jones called on the PM to raise the GST and get rid of tax exemptions to raise 80 billion rather than taxing companies harder.

So we ask today… would Alan Jones suggestion of taxing everyone over 65 at 15% work to keep you in the workforce?  Is that a desirable solution to losing all our valuable older workers rapidly from workplaces without balancing the knowledge base they carry?

Share your thoughts today.

Rebecca Wilson

Rebecca Wilson is the founder and publisher of Starts at Sixty. The daughter of two baby boomers, she has built the online community for over 60s by listening carefully to the issues and seeking out answers, insights and information for over 60s throughout Australia. Rebecca is an experienced marketer, a trained journalist and has a degree in politics. A mother of 3, she passionately facilitates and leads our over 60s community, bringing the community opinions, needs and interests to the fore and making Starts at Sixty a fun place to be.

  1. Mr Jones is well past 65 and a millionaire several times over, he would benefit for a 15% tax greatly, wouldn’t he

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    • If you listened to the show, he always says people like him should not get Medicare, should not get any freebees as they can afford to PAY. He is always the first to hand out money, give to someone needy, I didn’t realise just how much he gives to ordinary listeners who are in trouble . He was not applying this to himself only. I thought a few ideas were GOOD

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      • TTThat is great advice from Alan Jones, also perhaps the Government, could increase the amount of that is contributed into super, so we eventually have a decent amount to retire on….as the have in Germany, and other countries,where they actually have a comfortable retirement….

    • Yes bless him, he’s so incredibly well informed, courageous and fair and a true blue Aussie. Dream of him as PM…Sigh

    • You’re so right Dawn, all the knockers have probably never listened intelligently to what he says. He’s especially been an amazing advocate for people in the bush who are suffering one of the worst droughts in history, are literally out of water, the country is void of any vegetation, and farmers are having to shoot starving stock. Photos on fb don’t capture the horror of reality out here. Thanks Alan for being a voice for the bush

    • If he wasn’t so in love with Tony one would take him more seriously. But his snivelling grovelling to them really does him no favour!

    • He may be a millionaire but my guess is he pays his own way not like millionaires I know who pass on their farms & business’s to their sons / daughters & then hold just enough shares in it, so they can claim a pension. I think Allan Jones is spot on with his common sense statements. At least he doesn’t stuff around he calls a spade a spade. He would be a great advisor to any politician / person who is willing to listen.

    • He could sling the Government a million or two himself if he is so concerned about debt. Goodness knows he probably has plenty of them hanging around – which he doesn’t need!

    • I don’t like Jones, but I still work full time as do a lot of my friends & if we could drop paying full tax & only pay 15% it would definitely keep me working longer so I could add more to my super! I think it would be a great incentive to keep us over 65s that wish to keep working longer in the work force.

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      • Totally agree as a 69 year old full time worker

    • It is ALL for his RATINGS. He does not give a shit about ANYONE except himself, his ratings, his money and his job.

  2. Thats ok if you are not just living on the pension. If everyone paid proper taxes we wouldn’t have a problem would we Gina

  3. I’d still be working if I could get a job ! My partner has runaway and dumped me with a bad situation to clean up .

  4. You can put that idea where the sun doesn’t shine mr. jones you might be able to afford 15% tax but I bloody can’t every dollar is accounted for so keep your ridiculous idea to your self

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    • you can’t tell us we are broke..then want tax cuts , they reckon he can’t even afford the lowly CPI rise for they can they justify tax cuts ?

    • I too can’t understand this comment, if I was 65 and able to keep working 15% would be wonderful, especially if I earned $1000 or so a week.

    • I don’t get this either, if I had the choice of paying 15% or 30% tax on my income , what would I decide……. Mmmmmmm let me think about it

    • The Pension is not taxed but they want to cut the CPI rise, you can’t tell pensioners we are cutting your money but on the other hand we are giving tax breaks to people like Alan won’t wash especially when they keep telling us we are broke..more lies

    • Maureen the Age Pension IS a taxable payment. If it is your sole source of income then you don’t pay tax as your gross annual income is under the tax threshold, BUT if you work part-time or have income from other sources then it is included in your total income. If your total income then exceeds the income threshold you are taxed on all your income.

    • Libbi
      We not only pay GST. We also pay fuel tax, rates, car rego, etc. These are all taxes. I’m so sick of hearing this same old story from today’s younger generation about how their taxes support us. Our taxes paid their education, medical, parks, museums, police force, armed services, government services, roads, etc while they were growing up and our taxes covered payments for pensions and unemployment benefits. Yet we didn’t whinge about it.
      Many of today’s younger generation are a mob of greedy self serving nasty so and si’s who gave no thought for anyone but themselves. One day they will be in our position and because of their selfish actions today there will be no legislation to help them out.

    • Maureen Gavan
      I don’t recall saying anything about you or even referring to you in any way. Perhaps you can explain. I was talking about the attitude of many of today’s younger generation.

