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English comedian John Cleese has taken to Twitter to rant about the substandard conditions of a Swedish hotel.

The 76-year-old celebrity famous for playing the eccentric and lamentable Basil Fawlty in televisions Fawlty Towers series seems to have checked in to a real-life version of the hotel while on the European leg of his ‘Last Time to See Me Before I Die’ tour, and he didn’t like it.

In true form, Cleese made a number of frank, albeit sarcastic, statements on Twitter from the ‘up-market’ Elite Hotel in Linkoping.

The Monty Python star groaned about the hotel’s cluttered corridor.

As well as the missing soap dish in his bathroom’s shower.

The scenes are reminiscent of Cleese’s time as bumbling Basil Fawlty, where he would often conceal errors or take dodgy shortcuts in the hotel, and just like Fawlty Towers, customers often scolded Basil for their disastrous stay.

Was John Cleese right in making a fuss? Have you ever stayed in accommodation that didn’t meet your expectation?

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  1. If the hotel is charging money as a first class establishment while providing second class – yes

  2. I hope he complained to the hotel management before he got on twitter.

  3. We pre-booked a hotel in London when we flew from Canada. There were ants in the shower, it smelled damp, there was hardly room to swing a cat. The manageress was very indignant that she kept a clean hotel. (I guess the ants would be clean if they were in the shower} We turned right around and demanded our (prepaid) money back. Which again to a lot of arm bending. The second hotel. the Quality in wasn’t a lot better. If you want to be first out of the car park in the morning, then you had to be last in at night. They were parked about six deep. Th breakfast was to die for though.

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