    • Well said Ruth-been given Too much-no Centrelink etc etc when I was younger-no rich parents-the only way I know how to get money IS TO WORK FOR IT-I still am and I’m 70-grateful for my health tho

    • Kath you too are right on the money
      I will show you and all australia right now what a selfish, lazy brutt , un greatful creature left my rental place whilst i get up at 4 and 5 am to go to work
      Water bill in the 1000’s
      Damage in excess of 20,000 and utter filth
      Now look on i will publish the photos
      Why to show Australia what kind of monsters and leeches center link is

    • Maureen you actually need to read the article. It is referring to people in the workforce, over 65 who are earning a taxable income. I suspect most would be happy to be in that tax bracket.

    • Good on you Suzan at least some of us have their feet on the ground and are in touch with reality Not repeat not with political correctness

    • Ah this is the fridge by the way
      This home was refurbished to a v high standard with new fittings and carpet
      The occupier who urged me to get in there was a work mate after a few months he left his step daughter with her young child and his step son there.
      Never paid one red cent for water and the damage was so up hauling.
      This professional scammer simply took off.
      The state if the yard well 900 dollars worth of work and three industrial dump bins later to get it go a reasonable state .
      The grossly incompetent arbitration stretching it to months of delays due to their bureaucratic correctness .
      More than six months of rent in arrears, thousands of dollars in water bills
      And in excess of 15 K worth of damage to the property.
      I get up at 4 and 5 am
      To go to work to subsidies this??!!!!!

      Tell you what if anyone feels empathy towards this tenant Let them pay their dues and house these scum of society and Drop kicks Ok.

    • Yes, Maureen, Susan is right. Alan Jones wasn’t talking about the pension. He was saying if you are still working at 65 that you might work longer if you were only paying 15% tax on your earnings. Nothing to do with pensions.

    • You really don’t understand the comment Maureen. You should actually READ or Listen before you plaster Facebook with uninformed Retorts

  5. Oh how times have changed, years ago Alan Jones was the manager of The Wallabies in London, he was arrested in a toilet block trawling for men for sex and sent home in disgrace. Now he is the darling of the right !! He is the one who benefit the most from this.. no I don’t agree

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    • that’s been brushed under the table and not many people remember, spiteful man, I loath him for the vitriol he dished out to Julia

    • Correct you are AND who is Alan Jones – one self opiniated pompous asshole who thinks he knows how things should be done – “The Allan Jones Liberal ” way or the highway. He commands a great audience who he has much sway over – pity and is he not the Liberal voice of this land – if you’re not a Liberal voter, don’t agree with his ideas then watch out, he starts degrading with his vitriol. Remember his old escapades – how could you not?? Yes toilets in London I think it was and all the whoo haa of how he returned to Australia!!! Given lije PM another chance – interesting!!! Oh yes and then his comments on Julia Gillard after the loss of her father – a man of class empathy and common courtesy – NOT!!! The aw um ah PM who gets chance after chance has no backbone let alone the ability to think on his feet and answer questions with certainty – he wouldn’t have the balls to stand up to the likes of the self inflated ego driven radio jock BECAUSE come election time or when there is a Party spill he needs him to cajole all via the radio. Just the mouthpiece for the Liberals and this sickening wimp of a PM who is an embarrassment to this country AND who doesn’t give a damn for the worker, the families doing it tough, the disabled and less fortunate, ONLY the big business buddies and selling this land to overseas investors. Surely Alan Jones can’t be taken seriously – a celebrity in his own right. Yes, he cares about the farmers he talks about, the harsh lives those poor buggars endure BUT what has he actually done for them???? Does he out of his pocket rally continued support for their needs irrespective of who governs?? And get real he has sponsors who no doubt do the giving as do many others in his line of work!!! Wonder if he’d take a pay cut and lose some of his sponsorships to fund the farmers on a regular basis??? He is an arrogant bully and knows he has clout – not a person I have time for rather listen to the ABC or RN!!

  6. You don’t have a conversation with Jones . He talks at you and politicians sit there and take it, afraid he will use his listeners to turn against them. Sometimes amongst the ramblings salient points are made, but mostly lost in the self indulgent, and self gratifying rants of a man who sounds like he is talking into a barrell.

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    • Makes sense to many most of the time, I don’t always agree with all, but he does have many good ideas , Without him we would only get the ABC view of things ,

    • I see he has a fan in Dawn who has answered all the posts defending him. He is a rude bully with a huge superiority complex and he is close-minded and just talks over anyone who doesn’t share his extreme right-wing views.

    • I don’t know what the ABC’s view of things is. I know what my view of things is. I find it insulting that a Prime Minister, can go on a radio talk back show, and be lectured to. If Jones is so confident and correct in his ideas let him run for office. See if any politician would give him a job on their staff. They pay homage to his audience, and it makes them look weak. Especially Mr Abbott who describes himself as a fighter, and portrays himself as the strong man of Australian politics.

    • AJ
      You are an envious person
      Alan does need your incipit input
      If you do not know what the word is
      Check it out
      You are a jealous and ignorant person

      Address issues not the person.

      I s s u e s not the person
      You mr educated (so called) educated thing!!!!

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